Frank 'Raslus' Clifton & family Timeline

1842-1943 and beyond.

'An Historical record of significant events, performances, career moves & travel spanning over 100 years in

the Life of a Circus, Music-Hall, Theatre, Vaudeville & Variety Family'

Researched & documented by James Bohun


Born abt. 1842, real name Frank RILEY son of Thomas. Reported to have been born Quebec, Canada, son of the Financial Inspector of Upper Canada. (unverified 2021). ref; (a) 1900 United States Federal Census, (b) Joe Boganny, 4 Jul 1912, The Stage, (c) The Boganny's Profile, 11 Jul 1907, The Performer, (d) Local Theatre Change, Sacramento Daily Union, 9 Jul 1898. 


1857 Nov 9 to Dec 31st ~ Surrey Music Hall, Westbar, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England - Prop. Mr. T. Youdan. This evening, and during this week. Grand Change: Double Company !! First Nights of Miss SYLVEST and MR. G. GODFREY, Characteristic Duet Singers; First Nights of HERR SANGERMANN, The celebrated Organophonist, who will Nightly introduce his inimitations of Musical Instruments, &c; First Nights of Mr. GILROY, Irish Comic Vocalist; First (9th) Nights of YOUNG FRANCOIS, the great Summersault Thrower, Juggler, and Balancer; First Nights of the Worlds Wonder, LORENZA, whose surprising Contortions must be seen to be believed; Last Week of Miss. ROSE FORSTER, Miss. TRAVERS, MR. G. BROWN, and MR. G. HARTLEY; Continued success of the BARNUM CHILDREN, in their laughable Duologues; and MR. H. R. CLIFTON. ref; Sheffield Daily Telegraph, BNA. 


1858 Jan 4th - 21st ~ Surrey Music Hall, Westbar, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England - Prop. Mr. T. Youdan. The Members of the Band and Company engaged at the above Popular Place of Amusement beg respectfully to inform their Friends and the Public generally that they intend giving a Complimentary Benefit on Friday, Jan 15th, 1858 to their Respected Employer, Mr. Thomas Youdan. As a mark of their respect and esteem for him as Proprietor and Manager of the above Hall. The following Artistes will appear:- Miss SAULAN, vocalist; Miss STEWART, characteristic vocalist; Miss SYLVEST & Mr. GODFREY, Serio-Comic Duologists; Mr ROWBOTHAM, vocalist; Messrs. THOMAS & CEDA; Mr MONTGOMERY; Mr J. TRAVIS; Mr HASBERRY; the Extraordinary Feats of the wonderful YOUNG FRANCOIS; Gymnastique Entertainments by the CHINESE BROTHERS, The Brothers Russelli; Mr BASSY, Irish Comic Singer; Mr AARON BELLAMY, vocalist; Mr T. WALKER; a Comic Scena "Maritana" by MR. H. R. CLIFTON, the laughter-moving son of Momus; Negro Entertainment by the Potomac Minstrels, Montgomery, Thomas & Ceda; Mr J. W. ALLWOOD, Musical Director and Conductor.; Stage Manager, Mr. H. R. CLIFTONref; Sheffield Daily Courant, BNA. 


1858 Mar 21st to May 10th  ~ Wilton's Music Hall, Wellclose Square, Leman Street, Whitechapel, London, England - Proprietor Mr. John Wilton - The following vocalists will appear every evening :- Miss M'Gregor, Miss Julia Mori, Miss Julia Harrow, Mr. Charles Travers, Mr. Kirby, Mr. J. B. Lowndes, Master Murray & Master Smith. Comic, George Ford, the most original comic singer in London, Mr. A. B. Hollingsworth. Messrs. Dempsey and M'Guiness, and Mr. and Mrs. Woodfield, Drawing Room Entertainment. Professor Horman, the American Wizard, and Young Frankey 'the Boneless youth' (his first appearance March 21st) Doors open at Six, commence at Half-Past Six precisely. On Easter Monday, Messrs. Stolberg and Lawrence, the Albanian Minstrels; Miss Lawrence, the celebrated characteristic vocalist; Mr. Godfrey and Miss Sylvest, the inimitable Duologue singers; and the renowned Elliott family from Drury-Lane Theatre will make their first appearances. ref; 21st Mar 1858, The Era, BNA. 


