William Kite &  Family of Circus Fame


With a family link to the Equestrian Circus Performer William Kite 'the younger' born around 1825 I researched into his family and career presenting current 2022 findings here.


Briefly, records of 'Three Brothers Kite' were found in British Newspaper Archives who performed in Circus through the British Isles during the early 1800's. James Kite, an Equestrian Troop Manager & Circus Proprietor, who died in 1812., Benjamin Kite, Equestrian Clown, who died in 1813., and William Kite, an Equestrian, Riding Master and Tight-Rope Performer, who lived circa. 1790*-1835*.

 Later in 1836 the young Circus Performer, Master 'William' Kite, is first recorded with Mr. Wells performing on the Tight-Rope at The Queens Theatre, Liverpool and was the individual identified in the much famed Pablo Fanque bill poster of 14th February 1843 and who figured in the song credited to Lennon & McCartney, first performed by The Beatles in 1967

'Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite'


Researcher, James Bohun





James KITE  *1774-1812, Equestrian, Circus Performer, Equestrian Troop Manager, Circus & Riding School Proprietor.


Born about 1774. Brother of Benjamin Kite, equestrian clown & William Kite, equestrian and tight rope performer and was a married man by July 1806.

From summer 1805, and for just seven years, Mr. Kite, with his unrivalled troop of equestrians from London, travelled through England setting up Circuses at some of the larger towns and cities of Yorkshire, Lancashire & Cheshire, in most cases with members of his own family performing and exhibiting a variety of entertainments, primarily Horsemanship, Equestrian and Gymnastic feats of strength and agility, Rope & Wire Dancing, Clowning & Pantomime.


First recorded in newspaper archives in the spring of 1805 at Leeds, Yorkshire., Messrs. Kite & Moritz performing with a Master Kite., later in that year he was at Pontefract Races with his unrivalled Troop from London. Notably James Kite was the first, of a succession of circus proprietors to visit Knott Mill Fair or Folly Fair, Manchester, Lancashire in 1806, he paid one guinea for rent. He also opened at Wrexham Fair, Salford Novelty Amphitheatre, when his newly invented and perfected tight-wire was used and in the summer 1806 Brother Kite's Benefit took place at the Amphitheatre, Leeds when Mr. Kite and his two brothers performed in Egyptian Pyramyds. In summer 1807 Kite opened at Leeds, during the Fair, the Clown to the horsemanship Mr. B. Kite and Miss Buckley, his future sister in law were appearing, and when he announced the opening of a new Riding School there. In 1808 he may have visited Aberdeen. During July 1809 Mr. Kite again at Leeds Fair with Mrs. W. Kite and in the Winter of 1809 Mr. Kite, Riding Master along with B. Kite opened at Bradbury's New Amphitheatre in Manchester. In spring 1810 at Wrexham Fair. August 1810 Mr. Kite was exhibiting at the New Olympic Theatre, Leeds and took another benefit there, then from Sept to November, Mr. Kite from London, Liverpool & Manchester was at Hull when he announced his intention of building a new commodious Circus there. At Chester, Cheshire in spring 1811, The Chester Chronicle of May 3rd reported, 'That inimitable Equestrian, Mr. Kite, has fitted up a neat Circus, in Crook's Lane which will be open tomorrow. The Troop, we are told, are of the first professional merit, their perfomances having acquired them unbounded applause at most of the Theatres and Towns in the Kingdom. We wish him the success he so justly deserves'.


In Aug 1812 Kite opened at the New Olympic Circus in Huddersfield, amongst those performing were Mrs. Kite, his two brothers, B. Kite and W. Kite and their wives, Mrs. B. Kite & Mrs. W. Kite. Whilst there he announced his intention of opening a new Riding School. Two months later his death was announced - 

"On Saturday (24th) in this town, Mr. Kite, well known in many parts of the Kingdom, as a manager of a respectable company of equestrians. He had just arrived here, preparitory to the exhibition of his amusements at our Fair. He died at the age of 38, esteemed by all known to him, as an honest, friendly man". ref; Manchester Mercury, 27 Oct 1812.



1812 Oct 29 - James Kite, Horse Rider, aged 38, was buried at St. John's Church. Manchester, Lancashire, Eng. ref; Manchester Burials. 


1813 Jul 10 - Mrs Kite, James Kite's widow joins the late Mr. Kite's Equestrian Company with Mr. Samwell's Equestrian Company. ref: Leeds Mercury, 10 Jul 1813


Further Sources - Knott Mill Fair, An article by T. Swindells. ref: Manchester Evening News, 1 Apr 1905. 




Benjamin KITE  *1788-1813, Equestrian Clown. Billed the Original Clown & Flying Phenomenon. 


Born abt. 1788. Billed as a brother of the equestrians James Kite (*1777-1812) and William Kite (*1791-"1825)

A married man by 1806. 


First mentioned at Brother Kite's Benefit 1806. Then at Wrexham Fair in Jul 1807 as clown to the horsemanship when he exhibited several droll manoeavres upon a horse. 

In Nov 1809, Clown, Mr. B. Kite was performing at Bradbury's New Amphitheatre, Spring Gardens, Manchester at another benefit for his brother.

In Aug 1812 all Mr. Kite's family were mentioned - Mr. & Mrs. Kite, Mr. & Mrs. W. Kite, Mrs. B. Kite & Mr. B. Kite, the Original Clown, performing in Huddersfield, Yorkshire.


Announced on 9 Nov 1813 in the Hull Packet - Deaths. On Friday morning, Mr. B. Kite, lately clown at the Circus, in this town. He had left this place with the intention of joining his brother's company in Lincolnshire, but he had scarcely arrived at his destination and seated in a chair, when he was suddenly taken ill and instantly expired. 


Benjamin Kite, aged 25 of Kingston on Hull, Yorks was buried on 7 Nov 1813 at St Andrews Church, Kirton in Lindsey, near Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England.



William KITE, the Elder  *1790 -*1835,  Equestrian, Tight-Rope Performer.


Born abt.1791. Likely a brother of James Kite and Benjamin Kite.

First found 6 Jul 1805 at Leeds under Messrs. Kite & Moritz, probably the Master Kite mentioned, who performed several wonderful feats of horesemanship. 

Then in March 1806, Mr. W. Kite, tight rope dancing at Wrexham Fair. 

1808 Spring, at the Royal Circus, Aberdeen.

William Kite, Equestrian married Miss Louisa Buckley, after banns, on 22 May 1809 at St. John, Manchester, Lancashire, witnessed by Robt. Bancroft and William Stanley. 


Children of William Kite & Louisa Buckley - 


1. Margaret Kite, bpt. 6 Sep 1810 at Pocklington, Yorks & buried aged 5yrs daughter of William Kite on 24 Oct 1815 at Holy Trinty, Hull, Yorks.

2. Ann Kite, bpt. 22 Jul 1812 Bradford, Yorkshire, Eng, daughter of William Kite, Travelling Riding Master., 

3. Zipporah Kite, bpt. 4 Jun 1817 Bedale, Yorkshire, Eng., daughter of William Kite and Louisa.,

4. Louisa Kite, bpt. 6 Dec 1818 at St. Nicholas, Ipswich, Suffolk, Eng., daughter of William Kite, performer in horsemanship & Louisa.,

5. Sarah Kite, bpt. 17 Oct 1821 Stokesley, Yorkshire, Eng., daughter of William & Louisa Kite, Travellers., 

6. Cecilia Kite, born abt.1823 Somerset, Eng, baptism unfound (see below).,

7. William Kite born abt.1825 Nottinghamshire, Eng, baptism unfound (see below),

8. Charles Felix Kite bapt. 23 Mar 1832 at St Peter, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, Eng, son of William Kite, Musician & Stranger and Louisa.


Last mentioned in the Leeds Intelligencer performing on the Tight Rope in Sep 1822 with Miss. Kite at Cook's Olympic Circus. Leeds, Yorkshire. 

Death unfound, presumed abt. 1835. 

LOUISA BUCKLEY *1793-1850, Tight Rope & Slack Wire Performer, Equilibrist. 



In 6 July 1807 the celebrated Miss Buckley exhibited several equilibriums on the Slack Wire and performed a Double Hornpipe with master Evans during the Fair at Mr. Kite's Circus in Albion Street, Leeds, Yorkshire.

Married (1) William Kite at St. John, Manchester, Lancashire on 22 May 1809. 

July 15, 1809 New Olympic Circus, Leeds, Mrs. W. Kite, unrivalled eqilibriums. Manchester Mercury. 

In June 1822 Cooke's Olympic Circus, Leeds last recorded as Mrs. W. Kite.

Married (2) Charles Spelterini, unfound.

Signora Spelterini performing in 182?

