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An A-Z Collection of Ancestors, Cousins and noteworthy individuals who figure in my family history.



Alf ALVA 1894 - 1960


Variety Artiste, Comedian, Theatrical Producer & Theatre Club Manager.

Born Alfred David Alvarez in Vienna, Austria on 22 Feb 1894 son of Abraham Alvarez aka Alf Daniels & Amalia Marguerite Mozley the daughter of William Orford Mozley & Clementina Julia Quagliene, Equestrians, whilst travelling on the Continent.

Toured Europe with the 'Alva Brothers' in 'Alegria' and in many mad acrobatic comedy revues & productions, including 'Racing Mad', 'Carry On', 'The Chicargo Gangsters' & 'Cheer Up & Smile'. In 1928 his address was Hotel Darmstadter, 112, Hof Friedrichstr, Berlin, Germany. 

Married Ada Elizabeth Fuller in 1929 Lambeth, London, England, and had one daughter Dolores Alvarez.  

At the 1939 England & Wales Register Alfred D Alvarez, Music Hall Artiste & Traveller was living with his wife Ada E and brother George H Alvarez at 148, Beverstone Road, Croydon, Surrey.

In the 1950's he managed the Vauderville (1952) Club at 12, Great Newport Street, London WC2, England, and later managed Dalton Murray's 'Stage Social Club' in Litchfield Street, London, WC2.

Died on 28 Sept 1960 in London, England.


Cyril Boganny 1899 - 1954


Acrobat, Comedian, Actor, Screen Writer & Theatrical Producer.

Born Cyril Saunders Myerson on 22 Feb 1899 in King's Norton, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, third son of Samuel (Simon) Saunders Myerson & Esther Meider (later known as Etty Boganny) who divorsed in 1912.

Became the adopted son of Joe Boganny and a member of The Boganny Troupe of Comedy Risley Acrobats. In Oct 1912 was already a shareholder in the firm 'The Boganny's Ltd' of 300, Kennington Road, Fulham, London.

An article in The Era of 16 Jul 1913 mentions him having just concluded a 9 month successful tour in the USA, and was to appear that week at The Palladium & Holborn Empire Theatres, in London with his father Joe Boganny 'Monarch of All Comedy Acrobats' the 'Laughing Hit of London'. 

In Aug 1922 Boganny's Ltd was located at 102, Tulse Hill, London SW1, Cyil Boganny by then was Secrertary of the firm, which was disolved in 1927.

In 1923 formed 'Cyril Boganny's Comedians', a company of eight versatile comedy acrobats, commencing a tour of Keith's Circuit at Proctor's, Mt. Vernon Theatre, New York, USA. 

An article in Vauderville News of 6 Apr 1929 reports, 'Cyril Boganny writing from London, England, informs this department that he has organised a new act entitled 'The Speedway Seven', and that he is glad to state it is proving to be a winner. He further wishes to say 'Hello' to all his friends and cronies in America and also to announce that he will be back in this country in August to play fairs. Young Boganny's last whirl here was with an acrobatic number called 'Boganny's Crazy Bakers'. Cyril toured the world with Joe Boganny & Co until 1934 when he joined up with Albert & Frank Holloway in the well known act 'The Three Stooges' and was with the act up until Dec 1952. 

Co-writer with Aileen Burke of the film 'Bless-Em All' produced in 1949 and directed by Robert Jordan Hill, starring Max Bygraves, Hal Monty, including Les Ritchie, Stanley White, Jack Milroy, Patricia Linova & Sybiol Amiel & Peter Williams and others. 

Married Noel Mary Cardew in London, England in 1934, father of one child Anthony Maurice Boganny born 1937 Fulham, London, England.

Below  is a cartoon image sketched and signed by Cyril Boganny dating from circa. 1920's - 30's from an autograph album once owned by a cocktail waiter of The Ritz, London & Paris, image by kind permission of Alan Newman, Devon, UK. 

Mr. Cyril Boganny was recorded travelling to Cape Town, South Africa from Southampton, England in 1953, and died on 21 Feb 1954 in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Etty Boganny 1878 - 1948


Born Esther Meider abt.1878 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England daughter of Nathan Meider & Jane Somerville.

Married Simon Myerson, an optician at Birmingham Register Office on 25 Apr 1895 and divorced in 1912.

In that marriage gave birth to three sons, 

Harry Alexander Saunders Myerson 1896 Birmingham,

Arthur Abraham Saunders Myerson 1897 Birmingham and

Cyril Saunders Myerson (who later would be known as Cyril Boganny) in 1899 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, 

Became the life-long partner/common-law wife of Joe Boganny before 1911.

Died 31 Oct 1948 at Lambeth Hospital, London, England.

Cremated at Golders Green Crematorium, London, England. 

Kenny Cantor 1938 - 2019


Comedian, Clown, versatile International Entertainer, Writer, Producer, Director & Prince Rat. 

Born Kenneth Albert Robert Lewis McNaghten on 15 Nov 1938 in Leicester, Leicestershire, England the only child of the Comedian & King Rat, Terry Cantor (born Kenneth Edward McNaghten) & Ada Hayes (stage name Adele Cantor).

He was the fifth generation in his family to be in show-business. His debut, aged four was with his grandfather, Jeff Mandel, an acrobat & clown, who taught him the laws of the circus and to be a clown & acrobat. Later he learned how to sing, dance and play musical instruments by his father.

In his lifetime played almost every theatre in the UK, nearly all the Clubs in Yorkshire, and toured the world with many big stars.

Married three times, his last marriage was to Caron Patricia Heggie, daughter of Ronnie Scott (Ronald Schatt), the Saxophonist & Co Founder of Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London. Father of Shani Cantor a sixth generation performer today.

An active member of the Grand Order of Water Rats was elected Prince Rat in 2018. Before his death Kenny was proprietor and principle of 'That's Entertainment Associates' incorporating The Cantor's Theatre School & Centres of Performing Arts, Lowestoft, Suffolk, England and Beccles, Yorkshire, England. Died in Sep 2019 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. 


The Clifton Brothers


First mentioned in The Clipper as a speciality act performing feats on the horizontal bars in the USA during the early 1870's as The Clifton Brothers, Brothers Clifton, The Cliftons etc., comprising Frank Clifton and his brother or partner.