1858 Apr 18 ~The Era Classified Ads - H. R. CLIFTON (Comic Vocalist) begs to inform his provincial friends, who are unaquainted with his whereabouts, that he is and has been engaged for the last two months at Evan's Grand Hotel, Covent Garden, London. All communications respecting Young Franki, to be addressed to his Agent, Ambrose Maynard, 16, Princes Street, Stamford Street, London. ref. BNA. 


1858 May 1st  & 2nd ~ Royal Colosseum, Bute Street, Cardiff, Wales - Wanted, Two Nigger Singers & Instrumentalists to commence Monday 17th May. The present company consists of Mr. & Mrs. Leggett, the eminent duettists; Mr. F. Clarke, comic; Master Franki, the Wonder of the Age; Mr. Ross & Miss Hempsall., Mrs. Jones, Proprietress. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1858 Jun 12 - 20  ~ Wilton's Music Hall, London. Appearing; Miss M'Gregor, leading lady & vocalist; Harry Clifton, character singer; Mr. C. Travers, vocalist, and Messrs. Hollingsworth & Godfrey, the Albanian Minstrels. 'We perceive from the advertisments that a portion of each evenings amusements is afforded by the drawing-room entertainment of the Elliot family from Drury Lane Theatre, and 'Young Franki, the boneless youth', but we have not had the pleasure of seeing any of these peculiar personages. ref; London Observer, BNA. 


1858 Jun 24 ~ Astley's Royal Amphitheatre, Sole Proprietor, Mr. William Cooke; Manager & Director, Mr. William Cooke, Jun; - Unparalleled attractions - Glorious constellation of Equestrian and Dramatic Talent ! WILL VISIT GREENWICH, FOR ONE DAY ONLY, On Monday July 26th. The Morning Entertainments, commencing at Two o'clock will be the same as represented, by especial Command, on Thursday June 24th, before Her Most Gracious Majesty and the Royal Family, King Leopold of the Belgians, King William III of the Netherlands, the Duke and Duchess of Brabant, and their Suites, at The Riding School at Buckingham Palace. The Grand Routines and Splendid Programme of Equestrian Studies has been selected by Mr. W. Cooke, from the principle Continental Cirques, and combine artistes of the most known celebrity and extra-ordinary talent, among whom will be found:-

Miss Emily Cooke, Madlle. Fleuretta, Madlle. Josephine, Madlle. Catherine, Madlle. Jennie, Madlle. Maurisse, Madm. Henrietta, Madm. Agousi, Madm. Poignterre, Master Holloway, Master Agussi, Master A. Mophet, Master W. Mophet, Master H. Russell, Master Durant, Signor Russell, Mons. de Beurge, Mons. Agousi, Mons. Leaman, M. Clair, M. Thorne, Mr. C. Bradbury, Mr. Mophet, Mr. Mophet, jun, Mr. J. Smith, Mr. Painter, Mr. Vokes, Mr. Williams, Master J. Russell, Master W. E. Cooke and Master Grey. Clowns, Messrs Thorne & CLAIR. Astley's (London) is now closed for alterations and embellishments. Due notice will be given of its re-opening ~ 4th July - EQUESTRIAN PERFORMANCE BEFORE THE QUEEN - In our notice last week of Mr. W. Cooke's family appearing in the Riding School at Buckingham Palace, we should have added that the following artistes also received the approbation of the Royal Party;- Miss Fraser, Mr. Charles Bradbury, Mr. Lehman, Mr. Rousilli assisted by the two Clowns, Messrs. Croueste and Thorne. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1858 Jul 13th to 15th ~ Connell's Monster Saloon, Crampton Court off Dame Street, Dublin, Ireland - The Proprietor, ever anxious to cater for the amusement of his numerous patrons, has, at enormous expense, engaged the world renowned M'Guiness & Dempsey, the great Comic Duet Singers, Dancers & Comedians. Franki 'the extraordinary youth' (from Astley's Amphitheatre, London) who has had the honour of appearing before Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace on 24th June 1858, is retained. Loud applause of Mrs Kennedy, Irish comic singer & dancer; Immense approbation of Miss E. Howell, Messo Soprano & Serio-Comic Vocalist. Great success of Mr Brennan, Baritone & Buffo Vocalist - Mr Mures chops, steaks & kidneys served up on the shortest notice. Prop. H. Connell. ref; Freemans Journal, BNA.