Published in The Era on 16 Jun 1850 - Mrs. Spelterini, widow of Charles Spelterini, the equestrian, nine years member of Ducrow's Company and whose first husband, Mr. Kite, was the proprietor of one of the largest equestrian troupes travelling, now lies in a dying condition and almost destitute of common necessities at No. 63, Tower Street, Westminster Road. 

Death of Louisa Spelterini, 57, widow of Charles Spelterini, equestrian on 27 Jul 1850 at 63, Tower Street, Southwark, London/Surrey, England. Informant Selina Hunt (nb. aka Madame Genieve 1825-1863)  present at death, of the same address, ref; Death Certificate.


Charles SPELTERINI 1804-1845, Italian Strongman, Equestrian & Clown


Born abt. 1804, most likely a son of Signor Spelterini who died at Thirsk, Yorkshire, on 24 Jul 1831. 


"Awful Catastrophe on Friday week last, as Signor Spelterini, who, it will be recollected. performed in our Theatre a short time ago, and amongst the rest of his feats, balanced on his chin, a ladder with a living donkey fastened to the top, was performing his herculean feats at Thirsk, whilst balancing a heavy weight on his teeth, he dislocated his neck, which caused almost instant death" ref; 9 Jul 1831  Westmorland Gazette, BNA. 


Reported to have been became the partner of widowed Mrs. Louisa Kite, nee Buckley, relict of William Kite the elder. 


Died at Keyside, Royton, Lancashire, England on 16 Jul 1845.




William KITE, the Younger  *1826-1860, Equestrian, vaultager, polandric performer or head balancer, equilibrist, juggler, tight-rope performer.


Lord George Sanger, in his book 'Seventy Years a Showman' Chapter 32, p.200 in 1853., wrote of him.. ...."and William Kite, who came of a wonderful circus family, and could do almost any ring business you could mention, strutted forth before the public gaze, in tights and trunks, everybody, including even the showmen, was impressed and astonished."


Born abt. 1826 in Nottinghamshire, England, baptism unfound.

Married Elizabeth Ann Devereux, marriage unfound.

Father of one known child, Elizabeth Ann Kite born 21 Sep 1855 at 130, Maria Street, Everton, West Derby, Lancashire, England.


First appeared at Hereford, England in Oct 1836 as Master Kite, the young Antipodean, pupil of Mr. Wells, and 'will stand upon his head on a pole 12 feet high, turn several times round, drink a glass of wine while in that position and conclude by standing a considerable time without the assistance of his hands, a feat never accomplished by any other performer'.


1841 Jun 6 - UK National Cenus. St Mary Magdaline, Launceston, Cornwall, England, William Kite, aged 15, equestrian, along with Mr. Wells, equestrian and others. ref; HO 107/154/1/6 - 1841 Census, National Archives.


Toured with Pablo Fanque's Circus Royal between 1841-1846, see 14 Feb 1843 poster, with Pablo Fanque's Circus Royal.


1851 Jun 6 - UK National Census - St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey/London, England, William Kite, a lodger, aged 26, equestrian born Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. ref; HO 107/1570/35 - 1851 Census, National Archives. 


1855 Sep 21 - Birth of Elizabeth Ann Kite, daughter of William Kite, equestrian and Elizabeth Ann Kite formerly Devereux at Maria Street, Everton, West Derby, Lancashire, England. ref; Birth Certificate. 


Last recorded Feb 1858 in Rochdale, Lancashire, England. 


1860 Apr 9 - Death of William Kite, Equestrian Performer at 4 Court, Stafford Street, St. Peter, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, informant Elizabeth Ann Kite, present at death. ref; Death Certificate.


1860 Apr 15 - Burial at Birmingham, Warwickshire, England of William Kite aged 34 of Stafford Street, Birmingham. ref; England Deaths and Burials, 1538-1991.

Birth of Elizabeth Ann Kite on 21 Sep 1855, dau. of William Kite, equestrian & Elizabgeth Ann Kite, formerly Devereux.
Death of William Kite, Equestrian Performer, 9 Apr 1860 at Stafford Str, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.

Elizabeth Ann DEVEREUX  *1832-1879, Equestrienne performer.


Born abt. 1832 London/Surrey, daughter of John Devereux, a Baker.


Married (1) William Kite (unfound)


1855 Sep 21 - Birth of Elizabeth Ann Kite at Maria Street, Everton, West Derby, Lancaster, dau of William Kite, equestrian and Elizabeth Ann Kite, formerly Devereux. ref; Birth Certificate.


Married (2) Widow, Elizabeth Ann Devereux Kite daughter of John Devereux, a Baker, married Henry Thomas jnr, a Cooper, son of Henry Thomas, a Baker of Broker* on 14 Oct 1860 at St. Mary's, Lambeth, London, the marriage being witnessed by John Devereux and Margaret Bushell. 


(* Footitt's Great Allied Circus, Wanted, Competent Stud Groom, ditto Tentmaster; also several Steady Grooms. All can join at once. Address, Brighouse from Monday, Nov 4th. P.S. - Will Mrs. Kite please send address - Letter lost. ref. The Era.)


Her death was announced in The Era on 2 Mar 1879. Death on 26 January, at her residence, 24 John Street, Kennington Road, Mrs. Thomas, aged 57, known in the equestrian profession as Mrs. Kite her first husband's name, deeply regretted by a numerous circle of friends. 

Buried on 31 Jan 1879 Southwark, London. 



Cecilia KITE *1823-1888, Circus Performer


Born abt. 1823 Bruton/Broughton, Somerset, England, daughter of Mr. Kite and Louisa Kite nee Buckley, baptism unfound.


Married James Wheal, known as Little Wheal an Equestrian Jester and proprietor of Circus Wheal on 12 Oct 1846 at St. John's Church, Manchester, Lancashire, England.


Five children are attributed to this marriage:-  Phoebe Wheal 1848 Manchester., William James Wheal 1849 Dublin, Ire., Henry David Wheal 1851 Lambeth, London., Susannah Wheal 1853 Birmingham., Celia Sarah Ann Wheal 1854 London, Eng., & Clifford Henry Ernst Wheal born 1858 Danzig, Germany.


They were in Lambeth, London, England at the 1851 Census.

Mrs. Celia Wheal died on 20 Apr 1888 in Hamburg, Germany. Her death registration entry translated from German reads:- No. 1596 Hamburg, April 22, 1888. Appearing today before the undersigned registry official and identified by his travel passport is the performer William Wheal, a resident of Eilbeck at Hammer Steindamm 6, Haus 2, who 4reported that Celia Wheal nee Kite, aged 64 yrs 6 months, Protestant religion, residing at Eilbeck, died on April 20th at 10.00am. She was born at Bruton, Somerset Shire and was married to the performer James Wheal. She is the daughter of the deceased mjarried couple, the perfomer, first name unknow, Kite and Louisa Buckley. Read and signed by William Wheal. ref; Hamburg Archives.


NB. The Era, 26 July 1874 - JAMES LITTLE WHEAL, the pioneer of English tumbling Clowns on the Continent, after basking for many years in the sunshine of prosperity, has been suddenly left in the shade, and has had, through difficulties and bad business, to give up his equestrian establishment. A collection having been started for this old and respected artiste the members of Salamonsky's Circus alone contributed 400 thalers (£60), Renz, 100 thalers (£15), Herzog and Schuman's Circus (£8) and Paris Circus (£8), £5 having been sent by members of Hengler's Circus in England, through the kindness of William Bell, the well-known equestrian. Another proof how ready artistes are to assist each other, and of the kind feeling which exists amongst equestrians, if not in the Profession in general. 

Mr John Wells, the oldest Equestrian Manager and artiste in the Profession, well known in England, and whose companions of old were the famous Ducrow, John Clarke, Batty, Richardson, Charley Marsh, Clown Widdicombe, and Van Amberg - all long since dead - retires after this month from the Profession with which he has so long and honourably been associated. Mr Wells settles in Hull, England, leaving his family with Salamonsky's Circus in Stettin. His son, Adolphus Wells (lately married to Marie Firestien, the great Hungarian rider), as, perhaps, the most extraordinary and daring equestrian that has yet been seen. 


Phoebe FROST 1842-1910, Aerialist, Trapezeist, Professionaly known as Madame Sanyah/Sanyeah or Maude Sanyeah and billed variously as "Empress of the Air and Flying Meteor" etc.


Baptised on 27 Jun 1842 Christ Church, Carlisle, Cumberland, England, daughter of William Antonio Frost and his wife Zipporah Kite, daughter of William Kite and Louisa Buckley. 

Married (1) Samuel Haynes abt. 1866 in Scarborough, Yorkshire.

Married (2) John Conklin ( ? - 15 Sep 1885), a cannon ball performer, 4 Nov 1872 San Francisco, USA. 