Later Frank Clifton's sons appeared from the 1880's as a Risley Comedy Acrobatic and Knochabout Troupe and were Joshua Toledano (Josh Clifton), Joseph Toledano (Joseph Clifton) and their half brother Abraham Alvarez (Alf Daniels).

Billed variously as 'The Bros Clifton', 'Royal Clifton Trio', 'The Three Cliftons', etc, they toured the British Isles & Ireland in their popular & hilarious routines, sometimes in full evening dress playing Circus, Music Hall, Theatre, Galas & Fetes from the 1880's till around 1900 when they split, diversified and went their separate ways. Joe Clifton took on the name Boganny and formed The Boganny Troupe, Josh Clifton went on to produce "The Six Ceylons" & "The Five X-Rays" & Alf Daniels mostly continued solo.



Dolly CLIFTON 1894 - 1979


Variety Artiste, acrobat & comedienne.

Born Doris May Lazarus on 26 Sep 1894 at 142, Bishop Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England., daughter of Joshua Lazarus aka Josh Clifton & Rachel Lyons.

Recorded in The Brighton Gazette of 10 Sep 1910 'latest arrivals including Josh Clifton (5 X Rays), Miss Dollie Clifton (6 Ceylons), Miss Gladys Clifton & Mrs. Clifton (Brixton)'. Married Captain Arthur Albert Williams of the Royal Army Service Corps on 6 Mar 1920 in Glasgow, Scotland and had one issue, a daughter Sonia Pamela born 12 Jul 1922 at West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England. At the 1939 England & Wales Register Mrs. Doris May Williams, divorsed and a Variety Artiste was living alone at 359, Brixton Road, Lambeth, London, England.

Died on 9 Sep 1979 at Ladywood Hospital, Pendleton, Lancashire, England of 38, Hanover Court, Chatsworth Road, Worsley, Salford, Lancashire, England. 


First mutual ancestors = Joshua Toledano 1798-1874 & Sarah Egerton 1803-1859

Relationship status; 1st Cousin x 2 removed.



Josh CLIFTON 1870 - 1948


Comedy acrobatic tumbler, Music Hall Artiste.

Born Joshua TOLEDANO on 14th April 1871 in Mile End Old Town, London from a good stock of entertainers. Son of 'Raslus' aka Frank Clifton, the renowned equestrian clown & gymnast and Sarah Toledano. Brother of Mary Clifton, equestrian performer and Joe Boganny, acrobat & comedian. 

Started his career at the age of two and a half in his fathers 'Raslus Troupe' of comedy risley tumblers & acrobats as clown, and considered very smart. The Troupe appeared in all the leading Music Halls & Circuses in England and on the Continent. One of the famous Clifton Troupe of acrobats, performed as one of The Brothers Clifton with his brother Joe & step brother Alf Daniels till about 1900. Later and in competition with Joe Boganny was proprietor of the 'Five X-Rays', mad athletes who appeared in all the principle Halls in the UK and and on the Continent with their acts 'Fun in a Gymnasium' and 'Dream in an Opeum Den'. Formed the 'Six Ceylons' who appeared for the first time in London on 20th June 1910 scorring an instant success at The Euston Palace.

The family changed their name to LAZARUS circa. 1892. In 1893 Joshua Lazarus married Rachel Lyons at the Birmingham Register Office. Father of  Dolly Clifton, variety artist & comedienne & Sonia Seal, actress & comedienne.

Died at the V. A. F. Home for retired entertainers, Brinsworth House, Twickenham, aged 77 yrs, a retired Music Hall Artiste on 22nd February 1948. 


Relationship status - Grand Uncle


Abe DANIELS 1834 - 1901


Professional Clown, Equestrian, Musician & Banjoist. 

One of the famous Double Act played alongside his brother Mo Daniels, known as 'Les Freres Daniels' the 'Brothers Daniels' famous on the Continent during the mid to late 19thC. Acclaimed at one time as the Greatest Musical & Singing Clown of his day.

Born Abraham Toledano abt.1834 Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England son of Joshua de Moses Toledano (Daniels) & Sarah Egerton. Married Mary Ann Aaron on 3 Apr 1860 at the British Consul's Office in Paris, France.,  both of 23, Rue de Malte, Paris.

In 1871 he was the Licensed Victualler of The Three Compasses Public House, Freeschool Street, Southwark, Surrey, Engtland. By the 1891 UK National Census was living at 651, Old Kent Road, Camberwell, London and descibed as an Artist. Abraham Daniels Toledano died on 16 Jan 1901 in Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear, England. 


Relationship Status - 2nd Great Grand Uncle.


Alf DANIELS  1864 - 1928


Popular Auguste, Clown, Expert Violinist & Musician, often referred to as the 'Continental Humourist' &  'French Comedian'.

Born Abraham ALVAREZ  on 25th March 1864 at 48, Charles Street, St. George in the East, London son of Aaron Alvarez & Sarah Toledano aka Daniels. Half brother to Josh Clifton, Mary Clifton & Joe Boganny by his mothers second marriage to Frank Clifton, 'Raslus' the gymnast in 1869.

Married Amalia Marguerita Mozley, stage name Amalia Orford, equestrienne (daughter of circus performers & equestians William Orford Mozley & Clementina Julia Quaglieni)on 16th August 1889 in London.

Father of Abraham Alvarez (Alf Alva), and two daughters, both comedy acrobats, Bella Alvarez, (who first married Bill Hurst, later a Frenchman Gaston Nevermont) and Nita Alvarez (who married Jeff Hayes, stage name Jeff Mandel, comedian & acrobat, who for a time worked for Joe Boganny as a bearer/wedge in The Boganny Troupe), and Lawrence David Clothier by Ivy Clothier a music hall artiste. 

As a boy was a member of his step fathers 'Raslus Troupe', later performed as one of The Elka Troupe, which in 1891 became known as the Three Brothers Clifton.  Later teamed up with his son-in-law Jeff Mandel to form The Alva Brothers, and later the Le Toye Brothers, acrobatic duo acts. On 10th June 1915 Alf Daniels appeared with Josh Clifton's Great Vauderville Star Company, Hull, Yorkshire.

Alf Daniels died on 8th November 1928 in Berlin, Germany., a notice was placed in The Stage Newspaper to that effect by his son Abraham (Alf Alva) announcing his fathers death. 

The Brothers Daniels ~ 1852

Brothers DANIELS  'Les Freres Daniels'


Musical Clowns, Equestrians, Double Violinists, Instrumentalists.