1858 Jul 17th - 24th ~ INDEPENDANT ORDER OF ODD FELLOWS - Manchester Unity. The Committee of Management beg respectfully to announce that they intend giving a Grand FETE  & GALA at the BRISTOL and CLIFTON ZOOALOGICAL GARDENS, on Monday July 25th 1858, in aid of their Widows & Orphans Fund. The committee have great pleasure in announcing that they have secured the services of the following celebrated Artistes:- MR. H. R. CLIFTON (from Evan's Grand Hotel, Covent Garden), also of Messrs. French & Louis, the celebrated Parisienne Clowns (from Soulier's Cirque, Paris & Crystal Palace, Sydenham) who will appear in their Classical, Comical, Gymnastic & Ternsiohorean Entertainments. First and only appearance in Bristol also of the YOUNG FRANKI (from Astley's Amphitheatre), the extraordinary nature of whose performances has excited the surprise, wonder and admiration of all who have witnessed them. The whole amusements will conclude with a Suberb & Brilliant Display of Fireworks. The procession will leave the Cattle Market at half past Twelve o'clock and the Amusements commence at 4. ref; Bristol Mercury, BNA.


1858 July to Nov ~ The Royal Colosseum Theatre & Music-Hall, Paradise Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, England - appearing, Franki (from Astley's Amphitheatre, London). ref; The Era Archives. 


1858 Dec 5th ~ The Era Classified Ads - THE CELEBRATED FRANKI, the great SOMERSAULT Thrower, Chair, Stilt Vaulter & SPRITE, begs most respectfully to inform his friends & managers, that he has just fulfilled a most successful engagement of Five Months at the Royal Colosseum, Liverpool and now proceeds on to the Theatre Royal, Plymouth for Sprite, where he requires all letters to be addressed, and at expiration of Pantomime, he will be most happy to treat with managers of Theatres, Circuses, or First Class Concert Halls. ref: BNA.


1858 Christmas - Jan 1859 ~ Theatre Royal, Southampton, Hampshire, England. Mr. Clifton


1859 Mar 9th - 27th ~ Connell's Monster Saloon, Crampton Court (off Dame Street), Dublin, Ireland - Powerful New Company - First Appearance (9th) of The BROTHERS FRANKI from Astley's Amphitheatre, London in their marvellous feats on the Trapeze & French Clowning, extra-ordinary excitement created and are the best engagement made for some time. First appearance of Miss E. Browne - First appearance of the Brothers Carr, the incomparable Irish Jig Dancers. Immense approbation of Mr. E. Jones, Tenor Vocalist and solo Harpist, who will introduce Mr & Mrs. Gasgoyne Comic Duet Singers & Danceuses - The two Miss Brownes, fascinating Dancers, will appear at eight & ten o'clock - Leader of Orchestra, Mr. C. Rock, Grand Pianoforte, Mr. Murea, Cornet-a-Piston, Mr. Kennedey. Fine wines, Brandies, &c., Chops, Steaks, Kidneys & Oysters. - Proprietor, H. Connell. ref: Freeman's Journal, BNA.


1859 Mar 27th - Apr 10 ~ JUDE'S ROYAL HOTEL and Concert Hall, Dublin, Ireland - Miss Beverley, Miss Mowbray, Mr & Mrs. Walton, Mr. Johnson: Messrs. Binion and Fuller (the Black Paganinie), and the popular comic vocalist, Mr. H. R. Clifton. The extraordinary youth FRANKI whose elegant and unique performances have lately caused so much admiration and wonder in London and the Provinces, will appear twice each evening in his Drawing Room Entertainments. ref; The Era Archives.


1859 May 8 ~ The Colosseum, Belfast, Ireland - Professor Darling, mesmeriat & clever electro-biologist and Frank Clifton, a clever youth in the tumbling and acrobatic line of business, have been Mr. Shearer's latest Novelties. ref: The Era, BNA


1859 May 29th ~ Whitebait, Glasgow, Scotland - That a good company generally draws a large audience is proved by the attendance here. The Vocalists are clever and  embrace both the comic and sentimental. Miss Ellerton sings with taste and direction, Miss Bullen also shows much taste and considerable humour in her Aerio-Comic ditties. Miss Polson is in the same department and merits equal admiration. Mr Sanders is a good Comique; and Mr Lowick a most artistic Tenor. Young Franki is very clever as a Posturer, and performs several wonderful feats with an easy grace, which wins him much applause. ref; The Era, BNA.


1859 Jun 10th - Jul 17th  ~ Surrey Music Hall, Westbar, Sheffield, Yorkshire - Manager, Mr. M. Donnelly - Since the re-opening of this Hall by the new manager, the place has been well attended. Mr & Mrs. Leggett (Duettists & Dancers), Mr & Mrs. Dwight (Negro Delineators), Mr Alfred Ramford (an astonishing male Soprano), Young Franki (a clever Contortionist) and Mrs Montgomery (an old favourite here) have all acquitted themselves with great satisfaction to the audience. ref: The Era, BNA.