Married (3) Stewart Hall in 1884 Victoria, Australia. 

Mrs Poebe Hall died at Lambeth Infirmary, Lambeth, Surrey on 23 Jun 1910 and was buried at Lambeth Cemetery. 



"Madame Sanyeah, the flying Lady," is the leading attraction at the Alexandra Opera House this week, and has been cordially welcomed. Her performances are certainly of a very daring character, and her merit as an artiste has been recognised throughout Europe and on the other side of the Atlantic. She appeared on Tuesday last before Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Saxe-Weimer at Portsmouth, and last night met with a most cordial reception from a crowded house. As a trapezist her merits are great, and her skill warrants the announcement that she is the "star" of the day in her particular line of business. But beyond that she has muscular developement of no ordinary order. In one of her acts she carries a man who is attached to a small trapeze, the upper end of which is attached to a "bit" that she holds in her teeth. Whilst supporting him in her flight she has a man on each arm. This alone must prove her wonderful strength. The performance throughout is sensational of course; but very cleverly executed, and unless seen, the feats would be believed almost impossible.


              Madlle. Sanyeah has had a singular career. Her grandfather was the Rev. Wm. Kite, of Falmouth, who received his degree of M.A. at Cambridge. Speltrim's (Spelterini's) Circus visited Falmouth, and Mr Kite falling in love with Zipporah, daughter of the Italian proprietor of the circus, married her. Some years afterwards Mr Kite died, leaving a young wife, who resumed her professional duties in order to obtain a livelihood, and amongst her children, one - the mother of Madame Sanyeah - learnt to dance the tight-rope, and was married afterwards to Mr. Wm. Kite, a master coach spring manufacturer in Manchester. The latter gentleman afterwards adopted the profession, and in Astley's Circus was known as the act of "Shaw, the Life Guardsman; Mrs Kite being "Madame Antonio, the Great Female Blondin."


               At the age of ten Mdlle. Sanyeah appeared in Brighton - in the palmy days of "Menken" - and took part in the representation of Mezeppa. Then, after studying the trapeze business, Mdlle. Sanyeah appeared again in England, and shortly afterwards crossed to America, making her first appearance at Niblo's Gardens, New York. After a remarkably remunerative tour extending over some years she invested her savings in buildings in Chicargo, but lost the all in the great fire. This necessitated her return to a professional career, and the public have again an opportunity of witnessing her performances. Last night the performance commenced with Mr H. J. Byron's drama of "Blow for Blow," a capital piece and admirably rendered. The principle parts were taken as follows:- John Drummond, Mr. C. P. Emery: Mildred Craddock, Miss Florence Cowell: Kitty Wobbler, Miss Nelly Danvers: Josiah Craddock, Mr. Frank B. Danvers: Charles Spraggs, Mr. Arthur Rich: Doctor Grace, Mr. A. B. Tapping: The performance concluded with "Stage Struck," a very amusing farce, with Miss Cowell and Mr. Rich in the leading parts. 

ref; 22 Apr 1879, Sheffield Daily Telegraph, BNA. 

TIMELINE  - 1805-1860


Kite family sources, references, significant events & selected appearances through their lives & careers.



1805 Jul 1,8,15 & 22 - Leeds. Messrs. KITE and MORITZ respectfully inform the Ladies & Gentlemen of Leeds and its environs, that during the present week they will continue to exhibit a variety of new and astonishing performances in their Circus on a spacious piece of ground in Trinity Lane, near Trinity Church. Mr. Moritz, who had the honour to perform before His Majesty and the Royal Family at Windsor, will exhibit his wonderful performances. The much admired Fricasse Dance; or The Clown decieved by a Women. Horsemanship on a single horse by Mr. HARRIS. The Polish Olympian will introduce a number of new feats on the tight rope. The celebrated MISS SAUNDERS will exhibit several equilibriums on the  moving ladder. The Little Devil from Astley's, Mr WOOLFORD and MASTER KITE will perform several wonderful feats of Horsemanship. Herculean exercise by Mr. Moritz.

ref; Leeds Intelligencer; Mr. Jan Van Moritz, see. Saunders & Samwell Circus. 


1805 Sep 9 - During the Races at Pontefract. MR. KITE'S unrivalled TROOP from LONDON will perform a Grand Medley of Performances, consisting of HORSEMANSHIP by a Capital TROOP. STILL VAULTING. MR. HARRIS, who has had the honour of performing before most of the Nobility of this Kingdom, will particularly exert himself in Leaping over, A Whip, Handkerchielf and Garter, near sixteen feet high, the horse at full speed. A Child, only Eleven Years of Age, will go through a Number of arduous Efforts on Horseback. MR. KITE will challenge him to perform on Horseback with any Child of his Age for 100 Guinees. MR. MORITZ will exhibit his Wonderful Performances of uncommon strength and agility in his Herculean Exercises. Miss Saunders on the SLACK WIRE. MR. KITE will exhibit his astonishing Little Horse. To conclude with a Tailor Riding to Brentford. ref; Leeds Intelligencer, BNA. 


1806 Mar 25 - Just arrived at Wrexham. A select party of Equestrians, where they will be during the Fair. HORSEMANSHIP by a Capital Troop of Equestrians. MR. KITE with due deference and respect towards the inhabitants in general, will bring forward a Grand Performance, which for Variety and Splendour will vie with any ever exhibited in Wrexham. He therefore, humbly solicits the patronage and support of a generous audience on this occasion., a favour which shall ever remain engraven on the tablet of a grateful heart. The performance will commence with TIGHT ROPE DANCING by Mr. W. KITE, particularly his favourite hornpipe, and leaps over a garter, five feet above the rope. Mr. W. K., will be assisted on the ropes by the performances of the Young Polish Olympian. STILL VAULTING, showing every possible means of mounting and dismounting a horse, after the manner of the ancients. Antipodean Exercises. A grand effort of skill, by the whole Troop. Equestrian Exercises by Mr. Harris, from the Royal Circus, London. Mr. Fife will exert himself in a particular manner on a single horse. The Metamorphose of the Sack, or the Clown deceived by a Women, by Mr. Kite and Mr. Reede. Mr. K, will introduce his astonishing Little Horse. Also the youthful Olympian Pupil of Mr. Kite, etc, etc. ref; Chester Courant, BNA. 


1806 May 20 - Novelty Amphitheatre, Salford. Will be opened under the direction of Mr. Kite on Tuesday Evening, May 22nd, 1806 and continue open during the Fair, when will be presented a Grand Display of Horsemanship, extraordinary Feats of Agility, Tight Rope and Slack Wire Dancing, with the New Wonderful Performances of the Olympian Youth, Pupil to Mr. Kite, on the Tight Wire which Mr. K. has invented and brought to the greatest perfection, and which was ever before attempted by any other person. The Amphitheatre is fitted up in an elegant and commodious manner, at a very great expence, and the performances will change every evening. ref; Manchester Mercury, BNA. 


1807 Jul 6 -  During the Fair. At the Circus, bottom of Commercial Street, Albion Street, Leeds, a Great Variety of Amusements will take place, by a Troop of Equestrians not excelled by any other in the World. MR. KITE respectfully begs Leave to return his sincere Thanks to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Leeds and it's vacinity, for the liberal Patronage which he has received on former Occasions, and to inform them, that he has, at a considerable Expence, fitted up a New RIDING SCHOOL, in an elegant and commodious Manner, and in Addition to his unrivalled Horesmanship, engaged a Number of other Eminent Performers. Performances commence with TIGHT ROPE DANCING, by Mr. KITE (Who since his last Appearance here, has acquired additional Celebrity.) HORSEMANSHIP; Or, The Sports of the Ring. The Celebrated Miss BUCKLEY will exhibit several Equilibriums on the Slack Wire....also Mr. Harris from the Royal Circus, London will excert himself in a particular Manner on a single Horse. CLOWN to the HORSEMANSHIP, by Mr. B. KITE, who will exhibit Several Droll Manoeuvers upon a Horse. Ground and Lofty Tumbling by Male and Female Phenomena. A Double Hornpipe by Miss Buckley and Master Evans.......ref; Leeds Intelligencer, BNA. 


1806 Jul 21 - Brother Kite's Benefit. Leeds. 


1808 Dec 7 - Mr. Kite , one of the principle characters, performed in the pantomime The Golden Dream or Plutus Gift at Mr. Cooke's Olympic Circus, Virginia Street, Aberdeen. ref; Aberdeen Press & Journal, BNA. 