The brothers Abraham 'Abe' Daniels (Toledano) & Moses 'Mo' Daniels (Toledano), eldest sons of Joshua Daniels (Toledano) & Sarah Egerton. 

The famous Duo Act was active in the British Isles, Ireland and on Continental Europe between 1852 & 1872, 'Les Freres Daniels', 'Virtuoses Comiques'.

Inventors of one of the most famous Musical Clown numbers ever, still omnipresent today "You can't play here" in which the speaker does his best to evict two clowns off the stage or out of the ring, who continue to play (generally the trumpet) in triumphant turns, then one is attacked, the other takes over playing.

Appeared at most leading Halls & Circuses in the UK and Ireland, who become famous on the Continent and honoured with courtesy titles of Counts.

Mentioned never as Daniels, but as Toledano, sometimes Toledo or Italianised to Toledani in European literature, eg: 'Plume de Piste' & 'Piste en Plus' by the French author Paul Demenon and the German author Manegezauber mentions them variously as 'Alex & Marco', 'Alec & Mac' & 'Alexei & Mario'.

The Brothers Daniels notably appeared at The Crystal Palace, London, England, Hengler's Circus, Cirque Pinder, Cirque Strassberger, Cirque Napoleon et Imperatrice, Paris, Cirque Benz, Berlin & Vienna, del Circo Price, Madrid. 

One of their first appearances was recorded in The Liverpool Mail on 15th May 1852;  'The Brothers Daniels', the celebrated Double Violinists. 'They are allowed to be the cleverest in the world and must be seen to be appreciated', at The Parthenon Concert Hall, Great Charlotte Street, Liverpool.'

During the summer of 1857 they appeared at The Cremorne Gardens, Chelsea, London.....'and the extraordinary musical marvels of the Brothers Daniels, who perform on the violin in every attitude of Ernst or Paganini, which greatly delighted their audiences.' One of the last records of them appearing as The Brothers Daniels, Musical Clowns, was at The Metropolitan Music Hall, Edgware Road, London, England on 28th December 1872. Their performing partnership ended in 1876. 

Clown DANO; 1884 ~ 1964


Versatile Entertainer, Minstrel, Clown, Trick Banjoist & Humourist.

Born David Alfred Toledano on 20 Nov 1883 in Bow, London, England the youngest son of Joseph de Joshua Toledano aka Joe Daniels the Banjoist & Musician and Clara Martin (Nunes-Martines).

Married (1) Miriam Cohen 1907,  (2) Rose Taylor (1916).

In The Stage Newspaper of 14 Jun 1906 'Terrific Success - Alfred Daniels, Speciality Banjoist & Humourist. Gravesend & Ramsgate with "Gazekas." Free Monday next for summer. Write, wire, or tel., 112, Leadenhall St, E.C.

The Stage of 2 Nov 1911, Alfred Daniels, Trick Banjoist & Humourist; also as Clown Dano, for children's Parties. 112, Leadenhall St, E.C. Phone, 12099 Central, and The Stage of 6 Jan 1916, Alfred Daniels, Solo and Trick Banjoist and Humourist, late "Scarlet, Mr. E.'s" (3yrs). "Fantastics" (3yrs), 13, Disraeli Road, Forest Gate, Essex, England. 

Emigrated to the USA and naturalised on 29 Aug 1946.

Died on 8 Dec 1964 in Los Angeles, Southern California, USA.


Joe Daniels infront of his home, circa.1890. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Claire Daniels Goldman, dau. of Alfred Daniels.

Joe DANIELS  1842 - 1915


Celebrated Minstrel, Performer, Professor of Music, Musician, Composer, Arranger & Teacher of the Banjo, Mandolin & Guitar.

Born Joseph TOLEDANO abt. 1842 in Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire, England, son of Joshua de Moses Toledano and Sarah EGERTON*. Brother of Sarah Toledano who married Frank Clifton, the equestrian clown & gymnast, Mo Daniels & Abe Daniels, (Brothers Daniels) celbrated musical clowns. Married Clara Martin (Nunes-Martinez) in Whitechapel, London 1861. Established a studio at 28, Bishopsgate Street, Aldgate in 1870, after a few years moved to Minstrel House, 112, Leadenhall Street where he started advertising himself as a musical instrument maker, teacher & stage dancer. Patented the 'Defiance' banjo and probably assembling them himself at his workshop. The Prince of Wales, later King Edward V1 presented him with a silver medallion inscribed with the fluer-de-lis which was fixed to the pegboard of the banjo Joe played in his public performances. Presented with a Mercham Pipe by King Leopold 1 of the Belgians, pre 1865., Performed before Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle in 1873 with his banjo proudly displaying its silver plaque, and became a member of the Masonic Vauderville Lodge. At the 1881 Census for England he was living at 4, Crown Street, Tower Hamlets, London, England. Father of fifteen children, one of whom was David Alfred Daniels, born London in 1884 who went on to become 'Clown Dano'. Died of heart failure in a cab enroute to 22, Buckingham Road, Brighton, Sussex, England on 12th March 1915 aged 73 years of 13, Disreali Road, Forest Gate, London, England.

The Middleton Arms, 33 High St, Aldgate, London.

Mo DANIELS 1831 - 1890


Professional Equestrian Clown, Minstrel, Musician, later Publican. 

Born Moses Toledano abt.1831 London, England; son of Joshua de Moses Toledano (Daniels) & Sarah Egerton.

Brother of Abe Daniels, Musical Clown, Joe Daniels, Banjo Player & Professor of Music & Sarah Toledano who married Frank Clifton aka 'Raslus' the celebrated Equestrian Clown & Gymnast.

Performed with his brother Abe Daniels in the Duo Musical Clown Act 'Brothers Daniels', active 1852-1876.

At the 1851 Census Moses Daniels is recorded lodging at 3, Daws Place, West Street, Kingston-upon-Hull, a confectioner, married with a wife Mary A, and three month old daughter Rachel.

On 16th April 1860 Moses Daniels, a bachelor & Artiste, married Robina Cumming at the British Consul's Office, Paris, both of 23, Rue de Malte, Paris., they had one son Joshua Abraham Daniels born 4th September 1860 in Southwark.

Ten years later on 10th Nov 1870 Moss Daniels inserted a notice in The Clerkenwell News, which read 'I hereby give Notice That I will not be answerable for any debts that my Wife, Robina Daniels may contract after this date, Nov 8th 1870, signed Moss Daniels, Middleton Arms, 38, Norton Folgate., witnessed by Alexr. Hart'.