1859 Sep 11 ~ The Era Clasified Ads - Wanted, Two Good Comic Singers and a Lady Characteristic; also Novelties of every description. Young Franki will oblige by writing. Apply to Ambrose Maynard, Musical & Equestrian Agent, 16, Prince's Street, Stamford Street, London. ref; BNA. 


1859 Dec 4 ~ The Era Classified Ads - CLIFTON'S BENEFIT at JUDE'S.- H. R. CLIFTON takes this opportunity of publicly thanking the Proprietors of Dublin Concert Halls, Messrs. G. Levy, White, Connell and Lemass, and the following artistes, who kindly rendered him their valuable assistance on Friday last:- Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. H. Sydney, Mrs. Brennan. Mrs. Ramsdale, Mrs. Diey, Mrs. Handford, Miss. Milness, and Miss Polson; Messrs. H. Sydney, J. Collis, R. Brennan, Ramsdale, T. Handford, Saunders, Diey, Brookes, Binion, and Fuller. N.B, - H. R. C. appears this week at the Whitebait Rooms and City Hall, Glasgow. All communications addressed to 43, St. Andrew's Square, Glasgow will be attended to. The address of James Nelson and Young Franki required immediately. ref; BNA.


1860 Jan 21 ~ Royal Alhambra Palace Circus, Leicester Square, London, England., Proprietor Mr. Thomas McCollum; Two Performances Daily, Fourth week of the most LAUGHABLE HARLEQUINADE in London, in Don Juan, the Educated Bull, appears. H. W. Franklin, the Aerial Vaultigeur, and several Continental Artiste of great celebrity are now appearing at this popular ploace of amusement - The entire Troupe will, during the ensuing week, appear in their astonishing Scenes of Equitation, Gymnastic Feats, Leaping and Vaulting. Several new Comic Scenes by Juvenile Performers. Midday Exhibition especially recommended for the visit of the Aristocracy and families, &c, - Morning at 2; Evening at half-past 7. ref; Naval & Military Gazette and Weekly Chronicle of the United Service, BNA. 


1860 Feb 19 ~ The Era Classified Ads -THE GREAT LITTLE CLIFTON will shortly conclude a successful engagement at the Royal Alhambra Palace, Leicester Square. Line of business consists of Chairs, Stilts, Somersaults, Contortionist, French Clown, Trapeze, &c. Will be at Liberty to accept an engagement in town, country, or the Continent. All letters addressed to private residence will meet with a prompt reply, 24, George Street, Blackfriars Road. Will Harry Clifton write immediately. ref; BNA


1860 Sep 18th ~ Opinions of the Press, Cape Argus - Cape Town, South Africa. 'The Prince, after receiving an address presented Captain Rainer from Malmesbury, and one from Riverside by Mr. Innes, attended Mr. McCollum's Circus in the morning. There was a crowded house and the Prince was delighted with the Performance; he rapturously applauded every one of the performers, and the chief of them were encored. Mr. McCollum's own little boy rode his black pony wonderfully well; it was charming to see such a tiny child leaping on and off the animal's back whilst it vwas going full gallop. Leon's trained horses; Alma the trained horse is really a horse in 10,000. Buckley's equestrian representation of a tar at sea; Marcus Talbot's equestrian act; Franklin's wonderful somersaults and his slack rope dancing; the Contortionist Clifton; and Mr. McCollum's graceful Riding were all done in first rate style; at the close of the Performance, the Prince sent for Mr. McCollum and thanked him in public for the treat afforded. His Royal Highness was attended by the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Mrs Wynyard, Mrs. Travers, Mrs. J. Rivers, Major Cowell, Captain Tarleton, the Revd. Mr Onslow, Messrs. Grey, Harris, Hope, J. Rivers, Colonel Travers and Captain Porter., the Gaika Commissioner, Mr. Brownlu, who accompanied Sandilla from Kaffraria was together with that Chief and Suit at the Circus. Sandilla was much astonished at what he saw. (Footnote - Erasmus Jones, Suptd. Metropolitan Press., R. C. Lepage & Co., Proprietors)  ref: The Circus Collection, Harry Ransom Centre, The University of Texas at Austin, USA)