1809 Feb 1 - Royal Circus. Mr. W. B. KITE begs leave to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Aberdeen and it's vacinity, that having failed in his last Benefit, he therefore solicits the public's interest in his attempt a Second Night, which is (by particular desire of The Ancient and Bon Accord of Odd Fellows) on Friday Evening, Feb 3, 1809, the particulars of which will be mentioned in the bills of the day. ref; Aberdeen Press and Journal, BNA. 


1809 May 22 - Marriage of William Kite of the Parish & Town of Manchester, Equestrian and Louisa Buckley of the same place, after Banns, in the presence of Robt. Bancroft and Henry Stanley. ref; Manchester Church of England Marriages & Banns, 1754-1930. 


1809 Jul 15 - Mr. Kite respectfully begs leave to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Leeds and it's vacinity, that he has erected a commodious NEW CIRCUS, in Albion Street, which will open on Mon, July 10th, 1809, when he means to bring forward such a Variety of Entertainments as never were performed in this town before. The Managers and Performers, by an unremitting attention to their professional Duty, hope to render the Amusements of the Circus worthy the Attention and Encouragement of a Liberal Public. The Performance to commence with TIGHT ROPE DANCING. The unparalleled Jonas Aneeas, who is well known to be the first performer in the Kingdom, will present a Rational, Fashionable and Entertaining Selection of the most Intricate Deceptions, Wonderous Experiments and Pleasing Operations ever exhibited to the Public. HORSEMANSHIP, or The Spirit of the Ring. The Shetland Pony will be introduced, which counts any Number and tells the Hour by any Gentlemans Watch. Master Evans will go through his Wonderful Performances on a Single Horse. Mrs. W. Kite will go through her Wonderful Equilibriums an The Slack Wire, who as a female, stands unrivalled. GRAND POSTURING. The whole to conclude with The Tailor's Journey to Brentford. ref; Leeds Mercury, BNA.   


1809 Jul 24 - New Olympic Circus, Commercial Street, Leeds. Messrs. B. and W. KITE beg leave to inform their Friends and the Public, that their BENEFIT is fixed for this present Monday evening, July 24th, when they hereby solicit the Patronage of the Friends, which they trust their unceasing Exertions and Endeavours to please, have, in some Degree, rendered them worthy of; and which their Brother has so liberally experienced. On this Occasion will be given the much admired PONY RACES; and the Performances will be so much varied and extended, as to render it necessary to begin at Seven O'clock precisely. Doors open at Six. Prices as usual. ref; Leeds Intelligencer. 


1809 Nov 7 - Bradbury's New Amphitheatre, Spring Gardens, Manchester. For the Benefit of Mr. KITE, Riding Master. For this night only, Mr. Cook, the Flying Phenomenon from London, will go through his Wonderful Trampoline Leaps over a Garter Twelve Feet High, through a Baloon of Real Fire and lastly over 40 Men, his first appearance in Manchester. Also The Trial of Skill, by Messrs. Allen, Williams, Usher, Evans, Hankin, And (for this night only) The Flying Phenomenon, Clown Mr. B. Kite. The celebrated Negro Duet by Messrs. Lewin and Lardner. A Fricases Dance by Messrs. Evans and B. Kite. Mr. Allen, from Astley's Amphitheatre, London, will go through his Wonderful Performance of a Single Horse. ref; Manchester Mercury, BNA. 


1809 Nov 28 - Bradbury's Amphitheatre, Spring Gardens. Positively the Last Night. For the joint Benefit of Mr. B. KITE, Master EVANS & Miss THUMPSTON. ref; Manchester Mercury.


1810 Mar 10 - MR. KITE., Respectfully begs leave to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of WREXHAM and its vicinity, that he intends visiting the FAIR, with his unrivaled Company, and at a considerable expence he has engaged the Youthful Indian, who far surpasses every European Equestrian Performer in England; and he has also engaged the celebrated Mr. RADDISH, who is allowed to be the first Balance Master in Europe. ref. Chester Courant, BNA. 


1810 May 4 - Caution against Imposition. Whereas Henry Walker, a bl..k, engaged with Mr Kite, Riding Master, for one year, as an Equestrian Performer, absconded on Thursday 3rd May 1810, from Stockport, Cheshire, having received from the said Mr Kite the sum of £10 1s, in advance of Salary, and left unpaid his board and lodging, and a shoemaker's bill. And at the same time, William Fox, a performer on the Tight Wire, who was engaged to the said Mr Kite for a term of six months also absconded, being in arrear with Mr Kite the sum of £7 16s 0d, besides leaving a considerable debt unpaid for board and lodging. Mr Kite has therefore thought it necessary to caution all Riding Masters and others, who value their own interest, not to countenance or engage either of the above persons. Stockport, May 4th, 1810. ref; Leeds Mercury, BNA. 


1810 Jul 21 - NEW OLYMPIC CIRCUS. Commercial Street, Leeds. MR. KITE with a lively sense of Gratitude, begs Leave to return his sincere Thanks to the Gentry, his Friends and the Public in general, of Leeds and its Vicinity, for all the Favours conferred on him since his Stay; and being ever anxious to merit the approbation of a liberal Public, Mr. Kite means to present his Friends with DOUBLE ROPE DANCING, by Two of the First PERFORMERS in that LINE, now in EXISTENCE; this Matchless Performance has never been exhibited in any Country Theatre whatever (Liverpool excepted) - also the following Performances, viz.. HORSEMANSHIP, MUSICAL GLASSES, VENTRILOQUISM, with the impenetrable Secret, Wire Dancing, Tumbling, Hornpipe Dancing, Taylors Journey to Brentford, with improvements. The Circus will Open on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday 23rd, 24th and 27th July, and the Saturday following, as Mr. Kite means to visit Dewsbury for the Two Feast Days, being Wednesday and Thursday, July 25th and 26th. Admittance, Boxes, 2s. Pit, 1s. Standing Places, 6d only. N.B. In Order to Accomodate the Genteel Families, the Boarding School, &c that may not wish to attend the Circus in the Evening; Mr. Kite wishes to announce his Intention to perform precisely at 12 o'Clock, on Tuesday July 24th. Door open Half past Eleven, and begin at Twelve. ref; Leeds Mercury. 


1810 Aug 6 - New Olympic Circus, Commercial Street, Leeds. From the Overflow of Business Mr Kite has experienced, he is induced to keep Open the Circus a few Evenings longer and humbly hopes it may fully meet the Approbation of his Friends. This day, Monday, August 6th, 1810, Being for the Benefit of MR. KITE and by particular Desire of his Friends, he will present them with his unrivalled Phantasmagoria and other Entertainments. ref; Leeds Intelligencer, BNA. 


1810 Sep 4 - Mr. KITE, from London, Liverpool, & Manchester has engaged a large room at the Neptune Inn for the purposes of offering to their patronage a series of 'Evenings Entertainments' consisting of amusing, mathematical and philosophical deceptions by the celebrated Mr. REDEASHA from Sadler's Wells, who may justly be styled the Emperor of all conjurors. TIGHT ROPE DANCING by the justly styled intrepid Heroine, SIGNORA BELINDA, who is allowed to be the first Female Performer of the World. The well known Mr. HUDSON will play several Masonic airs, scotch airs, &c., Musical Glasses, allowed by competant judges to produce the most exquisite harmony. SLACK WIRE DANCING by the first Female Prodigy now in existance. Mr. Redeasha, who has had the honour of performing before their Majesties and most of the Royal Family at Windsor, will also perform his feats of strength and agility with light and heavy balancing. The whole to conclude with VENTRILOQUISM by the Original Ventriloquist. ref; Hull Packet, BNA. 


1810 Nov 3 - Baptism of Margaret Kite, daughter of William Kite and his wife Louisa at Holy Trinity, Hull, Yorkshire. ref: West Yorkshire Baptisms.


1810 Nov 3 - Olympic Circus, South-End, Hull. Mr. Kite, with the most grateful sentiments of obligation to the inhabitants of HULL and its Vicinity, for the very flattering approbation and encouragement they have been pleased to show to the Performances brought forward at the above temporary Place of Entertainment, most respectfully begs leave to return them his sincere Thanks, and at the same time to inform them, that it is his intention to erect a substancial and convenient BUILDING, adapted for the the more commodious and comfortable reception of all ranks: likewise to bring down from LONDON, a SELECT COMPANY of EQUESTRIANS and other PERFORMERS, of first-rate Abilities in their respective lines. Being determined to spare neither exertion nor expence in fitting up the above, he doubts not of their continued favour and approbation: and he hopes to have the pleasure of announcing its opening on Easter Monday, 1811, and to continue during the Summer months of the year. ref. Hull Advertiser. BNA. 


1811  May 3 - Chester, Cheshire, England, Circus - That inimitable Equestrian Mr. Kite, has fitted up a neat Circus, in Crook's Lane, which will be open tomorrow. The troop, we are told, are of the first professional merit, their performances having acquired them unbounded applause at most of the Theatres and towns in the Kingdom - We wish him the success he so justly deserves. ref; Chester Chronicle, BNA. 