At the 1871 Census Robina Daniels, a married women lived alone in Bermondsey, a retired Licensed Victualler. Robina Daniels of 2, Hercules Terrace, Hercules Buildings, Lambeth died on 29th December 1880 in Lambeth, wife of Moses Daniels, Equestrian, on her death certifiacte the informant was her by son Joshua A. Daniels of 9, William's Place, Union Str, Borough, London, England.

At the 1871 Census for England, Moses Daniels was living apart from his wife & son and the publican of The Middleton Alms, 38, High Street, Norton Folgate, Aldgate, London employing four men. By 1876 The Era of 12 Mar reads 'Wanted, a partner to join M. Daniels (one of the Brothers Daniels Musical Clowns) for the Continent or England. M. D. speaks several languages, French & German fluently. Please address M. Daniels, Middleton Arms, (next to City of London Theatre) 38, Norton Folgate, London'.

By the England Census of 1881 Moses Daniels, is a publican at 22, Little Square, Braintree, Essex., with his wife Emma, nee Cox and six children. From this relationship there were a total of eight surviving births, Abigail Elizabeth, b.1872; Sarah, b.1874; Abraham, b.1875;  Rachel, b.1878; Esther, b.1879; Rebecca Daniels 1880-1909, who married Alfred Eugene Gaertner in 1903, Leah, b.1884, & Miriam, b.1887. 

Moses Daniels died on 29th December 1890 at 5, Albert Cottages, Rope Walk, Ipswich, Suffolk, England of Apoplexy.

The New York Clipper announced his death ~ Mo Daniels, a well known Musical Clown in his day, a brother of the clever Abe Daniels, died at Ipswich, Eng., Dec 29th, aged sixty years. He had for several years resided in the district, playing the violin, on which instrument he was an efficient performer, in front of different hotels about Ipswich, Suffolk, England. 


Elka Troupe





Miss 'Sarah' EGERTON 1803-1859


"According to notes in an old family tree, Miss Egerton was a 'Kinswomen' of the Earls of Ellesmere who eloped with and married Joshua Toledano and took the Jewish faith".

Born abt.1803 in Whitchurch, Shropshire, England.

Referred to as a Proselyte, Miss Egerton was converted to Judaism in a ceremony of Ritual Bathing (mikveh, mikvah in hewbrew) on 17 Feb 1836 in Amsterdam, Holland, Netherlands, this being recorded in the Mahamad (wardens) Minute Book for the date 1 Adar 5596. 

Given the name 'Sarah, dau of Abraham, our father' Miss Egerton was married to Joshua Toledano aka Daniels, a confectioner, on 13 Nov 1836 at Bevis Marks (Spanish & Portuguese Congregation) Synagogue, London, England.

Rabbi Isaac da Costa had been given permission to perform the rite of marriage by the Gentlemen of the Rabbanic Court, the Beth Din. 

Sarah & Joshua had 7 children, Moses, Abraham, Abigail, Sarah, Emanuel, Joseph & Rachel. 

Died on 4 Oct 1859 at the London Jews Hospital, Whitechapel, London, England.

Buried on 7 Oct 1859 at Novo Cemetery, Mile End, London, England. 



Alfred Eugene Gaertner 1877-1932


Music-Hall Artiste

Born 1877 Lambeth, London, England, son of Phillipe Jacques Eugene Gaertner aka Eugene Gaertner and Elizabeth Ann Kite.

Grandson of the Equestrian & Circus Proprietor Thomas McCollum and Elizabeth Gaertner. 

Married (i) Rebecca Daniels, dau of Moses (Mo) Daniels, Musical Clown of 'Les Freres Daniels' fame, on 8 Feb 1903 at St James the Less, Bethnal Green, London and by whom he fathered a daughter Dorothy Emma Elizabeth Gaertner born on 3 Apr 1904, Blackpool, Lancashire. 

Rebecca Gaertner his wife died in Scarborough, Yorkshire, England in 1909.

Married (ii) Lily Marie Griffin, dau of John Michael Griffin, Artiste on 9 Oct 1909 at The Parish Church, Blackpool, Lancashire, England. 

Died in 1932 at Hemsworth, Yorkshire, England. 

New Lord Mayor, 'Vanity Fair' 1889

Henry Aaron ISAACS  1830 - 1909


Born 15 Aug 1830 in Aldgate, London, England son of Michael Isaacs & Sarah, dau. of Aaron Henrique Mendoza.

Married Eleonor, dau. of Alexander McDonald Rowland in 1848 and had three children, Joseph Alexander, Louisa & Sarah. 

For a quarter a of century he laboured in the best interests of the City of London. He agitated for improving the housing conditions of the poor, and was mainly instrumental in bringing about the much needed reforms in the finance committee of the Corporation of London. In 1859 he was appointed to the chairmanship of the City Lands Committee. Some years later, as head of the Markets Committee, he gave valuable evidence before Parliament in the House of Commons; London's Tower Bridge owed its existance, in great measure, to his persistance. Upon the oral system of teaching deaf-mutes, his brochure 'Sounds Versus Signs' is a recognised authority. In 1887 as an Alderman of the City he became Sheriff of London & Middlesex, and was knighted in the same year. In 1889 he was elected Lord Mayor of London and a charicature of him 'New Lord Mayor' by Spy appeared in Vanity Fair in Nov that year. In 1890 was Grand Warden in the Freemasons. Two portraits were commissioned of him and painted by Bassano. Author, of three books, including  'Memoirs of My Mayority'. Died 2 Aug 1909 Steyning, Sussex, England

Sir Rufus in 'Vanity Fair'

Rufus Daniel ISAACS  1860 - 1935


Born 10 Oct 1860 at 3, Bury Street, St Mary Axe, London, son of Spitalfields Fruit Merchant Joseph Michael Isaacs & Sarah Davis.

Brother of Rose Nelly Isaacs 1856-1942, Frances Jane Isaacs 1856-1942, Hannah Isaacs b.1857, Ellen Rebecca Isaacs 1858-1842, Henry Michael Isaacs b.1858, Amelia Isaacs b.1859, Myers Albert Isaacs b.1863, Florence Angela Isaacs 1864-1956, Godfrey Charles Joseph Isaacs 1866-1925, Frederick Samuel Isaacs 1868, Esther Stella Isaacs 1869-1934, & Warry R Isaacs b.1870. 