1860 Oct 27 ~ Agra, India - 'The name of Mr. McCollum and his Troupe have become household words....Mr. McCollum allowed his son, the little prodigy Tommy, to present us with a programme three feet eight inches in length, longer than himself, if I mistake not, consisting of fifteen acts, composed of so many monosyllables and catching brevity with freshness and humour, which are not generally found in such productions. The performance was for Master Tommy's benefit and the finale The Leaping Act by our debutante was gone through splendidly and showed great improvement and evidently good tuition, and Mr. Clifton's performance on the trapeze were the two new features of the entertainment, and displayed great talent and daring. Most of the other scenes were old friends with new faces; but acquaintance with them and the fresh spirit infused is going through them, almost rendered them novelties. ref: The Circus Collection, Harry Ransome Centre, University of Texas, Austin.  


1861 Apr 20 ~ Hippodrome du Champs de Mars, Port Louis, Mauritius - Mr. McCollum's Circus was erected on the Champs de Mars in February 1861. ref: The South Australia Advertiser, Trove Digital Newspapers.


1862 Feb 27 ~ The Hippodrome and the Byculla Schools, Bombay, India - 'All work and no play, Makes Jacka dull boy. Sirs, Did you see the Byculla School children at McCollum's Circus on Saturday last ? They are full of the wonders there witnessed. Mr. Clifton, the admirable contortionist, took more creeks out of the poor children's hearts than he exhibited in his incredible, (unless seen) gymnastic feats. But to them the hero of the circle is young Endre, probably because he is a child like themselves, the wonderful skill and pluck displayed by the boy of twelve, is alone worth a visit to see. Mr McCollum's four horse act filled the children with high wonder. The eel-like twists, high muscular power, and the ease with which Mr. Clifton dispensed with a back-bone was a succession of marvellous surprises for them, and I'll be bound there will be humble attempts amongst them to imitate him for months to come. ref; The Times of India, BNA. 


1862 Mar 10 ~ Mr. McCollum's Circus - We do not remember to have seen so numerous and respectable an audience as that which graced the Circus on Saturday evening. Mr. McCollum's "shower of summersaults," and with reference to "L'Ariel Voltige" Mr. Clifton's contortions were such that every person present seemed to wonder at the capabilities of the human body to undergo so curious evolutions and gyrations, which seem apparently physically impossible. There seems to be an impression that this performance should be repeated, and we are glad to state that Mr. McCollum will repeat them to-morrow evening, and on Tuesday exclusively for native ladies. ref; Bombay Gazette, BNA. 


1862 Mar 15 ~ BENEFIT OF MR. CLIFTON, McCollum's Circus on the Esplanade, BOMBAY. This eveing, Saturday 15th March. A Grand Extraordinary Representation for the benefit of the Contortionist Mr. CLIFTON, who will on this occasion go through several new performances never before seen in Bombay, and never attempted by any other Artistes but himself. Mr. CLIFTON hopes to be honoured with your kind patronage to witness those ASTONISHING PERFORMANCES and judge for yourself. ref; The Times of India, BNA. 


1862 Apr 11 ~ McCollum's Circus, on The Esplanade - Tomorrow, Saturday the 12th April 1862. Lots of Horsemanship, Lots of Tumbling, Lots of Fun, and Lots of everything all for the benefit of Little Tommy, the big Clown, who promises a first-rate Evening Entertainment, My Papa T. McCollum, I don't know what he is going to do but I think he will carry me on two Horses - my friend Buckley he is going to do something, Clifton he is thinking of it, young Endre he had promised to ride a first rate act, Master Paul he is going to help me, Mezmood and Colibri they must be also here, and Alma the Horse of 10,000 we must not forget him, he is well worth seeing, and then there is myself. Let me see what shall I do well, I don't know but I will do all I can to give general satisfaction to my amiable and worthy patrons that will honour me with their presence, all I want is now 2,000 persons to fill the Circus as follows: 300 Reserved seats, 800 Amphitheatre, 900 Gallery, don't forget little children like myself Half Price; come one come all but not more than 2,000 for you will not get in and I shall be very sorry to see you go away again. Yours obediently, Little Tommy. ref; Bombay Gazette, BNA. 


1863 Jan 11 ~ The Era Classified AdsFRANK CLIFTON (Equestrian Clown) in INDIA - After visiting Cape Town, Mauritius, Ceylon, Bombay, &c., is now performing with M'COLLUM'S AMERICAN CIRCUS, at GOOJERAT, INDIA, and will shortly return with a Company of "Native Snake Charmers" and Troupe of Performing "Flying Foxes". Communications addressed to H. CLIFTON, 123, West Nile Street, Glasgow. ref; BNA. 


