A Circus, Music-Hall & Theatre Family

Documented through 100 Years in:-



The Lives and Careers of


Raslus the 'Celebrated Equestrian Clown, Slack-Rope Artiste & Aerial King'

aka Frank Clifton the 'American Gymnast'



and his son


Joe Boganny 'Music-Hall Artiste, Comedian & Acrobat'


who made fame in the early 20thC with his band of Comedy Risley Acrobats

The Boganny Troupe



and their wider family of entertainers & noteworthy characters in the



Alf Alva, Cyril Boganny, Etty Boganny, Clifton Brothers, Kenny Cantor, Dolly Clifton, Josh Clifton,

Abe Daniels, Brothers Daniels, Joe Daniels, Mo Daniels, Clown Dano, Sarah Egerton, Elka Troupe,

Alfred Eugene Gaertner, Henry Aaron Isaacs, Rufus Daniel Isaacs, Ricky Kinane, Vic Lewis, Sam Linfield,

Pauline 'Polly' Lloyd, Flora Adelaide Meers, Aaron Mendoza, Daniel Mendoza,

Douglas Boganny Phipps, Harriet Phipps, Raslus Troupe, Sonia Seal, Peter Sellers,

Joshua Toledano, Sarah Toledano & Betsy Yellowitz