Married twice, (i) Alice Edith Cohen (1865-1930) on 8 Dec 1887 London,

(ii) Stella Charnaud (1894-1971) in 1931, London.

Father of Gerald Rufus Isaacs, b. 10 Dec 1889 Hampstead, London, England

Member of Parliament for Reading, Berkshire, England 1903-1913

Appointed Lord Chief Justice 1913-

Became the first Jewish Member of any British Prime Minister's Cabinet in Lloyd George's Cabinet in 1913. Raised to the Peerage in 1914 and created 1st Marquess of Reading. Appointed Ambassador to the USA in 1918. Became Governor General & Viceroy of India 1921-1926.Died 30 Dec 1935 at 35, Curzon Street, Hanover Square, Westminster, London, England. 



Edward Richard 'Ricky' Kinane


Acrobat & Music-Hall Artiste, later in life became a Professional Restorer of Fine Art. 

Born Eric Charles Lazarus on 11 Mar 1921 at Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England, son of Samuel Lazarus aka Sam Linfield and Jessie Watson Fraser and a grandson of Joe Boganny.

Married (i) Joan Nina Pipe, (ii) Pardiner Murial Baker, (iii) Kathleen Joyce Attenborough & (iv) Tove Kirsten Pedersen. 

Father of two, a son and daughter,

Began his performing career in 1924 aged 3 in his fathers Linfield Troupe of Comedy Acrobats which toured the British Isles & Ireland. 

Changed his name to Edward Richard Kinane, known as Ricky. 

Died 4 Sep 2015 at St. Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex, England. 



Vic LEWIS  1919 - 2009


Musician, Band Leader & Impressario.

Born Victor Joseph Lewis on 29 Jul 1919, Hendon, Middlesex, England (son of Bertie Lewis & Mary Daniels Toledano daughter of Joshua Daniels & Katie Morris who married in London 1914) Jazz pioneer who nurtured almost every major British Jazz personality under his band leader's baton or as agent or manager, including such legends as Elton John, Shirley Bassey & The Beatles. Vic married Jill Alcock and had a daughter Danielle.

Awarded an MBE in The Queen's Honours of 2007. 

Died 9 Feb 2009 at Garden House, Hendon, Middlesex, England aged 89 years. 


Sam Linfield circa 1923

Sam LINFIELD 1894 - 1961


Music Hall Artiste, Acrobat, Comedian & Pantomimeist.

Born Samuel Lazarus on 18 Apr 1894 at 64, Wrentham Street, Birmingham, England son of Joseph Lazarus (Joe Boganny) & Betsy formerly Yellowitz, brother of Hannah Lazarus aka Annie Boganny and Douglas Boganny Phipps. 

Began his career touring with his fathers Boganny Troupe of comedy risley acrobats, in the 'Lunatic Bakers' and known as Sam Clifton & Sam Boganny. Also performed with his uncle Josh Clifton's comedy tumbling routines in the 'Six Ceylons' & '5 X Rays'. Made his first  appearance in 1906 at The Paragon Music Hall, Mile End, London turning solo in 1923 as a knockabout comedian calling himself Sam Linfield, a family name on his mothers side. Toured the UK & USA in Variety with his fast acrobatic nonscence acts 'No Mans Land', 'Odds & Ends', 'Boot Villa', 'HMS Lively' and later with his Linfield Troupe in 'Crazy Scouts & Sailors'. During the 1950's he went on the road with his popular slap-stick act 'The Space Ship Show'. 

Samuel Lazarus married (i) Jessica Watson Fraser in 1920 Durham, (ii) Eileen Dixon in 1944.

Father of Eric Charles Lazarus b.1921, Geoffrey Brian Lazarus b.1931 and by his second marriage Elizabeth Annie Lazarus b.1944.

Died on 16 Sep 1961 at St Mary's Hosptital, Paddington, London and was cremated on 19th at Golders Green Crematorium, London, England.


Relationship status: Grand Uncle. 

Pauline 'Polly' LLOYD 1872-


Verstaile Circus Performer, Equestrian, Acrobat, Wire-Walker & Variety Artiste.

Born Mary CLIFTON on 7th Jan 1872 at 1, Belle View Terrace, Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England, daughter of Frank Clifton aka 'Raslus' the Equestrian Clown & Gymnast and Sarah TOLEDANO, otherwise DANIELS.

Sister of Joshua Toledano aka Josh Clifton, 1871-1948 & Joseph Toledano aka Joseph Clifton aka Joe BOGANNY, 1874-1943.

Entered the circus ring at an early age being trained up in her fathers Raslus Troupe of Comedy Risley Artistes. First recorded performing as Polly/Pauline Clifton, then as Madamoiselle Pauline, or Mdlle. Elka, renowned Equilibrist and a member of the Elka Troupe of Comedy Risley Performers, invisible Wire-Walkers and Hat-Throwers formed in 1885. 

Married on 26 Nov 1891 at Birmingham Register Office to the Equestrian, William Molesworth Lloyd, professionally known as Wilkes Lloyd, son of Circus Proprietor & Equestrian James 'Jimmy' Lloyd & Ellen Savage.

Toured the British Isles, Ireland, Europe and the USA with her husband & children mainly in circus. At one time toured her troupe of Siberian Wolfhounds, with her daughter Nellie. Had four children, Sarah Ellen 'Nellie' Lloyd,  bon 1891 Birmingham, Arthur William 'Billy' Lloyd, born 1892 Birmingham, Frank Harold Lloyd, 1894 Birmingham & Violet Maud Victoria Lloyd, born 1900 in Holland. Her death unlocated todate. 

nb - The Billboard, 12 Aug 1950 - Lloyd, Wilkes, aged 79, former Bareback Rider, Aug 1 at Jamaica, Long Island, New York. Trouped the Lloyd Indian act with Ringling, Sells-Floto, Sparkes and Hagenbeck-Wallace circuses, before he retired to Flushing, L.I, N.Y., His widow Polly; a son Billy; two daughters, Violet Rubio & Nellie Kitchie, and two sisters survive. The immediate family all trouped in the riding act. Burial July 24 in Flushing Cemetery.