1863 Nov 23 ~ Announcement - Bombay, India, the Death of Mr. George Buckley, a native of Baltimore, attached to McCollum's Circus. ref; Domestic Occurances, The Times of India (Bombay East).


1864 Feb 12 ~ Frank Clifton with McCollum's Circus, on the Maidan, Calcutta, India - AT THE CIRCUS TONIGHT. EQUESTRIAN FEATS, OLYMPIQUE SPORTS, ICARIAR GAMES, ACROBATIC WONDERS, AERIAL FLIGHTS, ROMAN GAMES, FUNNY TOMMY, COMICALITIES, PANTOMIMIC SCENES, ECCENTRIC CLOWNS. This evening, Friday February 12th 1864, and every evening during the week for twelve representations only. Doors open at 7 o'clock, to commence at 1/4 to 9. Prices of admission. First Class Rs5, Second Class Rs3, Third Class Standing Rs1, Tickets and places may be secured at Spence's Hotel, and at the box office, Circus Daily from 10am till 2pm and on the evening of performance. ref; The Circus Collection, Harry Ransom Centre, University of Texas, Austin, USA.


1864 Mar 8 ~ McCollum and Equestrian party sail aboard the SS. 'Cheduba' for Singapore. ref; Englishman's Overland Mail, BNA. 


1864 Apr 23 ~ Burma - From our Correspondent - MAULMEIN, 15th Apr 1864. The Steamer 'Penang' which takes this letter, also takes to The Straits, McCollum's Circus, which for the past fortnight has been performing in Maulmein. They have probably cleared Rs.6,000 during their stay here, as they have been patronised largely by all classes of the community. Christy's Minstrels left by the Steamer of March, and I hear a report that the San Fransisco Minstrels will be here next month, so that there is amusement in store for those who will pay for it. ref; The Straits Times, NewspaperSG, Singapore Gov. 


1864 Apr 23 - Saturday ~ The Straits, From an advert in todays paper, 'it will be seen that McCollum's Great American Circus Company has arrived and intends giving some performances here before they proceed to China. ref; NewspaperSG, Singapore Gov. 


1864 May 31 to 2 Jul - McCollum's exhibited at the Koningsplein. The Company included T. McCollum and family, W. Walker, FW. Clifton, and P. Reshida. ref: NewspaperSG, Singapore Gov.


1865 January ~ Foreign, Dramatic & Show News - Frank Clifton, Equestrian Clown, with McCollum's American Circus in India, is looked for in England soon, with a Company of Native Snake Charmers and performing Flying Foxes. ref; New York Clipper, State Historical Newspaper Collection, USA.


1865 May 28 ~ The Era Classified Ads - FRANK CLIFTON, whose wonderful & daring performances have created sensation in all parts of the Globe, has returned to England, after five year's absence in Africa & Asia, having visited Cape Town, Mauritius, Bourbon, Ceylon, Bombay, Lucknow, Delhi, Madras, Calcutta, Java, Burma, Hong Hong & Japan, in connection with M'Collum's Great American Circus, is now Open to Short Starring Engagements. Performance consists of Flying Rope, Chairs, Stilt, Antipodiques sur une echelle, French Clowning, Vaulting, &c. Address, care of H. CLIFTON, 42, New Bond Street, London. ref; BNA.


1865 Jul 9 ~ The Era Classified Ads - The Great Frank Clifton, Gymnastique, Artist, Tumbling Clown, Corde de Volante, Trapeze, Stilts, Chairs, Contortionist &c, having concluded a most successful engagement of Six Years with M'Collum's American Circus, in all parts of the Globe, including Cape Town, Mauritius, Bonborn, Ceylon, Bombay, Calcutta, Burma, Java, China & Japan, is at Liberty to treat with Proprietors of Circuses, Gardens, Theatres & Music Halls, for short Starring Engagement. Address H. Clifton, 42, New Bond Street, London. ref; BNA.


1865 Sep 4 ~ Charles Hengler's Grand Cirque, Alanby Road, Hull, Yorkshire, England., Triumphant Success, Grand Change of Performance. First appearance of Frank Clifton, Gymnast & Comique;  second week of the great artiste Don Jose Manoel, the Brazillian Equilibrist; Mdle. Rochez, the daring and elegant Equestrienne, flight through balloons, Ducrow the Noble educated horse; Mr. Charles Adams, the Roman Gladiator; Harry Welby Cooke, the daring intrepid Horseman; Madame Adams and four Clowns, Williams, Doughty, Abbott & Barry; ref; Hull and Eastern Counties Herald, BNA. 