1812 Jul 22 - Baptism of Ann Kite, daughter of William Kite, Travelling Riding Master, at Bradford, Yorkshire. ref; West Yorks Baptisms, 1512-1812. 


1812 Aug 8, 15, 22nd  - MR. KITE respectfully begs Leave to inform the Gentry and Inhabitants of HUDDERSFIELD, That his intention is to erect a large commodious RIDING SCHOOL in an eligable Situation in Huddersfield; the Time of Opening and further Particulars will be expressed in the Hand-bills. Mr. K, being now in possession of a Stud of highly managed Blood Horses, among which is the Real Arabian cream-coloured Charger, late of His Majesty's Royal Stud: and a well chosen Troop of Equestrians from the Metropolis, and superintended under his own experienced Management. HORSEMANSHIP. In all departments, by Messrs. Hudson, Mr. Wm. Kite, Master Whitehouse, Mr. Blavier, and Mr. B. Kite, the original Clown. RUNNING VAULTING, after which A Grand Oriental Entry of Learned Horses, who will go through several Evolutions, sit up at the Word of Command, &c, in Particular the Arabian Horse Turk will go through his Manoevres and drop down as if dead, as performed in Timour the Tartar, at Covent Garden, with unbounded Applause. TIGHT ROPE DANCING, by Mr. Wm. Kite, who finishes his unrivalled Feats with leaping the Garter forwards and backwards, 7 Feet high from the Rope. Matchless Power of VENTRILOQUISM by One of Three who challenged any person as a Ventriloquist in England, and backed by Mr. C. Hughs at the Royal Circus, for 100 Guineas, in the Year 1789. Inimitable Equilibiums on the SLACK WIRE, by a Young lady, allowed to be the first Female Performer in that Department now in Existance. Also the CLOWN's HUMOUROUS ACT on the Arabian Horse Turk !! STILL VAULTING, by the Flying Phenomena, Messrs. Hudson, Mr. Wm Kite, Master Whitehouse, Mr. Blavier and the Clown. EQUESTRIAN AGILITY by the English Mercury. To conclude with The Hunted Taylor, by Mr. B. Kite. Doors to be opened at 6 o'Clock and begin at 7. Ladies and Gentlemen taught the polite Art of Riding - Horses broke for the Field and Road by Mr. Hudson, Riding Master. ref; Leeds Mercury, BNA.


1812 Aug 22 - Fashionable and Rational Amusements. NEW OLYMPIC CIRCUS, Top of New Street, Huddersfield. MR. KITE in the Course of the Evening will be introducing the new TREBLE NELSON'S HORNPIPE, or JACK TAR and his rival Lasses, by Master Whitehouse, Mrs. W. Kite and Mrs. B. Kite. A favourite COMIC SOMG by Miss WILSON. HORSEMANSHIP in all departments, by Messrs. Hudson, Mr. Wm. Kite, Master Whitehouse, Mr. Blavier, and Mr. B. Kite, the original Clown. ref; Leeds Mercury, BNA. 


1812 Oct 29 - Burial of James Kite, Horse Rider at St. John, Manchester, Lancashire., ref; Manchester Archives. 


1813 Jun 8 - T. Cimex and Mrs. Kite, Grateful for the many favours they have received from the inhabitants and their friends in Manchester and Salford, are happy in every opportunity of expressing thanks: and respectfully inform the public, that they are now erecting a commodious CIRCUS in an eligable situation in the King's Head Yard, Salford, which they mean to open on Monday next, 7th inst, 1813, with A New Selection of Performances, never before exhibited here, and which it is their intention to repeat the two Fair Days, and during the Race Evenings, in the same Circus, as it will be impossible to remove their large and extensive arrangements to the Race Ground. ref; Manchester Mercury, BNA. 


1813 Jul 10 - The Late Mr KITE's Numerous, Respectable and Well-known Company. WIDOW KITE most respectfully informs her friends in Leeds and it's vacinity, that she has joined her Company to Mr. SAMWELL's GRAND TROOP of EQUESTRIANS, which had the Honour of performing at all the Amphitheatres in London. Mr. Samwell is the only Riding Master who is now Travelling out of London. Mrs. Kite and Mr. Samwell most respectfully inform the public that they have erected a commodious CIRCUS in TRINITY LANE, which will be open for their reception this day, Saturday July 10 and will continue open during the Fair only. HORSEMANSHIP. Tight-Rope - Slack-Wire by the celebrated Mrs. W. Kite. An ACT of Horsemanship, by Young Samwell. The Grand Imitation of Birds, by Mr. B. Kite. The wondrous Miss. Samwell will go through her astonishing performances and is allowed to be the First Horse-Women in the World. Concluding with Billy Button's Wild Goose Chase to Brentford by Mr. Jenkins. ref; Leeds Mercury, BNA. 


1813 Aug 9 - EQUESTRIAN CIRCUS. The Public are most respectfully informed, that Messrs. KITE and SAMWELL'S COMPANY of EQUESTRIANS, (from London) are just arrived in this Town; and take this method of announcing their intention (by Permission of the Right Worshipful the Mayor) of erecting a Commodious CIRCUS in HUMBER STREET; the time of opening which, and further particulars of Performances, &c. will be given in the next week's paper: and Messrs. K. and S. flatter themselves, that the superior abilities of the respective Performers they have it in their power to bring forward, will be found such as they hope will entitle them to patronage and support of their Friends, and Public in general. HULL, August 9th, 1813. ref; Hull Packet, BNA. 


1813 Aug 24 - New Olympic Circus, Humber Street, Hull, Yorkshire. Widow KITE and SAMWELL beg leave to acquaint their Friends that they have joined their TROOP of EQUESTRIANS to Mr. MORITZ's GRAND COMPANY and respectfully inform them that the above Fashionable Place of Entertainment will be OPENED THIS EVENING (MONDAY) August 23, 1813. ref; Hull Packet, BNA. 


1813 Sep 11 - Messrs. KITE AND CO. Respectfully informs the Ladies and gentlemen of Hull and it's Vicinity, that they have at considerable expense, put a top on the Circus, to accomodate the Ladies and Gentlemen, and the Public in general; where they intend to bring forward in the ensuing week, a great variety of NEW PERFORMANCES such as never was exhibited here before. The particulars of which will be expressed in the hand-bills of today. ref; Hull Advertiser and Exchange Gazette, BNA. 


1813 Nov  7 - Burial of Benjamin Kite, clown.. at Kirton in Lindsey, Lincolnshire, England. ref; Lincolnshire Archives. 


1814 Sep 2 - Greenock Advertiser, Renfrewshire, Scotland - Mason Lodge, Friday - Fourth Night of the Performance. The Ladies and Gentlemen of Greenock and Port Glasgow are respectfully intimated that there will be Performed, for a limited period, the greatest Novelty in the Kingdom ! The Lodge, on this occasion is fitted up in the best Theatrical manner, and will be open this present Evening and to-morrow Evening, September 2nd and 3rd. Mr Day Francis, the only Necromancer in the World, will go through his wonderful Performances. Mrs. Kite, who is under the Patronage of her Majesty the Queen, will have the honour to present her uncommon and elegant Performances on the Slack Wire, being her third Town in Scotland. She will play a variety of music; also performs with Flags, Hoops, Glasses, and go through the Manual and Platoon Exercises on a Neat Small piece of Wire in Full Swing, after the manner as in the principle Theatres in and out of London, in which performances she is universally allowed to be the only real Wire Performer in the world. Olympian Feats, or Herculean and neat Light Balancing by Mr Francis. Particularly, he will Balance a Musket and Bayonet, with the point down, on his forehead, a Lofty Ladder on his chin, with a Boy on the top Bound, wonderfully contrasted with a Peacock Feather !!! And an Egg on the end of a Wheat Straw !!! Tight Rope Dancing by Mr Kite (from the Royal Circus, London), who will leap forwards and backwards over a Garter, elevated above the Rope Six Feet. His Wonderful Chair and Table Tricks, leaping through Hoops, &c. Doors to be opened at Seven, and will commence at Half-past. Boxes, 2s; Pit 1s; Tickets to be had at the Lodge, and the Principle Inns, where Boxes may be taken. ref; 20 Jun 1865, Greenock Advertiser (Notes about Greenock, from the begining of the Century till Waterloo, Part XCIL, Local paragraphs from the Greenock Advertiser of 1814, Selected by Allan Paton.)


1815 Oct 24 - Burial of Margaret Kite, daughter of William Kite, Hull, Yorkshire. re; England Select Deaths & Burials, 1538-1991. 