Flora Adelaide Meers 1868 - 


Born 4 May 1868 West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Baptised 10 May 1868 Liverpool, Lancashire, England., dau of Hubert William Meers, a Gunmaker & Gymnast (1820-1879) & Susan Carton (abt.1844-1898)

Married (i) Wilhelm Albert Heuberger/Henberger on 26 Mar 1889 in Berlin, Germany, Married (ii) Charles Alfred Smith on 13 Jan 1908, Yardley, West Midlands, England. 





Aaron MENDOZA; 1709*~ 1751*


Author & Scribe. 

Born abt.1709 at Ruesel de Mierden, Noord Brabant, Holland, son of Daniel de David Mendoza, a member of the Seville/London branch of the MENDOZA family, and Esther de Isaac Lopez.

Married Benvenida Tubi (b.1710 Livorno, Italy) at Bevis Marks Synagogue, London, England on 23 Mar 1730. 

In 1732 published one of the first books ever produced by a Jew in England, a manuel of the laws governing ritual slaughter, with illustrations in his own hand. Grandfather of the Pugilist & Bareknuckle Boxer Daniel Mendoza. Died abt. 1751 in London, England.

Daniel Mendoza  1764 ~ 1836 


Champion Boxer, Author & Publican. 

Born 5 Jul 1764 Aldgate, London, England son of Abraham de Aaron Mendoza & Esther Lopez.

Married his cousin Esther Mendoza on 22 May 1787 at Bevis Marks Synagogue, London, and had at least one child from that marriage. 

Bareknuckle Boxer & Pugilist, 16th in succession of the English Heavyweight Champions and the first Jewish Champion. The first important fighter to combine scientific boxing with rapid, rather than hard punching, a great change from the mauling style used until his time. Only 5ft 7ins tall and weighing 180 pounds he relied on his courage, strong arms and excellent physical condition, as well as on his revolutionary boxing skill. Won many victories and at one time considered champion heavyweight of all England.

Received the patronage of Royalty in the name of the Prince of Wales, later King George IV and was the first Hebrew ever to speak to King George III.

On retirtement he became a publican of houses in Whitechapel, London and openening a highly successful school of boxing, amongst others he taught the sons of nobility. His book The Art of Boxing was published in 1796.

Died on 3 Sep 1836, at Horseshoe Alley, Petticoat Lane, London, England. 

Douglas Boganny Phipps 1905-1978


Born 25 Jul 1905 at 5, Quick Road, Chiswick, Brentford, Middlesex, England, son of Music-Hall Artiste Joe Boganny & Harriet Phipps.

Baptised 30 Sep 1906 at St. Anne, Poole's Park, Finsbury, London.

Fostered out to a childless couple David & Charlotte 'Lottie' Simmons when still an infant.

Attended Harvest Road Temporary School, Islington, London.

At the 1911 Census was living at 4, Gordon Road, Enfield, Middlesex and recorded as Douglas Simmons, his birthplace left blank.

Joined the Grenadier Guards at Mill Hill, Barnet, Middlesex on 21 Sep 1926. 

When a Corporal 3rd Battalion Genadier Guards of Wellington Barracks, Westminster, London married Lilian Eastwood dau. of Herbert William Eastwood & Clara Amelia Price on 9 May 1931 at Romford Register Office, Essex, England. Father of two, Averil Clare Phipps 1932-2011, and a son (alive)

In 1951 having received a legacy in his late birth mothers Will took on Whelps Farm in Laindon, Essex, where he embarked on rearing Saddleback Pigs and bred Boxer & Terrier Dogs for show purposes.

Lived in retirement for several years with his wife in Johannesburg, South Africa, returning to England in the early 1970's.

Died on 20 Jun 1978 at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, Somerset, England and is buried at Minehead Cemetery, West Somerset, England. 



Harriet PHIPPS 1878-1950


Born 21 Oct 1878 at 9, Clifton Terrace, Nightingale Road, Wood Green, London, England, the youngest and ninth child of William Phipps, a Police Constable & Ann Burch Leggett. 

Gave birth to her only child, Douglas Boganny Phipps by the music-hall artiste Joe Boganny on 25 Jul 1905 in Chiswick, Brentford, Middlesex, England.

Married Charles Clarence Richardson on 19 Aug 1907 at the Register Office, Edmonton, Middlesex, England.

Died 2 Feb 1950 at 16, Maidstone Road, Bounds Green, London, England. 


Relationship Status: Great Grandmother.

Sonia SEAL 1901 - 1995


Comedienne & Versatile Soubrette in Song, Dance & Story. 

Born Gladys Elaine LAZARUS on 30 Jan 1901 Birmingham, daughter of the variety artist Josh CLIFTON & Rachel Lyons, sister of Doris May Lazarus, stage name Dolly Clifton.

Performed 'songs & nonsense' routines, noted in 1916 at The Trivoli, Kingston-upon-Hull in a revue of the book & lyrics by Harry Curwen, music by Alan d'Albert, entitled 'Stop Your Nonsense', 'Sonia Seal is very dainty, her singing being a pleasing feature'. Became known as 'The Unusual Girl' & 'The American Soubrette'' and was accclaimed the essence of originality. Toured in provicial productions, revues, musical comedies & pantomime through into the 1930's. Married Irving Marks in 1926 Birmingham and had a daughter Joyce Marks b.1932 Salford, Manchester. Sailed out from Southampton on the ss. Queen Mary in July 1939 bound for New York.Was the informant of her sister death and living at 5, Ferndale Avenue, Whitefield, Lancs on 9 Sep 1979. Died in 1995 Salford, Manchester, Lancashire, England. 


Peter SELLERS 1925 - 1980


British Film Actor, Comedian & Singer. 

Born Richard Henry Seller on 8 Sep 1925 in Southsea, Hampshire, UK, son of William (Bill) Seller, an actor & pianist and Agnes 'Peggy' Marks, a character actress & singer (daughter of Solomon Marks & Benvenida de Israel Mendoza) who married in St. Giles, London, England in 1923.

Performed in the BBC Radio series The Goon Show. Sellers trade marks was his ability to play multiple characters and to change his voice and appearance.

Credited as being the greatest comedian of all time.

Honoured with a CBE. 

Married (i) Anne Howe 1951-1961, (ii) Britt Ekland 1964-1968, (iii) Miranda Quarry 1970-1974 and (iv) Lynne Frederick married 1977 remaining so until his death on 24 Jul 1980 in London, England. 


Relationship Status: 5th Cousin.


Raslus Troupe


Formed by Frank Clifton, the celebrated Equestrian Clown & Gymnast aka Raslus in abt.1871 England.