1865 Nov 12 ~ Mr. Frank Clifton appeared at the Whitebait Concert Hall, Glasgow...."Although we are no advocates for the introduction of acrobatic performances into Music Halls, we must confess that those furnished by Mr Frank Clifton are by no means the least agreeable part of the entertainments here. Some of his feats are very wonderful and fairly eclipse anything of the kind we have ever before seen". ref; The Era, BNA.


1865 Dec 10 - Scotia Music-Hall, Glasgow, Lanarkshire - Prop. James S. Bayliss, including Miss E. Cook, vocalist; Mrs. Woodward & Miss Annie, duettists; Mr. Boleno, vocalist; Mr. T. Coyne, Irish comic vocalist; Miss Ashtrop, comic singer; Mr. Frank Clifton who deserves great praise for the daring and activity displayed in his slack wire performances, in one of which he swings from one end of the Hall to the other head forwards; Miss Laura SWaunders, serio-comic; and Herr Willoio, a clever contortionist, togetherv with an efficient ballet company, including Miss. A. Clairmont, Mrs. Boleno and numerous others...ref; The Era, BNA. 


1865 Dec 3 - Jan 30 1866 ~ "Frank Clifton, Slack-Rope Performer, (best remembered as a Clown & Gymnast and pupil of the renowned Hiram Franklin) exhibits strength and daring as he swings by his feet to an immense height". The Equestrian Company - Tuesday 26th Dec, from The Sportsman - Has been selected with great care, and entirely regardless of expense from the principle Cirques on the Continent, and will form the strong combination of talent ever presented to the British public. Amongst the elite of the Company will be found the following distinguished artistes. Herr Gerrard Goldschmidt, the German rider whose extraordinary somersault-throwing on horseback has been the theme of admiration in all the principle Continental cities. Mr. John Bridges, from the Cirque Napoleon, Paris with his extraordinary leaping horse; On the Corde Volante, Mr Frank Clifton 'the Great Slack-Rope Performer' and former pupil of the renowned Hiram Franklin'; Mr. Arthur Barnes, the Champion Vaulter of the World; Mr. Thomas Samwell, the British Horseman; Herr Otto Maurer, Equestrian Juggler, George Ginnett, J. Hemmings, J. H. Pearson, Guiseppe, &c, Madamoiselle Rose Massota, the Elegent Equestrienne from the Imperial Circus St. Petersburg, Madam Amelia Bridges, the most accomplished female performer in Europe, with her beautiful and highly trained Manege Horses, Madam Hermanen, the fearless trick-act rider from Cirque Bouter, France, Le Petite Amele, the beautiful Sylph of the Cirque and the most accomplished Juvenile Tight-Rope Dancer, The Great Troupe of Clowns of all nations, including, Bond, the wonderous Polandric phenomenon from the Cirque de I'Imperitrice, Paris; Signor Hermanen, the loftiest leaper of the day from Madrid; Franki Clifton, clown; Little Ferdinand and son from Renri's Circus, Berlin., Mons. Felix, from Vienna., Cirque Hippodromes, Grand Historical Tournament & Grand Christmas Entertainment at the Royal Agricultural Hall, Islington, London, Manager John Henderson, Proprietor Mr. Thos. Rudein.. ref; Publications, The Acrobat by Arthur Barnes; The Victorian Circus by John Stewart; John Turner, Circus Friends Association., The Era, The Sportsman, Clerkenwell News, BNA. 


1866 Feb 22 - Apr 12 ~ The New Circus Company at the Royal Pavilion Hippodrome & Cirque, Brighton - under the Direction & Management of Mr. John Henderson (Mr. Ginnett's successor)., including, on the Corde Volante, Young Hiram Franklin, 'a smart little fellow'. Apr 12th - Every evening this week, Hiram Franklin presents his Corde Volante feat, the most daring we have witnessed since the days of Walker who performed in the same arena and thrilled the audience by a similar performance. ref; The Brighton Gazette, BNA.