1817 Jun 17 - Baptism of Zipporah Kite, daughter of William Kite and his wife Louisa at Bedale, Yorkshire. ref; England Select Christenings, 1538-1975. 


1817 Sep 19 - Boston, Sep 16th, 1817. Last Grand Gala at VAUXHALL., This Season, on Wednesday, Sep 24, 1817. In addition to the usual Entertainments, Mr. and Mrs. KITE form Astley's Amphitheatre, London, will go through their wonderful performances on the Tight and Slack WIRE - THE HIGHLAND YOUTH will turn with such velocity on the SLACK ROPE with FIREWORKS as to form a complete Vertical Wheel. The display of FIREWORKS will be the most Brilliant ever exhibited. Gardens open at Half-past Six o'clock. ref; Samford Mercury.


1818 Dec 6 - Baptism of Louisa Kite, daughter of William Kite, Performer in Horsemanship and Louisa, at St Nicholas, Ipswich, Suffolk, Eng. ref: England Baptisms.


1821 Jan 5 - York Winter Assemblies, Jan 5th and every eveing during the week. Messrs. KITE and SPILLER having just arrived with their Company respectfully inform the Ladies & Gentlemen and Public of York that they intend to perform for a short season, in the Freemasons' Lodge Room, Blake Street. The amusements will commence with Grand Mathematical, Experimental, uncommon Deceptions and many other astonishing Magical Illusions. Balancing, several feats of strength and agility by Mr. Kite. Musical Glasses. The Sagacious Goldfinches, to conclude with the matchless performance of the great Ventriloquist. ref; The Yorkshire Gazette.


1821 Oct 17 - Baptism of Sarah Kite, daughter of William Kite and his wife Louisa, described as Travellers at Stokesley, Yorkshire, England. ref; England Select Christenings 1538-1975.


1822 Jun 3 - Accidents - On Friday evening 17th inst, Mr. Moritz, the famous sleight-of-hand performer, left the Spread Eagle, in Salford, on horseback, with the intention of proceeding to Bullock Smithy, to exhibit his talents. Unfortunately, however, on reaching Bank-top, his horse flung him and pitched upon his head. Surgical assistance was immediately procured, but he was found to be beyond the reach of human aid - life was entirely extinct. Mr. Moritz, in his line, was supposed to be superior to any other in the kingdom. ref; Leeds Intelligencer.


1822 Jul 8 - Cooke's Olympic Circus, Boar Lane, Leeds, Yorks. Mr. Cooke will have the honour to introduce a Company of Equestrians, which he trusts are not to be equalled in Europe, including Miss Bannister from Astley's Theatre with her elegant feats of Horemanship. Mr. Kite's astonishing evolutions on the Tight Rope; and Mrs. Kite's celebrated feats on the Swinging Wire; Mr. Dimond, the Flying Hussar, Master M'Intosh, the Infant Highlander, only six years old and the most daring equestrian of his age. Mr. Wilkinson, who is acknowledged the first Equestrian and Still vaulter of the present day, and Mr. Cooke will introduce his admirable perfomances including the new broad sword excercise on two horses. Also, the Comic Extravaganza of the Tailor's Journey to Brentford. The above performances will partially take place on each day. The Evening Performances will conclude with a Grand Pantomimic Performance., introducing a Stage Company of acknowledged Merit, composed of Performers selected from Astley's, the Coburg, and Sadler's Wells Theatres - full Particulars will be expressed in the Bills of the Day. ref; Leeds Intelligencer.


1822 Aug 26 - Cooke's Olympic Pavilion, Boar Lane, Leeds. The Gentry and Public are most respectfully informed that a Great Variety of Novelties will be introduced in the Equestrian Departments, particularly the re-appearance of Mr. Kite, Mr. Dimond and Mr. Wilkinson, this Evening, Monday, and during the Week. The whole to conclude with the Grand Melo-Drama, called Blue Beard, or Female Curiosity. ref; Leeds Intelligencer.


1822 Sep 2 - Cooke's Olympic Circus Pavilion, Boar Lane, Leeds. The last week of Blue Beard. This evening and during the week will be presented a Variety of Equestrian Excercises, comprising Master M'Intosh's Horsemanship, young Hunt on the slack-rope, Miss Bannister's intrepid performance on the single Horse; Mr. Kite on the tight-rope, and Miss Kite will make her First Appearance, a child of only four years old, and Wilkinson will ride his inimitable Act without Bridle and Saddle; the whole to conclude with Blue Beard, or Female Curiosity, in which all the Arabian Horses will appear in Grand Procession and Fierce Combat. ref. Leeds Intelligencer, BNA.


1823 - Birth of Cecilia Kite, daughter of Mr Kite Performer and his wife Louisa, formerly Buckley, at Bruton, Somerset, England. ref; See 1888 Death entry for Cecilia Wheal.




1825 - Birth of the artiste known as William Kite, abt. 1825 Nottinghamshire, England. ref; 1851 National Census, England.


1827 Sep 3 - New Royal Pavilion, Whitechapel Road, opposite Cannon Street Road, London - See above Bill Poster, Ching Law Lauro, Promo Buffo from Venice., Signor Spelterini, the Italian Hercules from the Royal Gardens, Vauxhall, etc.


1829 - Royal Amphitheatre (Astley's) - This evening, May 21, and during the week, being the last of the present Performances, at half past Six. THE GRAND STAG HUNT, Scenes in the circle - Mr. Ducrow will manage the two Dwarf Horses and the Turkish Mare Bess. The Antipodean Phenomenon. Mr Wilkinson, Miss Woolford, and a Grand Equestrian Entree. The Conquest of the Amazons. Signor Spelterini, the Roman Sampson's second appearance here. The whole concluded with the revival of the celebrated Harlequinade of The Enchanted Bay; or The Flying Dutchwomen. ref; The Theatrical Observer and Daily Bills, 1 Jul 1829 - 31 Dec 1829, BNA.


1830 Nov 6 - Kendal, Yorkshire - Monsieur TESTOT, the celebrated illusionist, and Signor Spelterini, the unrivailed athlete, have this week been showing off their wonderful powers in our theatre, we are sorry to say to thin houses. They deserve better. ref; The Chronicle, BNA


1831 Jun 24 - Varieties, on Friday, the 24th ult., as Signor Spelterini was performing his Herculean feats at Thirsk, whilst balancing a heavy weight on his teeth, he dislocated his neck, which caused almost instant death. ref. Liverpool Mercury, 8 Jul 1831, BNA


1832 Mar 23 - Baptism of Charles Felix Kite, age not given,  at St Peter, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, Eng., son of William Kite, a stranger and musician and his wife Louisa. ref; Cambridgeshire Baptisms.


1834 Jan 4 - Marriage after Banns of Zipporah Kite and William Antonio Frost at St. Mary & St. Nicholas, Beverley, Yorkshire. ref; England Select Church of England Marriages.


1834 Dec 6 - Cooke's Royal Circus., The principle attraction during the past week has been the Patagonian Sampson, Signor Spelterini, whose feats of strength surpass every thing of the kind that has previously been witnessed here. The elegant Horsemanship pf Mr. John Cooke we have more than once notived., we consider him one of the first equestrians in the kingdom. ref; Manchester Courier, BNA. 


1836 Jan 25 - 1st Performance of Master Kite found in archives todate 2022.

Queen's Theatre, Christian Street, Liverpool. This present Monday evening, 25th, Tomorrow 26th and Wednesday 27th inst, will be performed a Grand Historical Drama, interspersed with Songs and Dances, extensive Processions, &c., called THE JEWESS; or, The Council of Constance. Under the direction of Mr. Neville, Triumphant Entree & Grand Procession on Stage and Circle. In which the entire Stud of Horses will appear, near 100 auxilliaries are engaged in this Scene to give effect to an Immense Panoply. Scenes in the Circle. Monsieur Chickini in the carnival of Venice., Grand Military Act by Mr. Wells., The Tight Rope Master Kite., etc, etc. ref; Liverpool Albion, BNA. 


1836 Oct - Widemarsh Street, Hereford, England - First Appearance of Master Kite the young ANTIPODEAN and will stand upon his Head on a Pole twelve feet high, turn several times round, drink a glass of wine while in that position, and conclude by standing a considerable time without the assistance of his hands, a feat never accomplished by any other performer. ref; Hereford Times, BNA. 


1837 Jan, Sheffield;

1837 April, Royal Circus, Cattle Market, Bradford;


1837 May 20 - Circus, Piccadilly, Bradford, Yorkshire - Master Kite, the Infant Prodigy, will go through his inimitable performance on the CORDE ELASTIQUE. The transcendent abilities of this child have been too proudly manifested by repeated representations at the Queen's Theatre, Liverpool, to need further comment; the audiences have, una voce, pronounced him paramount in his art, the first juvenile artiste in the world. Master Kite appeared alongside Mr. Wallett, Signor Emidy, Master Arnold, Mr. Wells and Mr. Seal. ref; Leeds Times. 