Joshua Toledano  1798 - 1874     


Confectioner, Sugar Boiler, Sugar Manufacturer. 

Recorded as having been born abt 1798 in Chatham, Kent, England, son of Moses 'de Abraham' Toledano & Abigail 'de Joseph' Nunes-Martines who married at Bevis Marks Synagogue, London on 5 Jun 1783. ref; Bevis Marks Spanish & Portuguese Congregation Records. 

nb. His father Moses Toledano born abt. 1759 Gibraltar was a member of the Sephardic Community there. He's recorded at the 1777 Gibraltar census as a boatman, later shoemaker being absent at the 1791 census. It's probable Moses arrived in London, England between those years and before the onset of the 14th and Great Siege of Gibraltar 1779-1783 when he anglicanised his name to Daniels. ref; The Toledano Family of Gibraltar, by Ya'acov Tal Toledano, Published by Sharsheret Hadorot, of The Israel Genealogoical Society. 


 "During research, I made contact with cousins in England, USA & Australia, through which a fanciful tale of elopement, scandal, high society and cover-up emerged. That "Joshua Toledano had run off with 'an Egerton girl' supposedly a kinswomen of the Earl of Ellesmere, who took the Jewish faith and was disowned by her family". This was verified by Ricky Kinane, a great, great grandson, and son of Sam Clifton aka Sam Linfield, in 2002 when we met up. Endored also by a family tree with notes and a letter written up in 1975 by Claire the daughter of David Alfred Toledano, Clown Dano, a grandson of Joshua Daniels. - Research findings, however, paint quite a different picture and provide further insight into the life of Joshua Daniels"


17 Feb 1836 (1 Adar 5596) - Joshua Toledano presented the Certificate of Bathing of the 'Guera' (proselyte) in Holland, Netherlands, with whom he requested permission to marry. He was referred to the Gentlemen of the Rabbinic Court, the Beth Din, for them to certify the correctness of it, and, if in due order. The Gentleman took their time and Rabbi Isaac da Costa was given permission to perform the rite of marriage. The marriage took place on 13 Nov 1836. ref; Correspondance with Miriam Rodrigues-Periera, Hon. Archivist Spanish & Portuguese Sephardi Community of London, 2018. 


1836 Nov 13 - Marriage of Joshua Toledano to 'Sarah' at Bevis Marks Synagogue, London.

Joshua made his mark, Sarah's name appears in Hewbrew on the marriage contract as 'Sarah daughter of Abraham our father', Joshua Toledano's marital status is not mentioned. ref: Bevis Marks  Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue Records. 


31 Aug 1838 - Hull Police Court, before the Mayor & Mr. Bourne - A Jew, named Daniels charged James Harker, son of Mr. Harker, butcher of Lowgate with having nearly severed his dogs head from it's body. The Jew gave a long account of the animal and the extraordinary feats which it was in the habit of performing; it was according to him, a sort of second Solomon, and could do anything but speak. Some malicious person, on the 15th August had inflicted two severe wounds on the creatures neck, and he endeavoured to prove, by the evidence of two little girls, that that person was the defendant James Harker. The evidence, however, was extremely contradictory, and was, in a great measure rebutted by the evidence for the defendant. The magistrates, after long hearing of the case, and on inspection of the dog, dismissed the charge. ref; Hull Advertiser & Exchange Gazette, BNA.


7th Jun 1841 England & Wales National Census - Yorkshire, Kingston-upon-Hull, Myton, Mill Street;  Jo' Daniels, 35, Confectioner, Sa' Daniels, 35, Moses Daniels, 10, Abraham Danials, 7, Abigail Danials, 4, Sarah Daniels, 2 & Emanuel Danales, aged 1yr, all born in England. nb. Surname appears on Census as Danales. ref; Public Records Office Transcript  HO 107/ 1231/11.


2 Jun 1842 - Wed, before Messrs. Cookman & Hanwood - ASSAULTS - Joseph Daniels, a Jew, was charged with assaulting an old women named Mary Johnson, whom he had thrown down by tripping her heels, and afterwards assaulting her very severely. Mr. Johnson was for the prosecution. As usual, witnesses were on each others sides, swearing point blank in contradiction to each other, but complainant having the advantage in numbers by about two to one: Daniels was ordered to find a surety in £5, and be himself bound in the same sum to keep the peace for three months. ref; Hull Advertiser & Exchange Gazette, BNA. 


7 Jul 1843 - FURIOUS DRIVING - Mr. Freeman, clerk to the police force, laid an information against Joshua Daniels for driving furiously in a little cart drawn by two dogs and having no reins to guide them. The vehicle he said, passed within an inch or two of the end of a ladder which was raised against a wall in Whitefriargate with a man at the top of it. Mr. Hyde, auctioneer, corraborated his evidence. Mr. ANDERSON, for the defendant, showed the insufficiency of the summons, which did not state the liability of punishment for driving with dogs, and pleaded the poverty of the defendant and willingness never to offend again, if another summons would not be made out against him; accordingly he was discharged with a reprimand. ref; Hull Advertiser & Exchange Gazette, BNA.


21 Jul 1843 - SCULCOATS POLICE - HOUSEBREAKING AND ROBBERIES - Thursday, Before Messrs. Raikes and Palmer - Yesterday week, two men names Wm. Clay & John Powell were brought before the magistrates charged on suspicion of having on the night of 23rd June last, broken into the dwelling house of Mr. Philip Deighton of Cottingham, farmer, and stolen a great-coat, a Mackintosh and a large brass pan. It appeared that on Wednesday eveningClay was in custody in Jarrett Street Station, when he requested PC Robinson to go to his (Clay's) house and fetch his great-coat. Robinson went and procured the coat, but finding it to correspond with the description he had received of one of Mr. Deighton's which had been stolen, he detained it and gave information to Mr. D., who identified it as his property. On further search, Robinson found the Mackintosh and brass pan at the property of Joseph Daniels, confectioner of 46, Mill Street, with whom they had been left by Elizabeth Bentley of 15, Chapel Lane, Lodging House Keeper, as security for a shilling which she borrowed. Bentley deposed that she had been sent by Mr. Powell with the articles. Clay, in defence, said he bought the coat off Powell. Both were committed for trial at the assizes. ref; Hull Advertiser & Exchange Gazette, BNA. 