1837 Sep, Mr. Wells Circus, Foundary Yard, Elvet Bridge, Durham; all under Mr. J. Wells. 


1838 Mar - Royal Circus, Carlisle, Cumberland - Master Kite the infant prodigy, will go through his inimitable performances on the Corde Elastique. The transcendent abilities of this child have been too proudly manifested by repeated representations at the Queen's Theatre, Liverpool, to need further comment: the audience there have, una voce, pronounced him paramount in his art, the First Juvenile Artiste, in his Line, in the World. ref; Carlisle Patriot. 


1839 Mar 19 - Royal Circus, Drogheda. For the Benefit of Master Frederick Wells, the Juvenile Equestrian. Mr. Emidy on a single horse; Mr. Bradbury on the Corde Volante; Mr. Wells to ride in a rapid Military Act; Mr. Furr will appear as the Modern Alcides; the Four Celebrated Tight Rope Dancers, Mrs Frost, Young Arnold, Master Kite and Miss Kite will perform various feats too numerous to mention; Master Frederick Wells, the Equestrian Wonder will ride his Splendid Act of Horsemanship; and Mr. Frost will appear on Horseback in the favourite scene of Statues of the Ancients. ref; Drogheda Journal, or Meath & Louth Advertiser, BNA. 


1839 Jun 1 - Royal Circus, Wellington Street, Clonmel, Ireland. Positively the last week !!! Saturday Evening, June 1st. There will be a select entertainment under the patronage of W. Riall, Esq. Mayor. Monday Evening, Grand Equestrian Amusements, for the Benefit of Master Kite, the Wonderful Polander Performer. ref; Tipperary Free Press, BNA. 


1839 Sep 21 - Circus Royal, Sun Orchard, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England. Change of Performances on Saturday 21st, Sept, 1839 by Desire and under the immediate Patronage of The Honourable A. Ramsay.A Grand Cavalcade of Eight Horses will enter, richly caparisoned, enhtitled "The Chinese Warriors" or "The Horsemen of the Celestial Empire". The beautiful Comic Twin Ponies will perform a variety of new and wonderful Feats of Training. Master KITE will go through his Wonderful Polandric Performances at a Height of Twelve Feet. Mr. WELLS will bring forward a Splendid Entree, taken from "The Knights of Palestine" Signor SPELTERINI will appear as the Modern ALCIDES, and perform his amazing Feats of Strength. Mr. EMIDY will give his Celebrated Military Delineation of "The Hero of Waterloo" Signora SPELTERINI will perform her extraordinary Evolutions on the Alhambra Floxo. ref; Cheltenham Looker-On, BNA. 


1839 Sep 23, 24 & 25- Circus Royal, Sun Orchard, Cheltenham. Grand Display of Novelties. Mr. Wells' Unique Stud of 20 Horses and Troop of Fairy Steeds, with the Most Celebrated Equestrian Artistes of the present day, Antipodean Wonders, Equilibrists, Contortionists and Vaulters, &c. This evenings entertainment will commence with Living Pyramids, and Tableau Vivant, during the Celebration of the Festival in the Temple of Jos. Master Kites Polandric Balancing. After which Signora Spelterini will appear on the Alhamra Floxo. Mr. Emidy will appear as the British Fox Hunter. Grand Entree on Eight Horses entitled The Cossack Hourrah. Horsemanship by Master Frederick Wells. Master Kite as the Indian Hunter. Mr. Frostwill appear on 2 rapid steeds. Mr. Emid's evolutions as the Sprite of the Silver Crescent. To be followed by a daring feat of horsemanship by Mr. Wells, who will assume six different characters without quitting his horse, entitled A Masquerade and Carnival - The whole to conclude with the laughable equestrian act of The Merry Millers. Sole Proprietor, Mr. Wells. ref; Cheltenham Journal & Gloucestershire Fashionable Weekly Gazette, BNA. 


1841 Feb 6 -Royal Circus, Cricket Ground, Bedford. A Day Performance THIS DAY, commencing precisely at two o'clock, to conclude about four. On Monday, Feb 8th, a Select Entertainment, for the Benefit of Master KITE upon which occasion a variety of Novelty will be introduced. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb 9th and 10th a change of performances, being for the Benefit of Master FRED. WELLS and Master AUGUSTUS ARNOLD. On Thursday, Feb 11th, the Grandest Night of the whole Season, for the Benefit of Mr. WELLS, Proprietor. ref; Bedford Mercury, BNA. 


1841 Jun 7 - National Census. William Kite, aged 15, Equestrian, at Launceston, Cornwall, in the company of Ann Arnold, Michael Cassidy, Barny Cassidy, John McDavies, James Carter, John Wells, August Arnold, Frederick Miller, Richard Arnold, John Hardy & Ann Hardy, all equestrians & travellers.


1841 Jun 7 - National Census. William Frost, aged 30, Equestrian, at Callington, Cornwall, with his wife Zipporah (nee Kite) aged 25, and their two daughters Sarah Frost, 6 & Zipporah Frost, aged 2. 


1841 Jun 7 - National Census - James Furr, aged 24, Equestrian, at Launceston, Cornwall, with his wife Louisa Furr (nee Kite), and Emmaly Wells, 7. 


1842 Apr-May Easter - Ashton, Lancs. Pablo Fangue's Circus Royal, Ashton under Lyne. Grand change of performances for Easter Week. Horses broke for the field and road. Sole Proprietor, Mr. Pablo Fanque; Riding Master, Mr. Kite; Leader of the Band, Mr. Robarts; Riding Masters, Messrs. Stonette and Heath; Conductor of the Circle, Mr. Lewis; Clowns, Messrs. Furr and Griffiths; Architect, Mr. Arnold. ref; Manchester Courier & Lancashire General Advertiser, BNA. 


1842 Dec - Batty's, Equestrian evening, Dreams of Wonder and National Olympic Arena of Arts, Circus Royal, Mary Street, Cork, Ireland.


1843 Feb 6 - Marriage at the Parish Church, Leeds, Yorkshire of Sarah Kite, full age, spinster, daughter of William Kite, a Traveller and George Parish, full age, batchelor, a Traveller and son of Edward Parish, a Traveller, both of Wood Street, Leeds. In the presence of Thomas Hinchliff & Mary Ann Gilison. ref; West Yorkshire Church of England Marriages. 


1843 Feb 14 - BILL POSTER  - Pablo Fanques Circus Royal, Town Meadows, Rochdale. Lancs


1843 Oct  - Theatre Royal, Haymarket, London - Drama entitled 'Old Parr'. ref; Morning Post, BNA.


1844 July, Aug - Kite with Pablo Fanque's Circus Royal, King Charles' Croft, Leeds, Yorks. ref; Leeds Intelligencer, BNA. 


1845 Jun 16 - Death of Charles Spelterini, aged 40, an Italian Strolling Player or Showman at Heyside, Royton, Ashton & Oldham, Lancashire, informant John Molesworth, Deputy Coroner, Rochdale. ref; Death Certificate.


1845 - Miss Kite with Pablo Fanque at Burnley, Lancs


1846 Nov - York, Yorkshire - Mr. Kite with Pablo Fanque Circus Royal, St.Georges Field, the Antipodean Wonder. Last Week but 2.

ref; York Herald, BNA.  


1846 Oct 12 - Marriage at St. Johns Church, Manchester, Lancashire of Cecilia Kite, of full age, daughter of William Kite, Performer, and James Wheal, of full age, Equestrian Performer, son of William Wheal, a Shoemaker, in the presence of James Clemns & Mary Storey. ref; Manchester Church of England Marriages. 


1847 Dec 6 - Death, Mr. Frost, (William Frost, husband of Zipporak Kite) one of the equestrian troop of Cooke's Circus, Dover, Kent. ref; Dover Telegraph & Cinque Ports General Advertiser. BNA. 


1849 Sep 4 - Rosherville Gardens, near Gravesend. Mr. Baron Nathan's Benefit. In consequence of the unbounded applause elicited by the entertainments last Wednesday, on Mr. Baron Nathan's benefit, it is announced the whole performance will be repeated on Wednesday next, 5th September. Messrs KITE, LE TORT, and family will also display their wonderful performance on the horizontal pole and globe. ref; South Eastern Gazette, BNA. 


1849 Sep 8 & 22 - Rosherville Gardens, Gravesend, Kent. Amongst other artistes during September were, Messrs. Kite and Letort, the celebrated acrobats, who in addition to many feats of balancing and tumbling, and various feats of gymnasia on the cross pole, exhibit several very astonishing feats on the large globe and in the evening introduce illustrrations of Grecian sculpture. ref; Kentish Independant, BNA. 


1850 Jul 27 - Death of Mrs Louisa Spelterini, Widow of Charles Spelterini (*1804-1845) and formerly the wife of William Kite (*1790 -*1835), equestrian., at 63, Tower Street, Southwark, London, England. ref; Death Certificate. 


1851 Mar 30 - William Kite, unmarried, aged 25, Equestrian, born Nottingham lodging at 47, Gibson Street, St. Thomas, Lambeth, London. ref; 1851 England Census.


1852 May 22 - National Circus, High Street, Hanley. Manager, Mr. G. Knight. Open every evening, except Wednesdays. Last Week But Two. On Mon. and Tues, May 25th & 26th, a Grand Change of Entertainments, introducing Mesdames Lee, Knight, Smith & Miss. E. J. Wells; Messrs. Pablo, Walker, Wells, Kite, Klare, T. Lee, & S. Samwells, Milnes and the Rival Clowns, Knight and Lupriol. Miss Wells in a New Equestrian Scene. First Night of Mr. Pablo & Mrs. T. Lee on the Double Tight Rope. On May 27, a Grand Juvenile Mid-Day Performance. etc, etc. ref; Staffordshire Adveriser, BNA. 


1852 Jul 25 - Terrace Gardens, Gravesend, Kent - Royal Circus. On Monday last the whole of Mr. Levy's Company, with splendid stud of horses, ponies, &c, entered Gravesend in procession. The first rate talent announced in the programme had the effect of drawing goodly numbers to witness the equestrian entertainments. In the first place we had Mr W. Kite's wonderful ascent to the top of the gallery on a rolling globe; then Mr. John Wells as Corporal Cosey, in a laughable act; Mr. & Mrs. Lee in an elegant and graceful scene on two rapid courses; Mr. Samwells and his highly trained ponies; Mr. Walker's wonderful achievements on the corde volante; Miss Emily Jane Wells, an exceedingly clever young lady, as Sylph of the Circle; the daring riding of Herr Henric, the devil rider; French vaulting, by Messrs. Lupriol, Walker, Wells, and Lee; and lastly, though not least in talent whatever he may be in stature, came Master John Wells, a child only three years and a half old, in a pleasing act upon a single horse, as the Paphiad God. The audience were kept continually laughing at the drolleries in the ring of Harry Twist, the Clown. ref; The Era. 


1853 Apr 24 - Provincial Theatres, Music Hall, Brighton., (Prop.Mr. L. Burton) The principle attraction here during the past week has been that of Professor Kite, whose performances on the Globe Roulant, and Indian Juggling are really astonishing. Mrs. Sellers has also been engaged. She sings with great taste, and has elicited nightly encores. Messrs. Bevan and Higgins, the clever negro deliniators, and grotesque dancers, announced their benefit for Friday evening. ref; The Era.


1853 Aug 20 - ODD FELLOWS' FESTIVAL. - On Monday last, the members of the Old Abbey Lodge of the Manchester Unity of Odd Fellows held their anniversary festival. After a friendly cricket match and amusements on Bernard's Heath, St. Albans, they adjourned to the King's Head Inn for dinner. The eveing passed off most harmoniously, the amusement of the company being much enhanced by the performances of Mr. F. Brown on the pianoforte, and the comic singing of Mr. W. Kite from London. ref; Hertford Mercury and Reformer. 


1853 Aug to Sep - Royal Pavilion Gardens, on the Banks of the Thames, North Woolwich, facing the town of Woolwich, reached in half an hour from Bishopsgate Station - SHIP ON FIRE - On Monday Next, Sept 19, the Great Last Day of the Season, and for the Benefit of the Director, Mr. Coxwell's Grand Balloon Ascent at 6 o'clock, with the astonishing feats of the Brothers Hayes, under the car during the ascent - After which a vessel, moored by the magnificent esplanade, and holding 250 gallons of tar, will be set on fire, and the conflagration extinguished by the Patent Fire Annihilator - Kite's terrific ascent on the globe up an incline of 200 feet, amidst a shower of fire - the surpising Boorne family - Miss Cottrell, tight rope, horsemanship, &c - A double display of Fireworks, with Night Ascent, by the renowned Darby - first rate quadrille bands - select brass band - dancing in the Monster Marquee - the Maze, Bowling Green, &c. Trains every half hour, 4d. Boats every 30 minutes. Superior refreshments at moderate charges. ref; London Morning Advertiser, BNA. 


1854 Jun 4 - Flora Gardens, Camberwell - Under the Entire Management of Messrs. J. Doughty, J. H. Cave, and R. Minton - These Gardens, acknowledged by all to be the most beautiful in London, open every day, wet or dry - on Sundays at Four, for promenade and refreshment. Whit-Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, open Twelve, with attractions not to be equalled in the metropolis. Goddard will ascend in his new balloon on Wednesday - every evening a Concert, by Miss Lydia Pearce (from The Surrey Theatre), Mr. J. H. Cave, the popular singer of American songs, and Mr. J. W. Sharp (of Vauxhall Gardens) - Chinese Fete and Dragon Festival by real Chinese Tumblers, Jugglers, &c; Mr Kite's Terrific Ascent on the Globe - Deani, the Sprite and Contortionist - J. Doughty, the celebrated Clown and his Dogs - the Brothers Dherany on the Double Trapeze - Bradbury on the Corde Volante - Brumain in the Salle Magique - Storming of Odessa, and the Crystal Palace, in Fireworks, by T. Gibson. Admission, 6d. Societies liberally treated with for Benefits, Dinners, &c. The Equestrian Season will shortly commence. ref; The Era, BNA.


1854 Sep 14 - Circus Royal, Great Victoria Circus, Belfast, Ireland. For six days only commencing, Monday 18th Sept 1854. Messrs. EGAN & EMEDY, Proprietors. Amongst appearing were, Tom Thumb the Great, the youngest and most daring rider of the day; Mr. Egan, the clown; Mr. H. Adams, the premiere Horseman, from Astley's Royal Amphitheatre; Miss. Brown and Mr. Watson in their two horse act; Madamoiselle Mathilde De Berg, the talented female equestrian will appear in her unapproachable act of equitation as "the Flag Dancer of the East";  Mr. Kite in his far-famed act, "Shamyl, the Circassian Mountain Chief"; Mr. Alfred Moffit, on the tight-rope and premiere horseman from Astley's in his wonderful leaping act; Brothers Watson, the Olympic Wonders; Mr. Sweeny, clown, who'll go through evolutions of the Globe Roulante; Clowns Messrs. Egan, P. Brown & Sweeny; Leader of the Band, Mr. Roberts; Riding Master, Mr. J. H. Emedy. ref; Belfast Commercial Cronicle, BNA. 


1855 Sep 21 - Birth of Elizabeth Ann Kite, at Maria Street, Everton, West Derby, Lancashire, daughter of William Kite, Equestrian and Elizabeth Ann formerly Devereux. She went on to marry into the Gaertner family. ref; Birth Certificate. 


1856 Feb 29 - Concert. It will be seen from our advertising columns, that the members of the Carlisle Choral Society, meeting in the British Schoolroom, intend giving a concert of miscellaneous music, on the evening of 24th March. A concert was given at the Atheneaum on Monday evening last, by Mr. Murphy, and the singers engaged by Mr. Oglethorpe of Rickergate. The entertainment was varied by feats of juggling exhibited by Mr. Kite. The audience was numerous and they seemed much pleased with the whole performance. ref; Carlisle Journal, BNA.


1858 Feb 6 & 11 - SUNDAY SHAVING. At Rochdale Petty Sessions on Wednesday, William Thornton, a barber in Blackwater Street, was charged by William Kite, a theatrical traveller who had been residing some time with Mr. Storey, another barber of St. Mary's Gate, with having shaved him on Sunday last, between six and seven o'clock in the evening. Some time ago, previous to Thornton becoming a resident in Rochdale, the barbers presented a petition to the Rochdale Bench, asking them to enforce the law against Sunday trading in the matter of their business. Thornton denied that he shaved Kite. The bench said they would dismiss the case, if Thornton would pay for the summons and serving, and would not commit the offence again. He replied, "No, I will not do it any more, but I never did it Sir." (Laughter). ref; Manchester Times & Whitehaven News, BNA.


1860 Apr 9 - Death of William Kite, aged 34, Equestrian Performer at 4 Court, Stafford Street, St. Peter, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. ref; Death Certificate.


1860 Oct 14 - Six months later William Kite's widow Elizabeth Ann Devereux Kite married again to Henry Thomas, jnr. ref. Marriage Certificate.