1851 Mar 30 - England & Wales National Census - Lancashire, Liverpool, 8, Reco Street; Joshua Daniels, Head, 48, Confectioner, born Middlesex, London with his wife Sarah Daniels, 47, born Shropshire, Whitchurch, and their children Abraham, Abigail, Sarah & Joseph. ref; The National Archives HO 107/2176. 


1859 Oct 4  - Death of Sarah Daniels, wife of Joshua Daniels, Confectioner at the London Jews Hospital, Whitechapel, London, England. ref; Copy of Death Certificate. 


1860 Apr 3 - Marriage at the British Consul at Paris of Abraham Daniels, 25, Bachelor and Artiste of Rue de Malte, son of Joshua Daniels a Confectioner and Mary Ann Aaron, 22, Spinster, of the same addres, daughter of Benjamin Aaron a Brush Manufacturer, in the presence of M. Kauffman, Henry Willoughby & Thomas Pickford H.B.M Consul at Paris. 

ref; Copy of Certificate.


1860 Apr 16 - Marriage at the British Consul at Paris of Moses Daniels, 30, Bachelor &  Artiste of Rue de Malte, son of Joshua Daniels a Confectioner and Robina Cumming, 26, Spinster of the same address, daughter of Robert Stewart Cumming a Medical Doctor, in the presence of M. Kauffman, Henry Willoughby & Thomas Pickford H.B.M Consul at Paris. ref; Copy of Marriage Certificate.


1861 Apr 7 - England & Wales National Census - Middlesex, London, Tower Hamlets, Bethnal Green, 2 William Street; Joseph Daniels, Head, Widower, 56, Confectioner, born Chatham, Kent, England, Sarah Daniels, dau, 23, Housekeeper, born Hull, Yorkshire, England. ref; Public Records Office R.G. 9/262. 


23 Nov - 14 Dec 1863 - Newspaper Coverage of the HULL ROBBERY & ELOPEMENT CASE. Joshua Daniels alias Jim Crow* described as elderly aged 60, either a confectioner, sugar boiler or sugar manufacturer, and of foreign appearance, from the parish of Holy Trinity, Kingston-upon-Hull, was charged with stealing a quantity of furniture and other household goods from Louis or Lewis Nathan of Dinah's Court, Boar's Head Yard, Petticoat Lane, London, a general dealer, whilst he was out at work, theatening his children and running off with his wife back to his confectionary shop in Garden Road, Kingston-upon-Hull. Police travelling from London to arrest him, whereby he was brought to London to face trial. ref; Hull Packet, Morning Post, Sheffield Independant, Congressbury & Macclesfield Mercury & the Chester Advertiser, BNA.


1 Dec 1863 - Middlesex Sessions - Trial of Joshua Daniels for Larceny in a dwelling house & Receiving. Found guilty as charged and sentenced to 4 years Penal Servitude. ref; England & Wales Criminal Registers 1791-1892. 


4 Dec 1863 - At Worship Street Police Court, Shoreditch, London a few days since, Joshua Daniels a sugar boiler of Kingston-upon-Hull was committed for trial for stealing a quantity of household furniture, the property of Louis Nathan. He appeared to have run off with Nathan's wife and had almost stripped the house of it's contents. On Wed the prisoner was sentenced to 4 years penal servitude. ref; BNA. 


1871 Apr 2 - Joshua Daniels, Father, Widowed, aged 75, Retired Confectioner, born Chatham, Kent, England was residing with his son Abraham Daniels, Licensed Victualler at 'The Compasses', Freeschool Street, St. John, Southwark, Surrey, England. ref; England & Wales National Census, Public Records Office, R. G. 10 625.

1874 May 13 - Joshua Daniels died at The Middleton Arms, Norton Folgate, Aldgate, London, England and was buried at the Novo Cemetery, Mile End, London, England. ref; Copy of Death Certificate.


Relationship Status: 3rd Geat Grandfather. 


SARAH, the dearly beloved wife of FRANK LAZARUS who died October 4th 1902.

Sarah TOLEDANO 1839*- 1902


Born abt.1839 Kingson-upon-Hull, Yorkshire, England, daughter of Joshua de Moses Toledano otherwise DANIELS (1798-1874) a confectioner & Sarah EGERTON (1803-1859)

Notably the sister of Abraham & Moses Daniels (The Brothers Daniels, Abe & Mo, musical clowns, 'Les Freres Daniels') & Joseph Daniels (Joe Daniels, musician & banjoist 1842-1915)

Sarah Toledano married (1) Aaron ALVAREZ (1839-1869) in Whitechapel, London on 28 Apr 1861 having three children, Abraham Alvarez. b.1864 St. George-in-the-East, London, Clara Alvarez b. 1866 Mile End, London & Abigail Alvarez b. 1866 Chatham, Kent. Aaron Alvarez died 22 Apr 1869 at 1, Cox's Square, Spitalfields, London.

Three months later on 5 Aug 1869 Sarah Alvarez, a widow, married Frank Clifton, an acrobat, son of Thomas Clifton, gentleman, at The Register Office, Whitechapel, London., both of 5, Bell Lane, Spitalfields, having three children Joshua Toledano aka Josh Clifton, Mary 'Pauline, Polly' Clifton aka Mrs William 'Wilkes' Molesworth Lloyd & Joseph Toledano aka Joe Boganny

The family adopted the surname Lazarus circa.1893.

Sarah Lazarus died on 4 Oct 1902 at 27, Vaughton Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.

Buried on 6 Oct 1902 at Witton Cemetery, Jewish Section, The Ridgeway & Warren Road, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England


                                         Relationship Status: 2nd Great Grandmother. 

Betsy Yellowitz 1873 - 1940


Born 19 Oct 1873 at 3, Pershore Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, daughter of Isaac Yellowitz and Esther Schwerin. 

Married the acrobat & music-hall artiste who in 1900 became known as Joe Boganny in two ceremonies;-

(i) to Joseph Clifton, acrobat, son of Frank Clifton, acrobat on 27 Apr 1893 at the Register Office, Birmingham, and

(ii) to Joseph Lazarus, acrobat, son of Frank Lazarus, gymnast on 28 May 1893 at The Synagogue, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, in both cases the couple were of 62 & 63, Wrentham Street, Birmingham.

From marriage known as Betsy Clifton. 

Died in 1940 of 61, Ramsey Road, West Hendon, Middlesex. Cremated at Golders Green Crematorium, Middlesex, England where her ashes were buried.