1867 Feb 24 ~ Guernsey, Channel Isles - Bell & Myers's American Circus - Acting Manager, Mr. T. Smith; Mr Batty Cooper, to enhance the attraction, feeding the lions within their den, himself being amongst them, holding the meat in his unprotected hand to one, then taking it away to give to another. A great climax for their announced last appearanace. On Monday, in addition to the varied Scenes in the Circle, including Mr. Clifton (first appearance) on the Corde Volante, Dick Turpin was produced, a drama full of sensation, displaying the wonderful training of the horse 'Black Bess'. On Wednesday, Mr. E. Carroll takes his benefit here. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1867 May 10 ~ Mr. John Henderson died of pleurisy on 10 May 1867 while with his circus was at Ipswich and was buried on 13th May in Ipswich Cemetery. He was a fine tall man with curly hair and a bushy moustache. ref; Pub:The Excitement and Romance of Circus History, J. M. Turner. 


1868 Sep 28th - December ~  The Royal Amphitheatre and Circus, Holborn, London, under the management of Thomas McCollim; this evening: Avolo, the marvel of the nineteenth century; Frank Pastor, Champion American Equestrian; Alfred Bradbury; M. Napoli, F. Clifton, Almonti, and Delevanti; Mdlle. Montero; Fratelli Voltaires; and Samwell's Performing Dogs, Commence at Half-past Eight. ref; London Evening Standard, BNA. 


1868 Oct 25 ~ The Era Classified Ads - R. H. Dockrill, Bare-backed Equestrian, after fulfilling a Successful Engagement of Six Months at the Cirque Napoleon, Paris, is Re-engaged for One Year More. R.H.D. would be happy to hear from Mr. Avolo and Mr. F. Clifton. ref; BNA. 


1869 Feb 7 ~ The Era Classified Ads - CLIFTON, CLIFTON, CLIFTON, the Greatest Corde Volante performer in the World, who has performed in all the great Cities throughout the Globe, also Cirque Napolean de I'Imperatrice, Paris., now performing at the Royal Alhambra Theatre, Holborn for upwards of twenty weeks, and the Crystal Palace. Open for a turn for future dates. ref; BNA.


1869 Feb 1 - Apr 24th ~ Royal Amphitheatre and Circus,  Holborn, London - appearing regularly, Herr Oscar Carre's Performing Horses; the Matchless Scenes in the Arena, including Messrs. A. Bradbury, Carre, Salamonsky, Adolphe Carre, Clifton, who varies his perfomance on the 'Corde Volante', Burgess, Loyal and Mesdlles. Monterro. Salamonsky, Amalia, Schwaertz, and Krembser. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1869 Aug 3rd & 4th ~ Raslus, The Roman Gyrist, every evening at The Oxford, London. ref; London Evening News, BNA.


1869 Aug 5 ~ Marriage, The Register Office, Whitechapel, London, Frank Clifton, Acrobat of 5, Bell Lane, Spitalfields, son of Thomas Clifton, Gentleman, deceased & Sarah Alvarez, formerly Daniels, otherwise Toledano, aged 29, widow, of the same address, daughter of Joshua Daniels, Confectioner. In the presence of William Bright & Ernest Augustus Coombes. ref; Marrage Certificate.


1869 Aug 9 to Nov 17 ~ The Oxford Inauguration, The Oxford Music-Hall, London - Leslie, the greatest American Artiste - A 'Cantatina' entitled 'The Apple of Discord' supported by five distinguished artistes. Mr. Leslie, the greatest American artiste who ever visited England, is engaged exclusively at this establishemnt, his first appearance; RASLUS, the Great Roman Gyrist, who's services are exceedingly secured, will make his appearance in his TERRIFIC ACT., Raynor, the latest negro novelty. The best in line, and a host of new talent. ref; Aug 9th 1869, London Evening Standard, The Sun, BNA.


1869 Dec 12 ~ The Era Classified Ads  - Raslus, the Roman Gyrist, after six months success at the Oxford, London, opens at the Alhambra, Hull 27th, for Twelve Nights., Open for future dates, also for Original Act 'The Brazillian Ape Jacko', Grotesque. Agent. W. R. Julian, 34, Wellington Street, London. ref; BNA. 


1869 Dec 19 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Raslus, the Great Roman Gyrist, now at the OXFORD, wishes to correct an advertisement in last week's issue of The Era, and to announce that the Management of his Business is under the sole and exclusive control and direction of Mr. Charles Roberts, through whose agency he will, on the 27th of December, appear at the Alhambra Palace, Hull, and on the 7th of March will, for a few weeks only, appear at the Royal Cambridge Music Hall, London. ref; BNA. 


1870 Jan 18 - 25 ~ Alexandra Music Hall, Peter Street, Manachester, Lancashire - Proprietor, Mr. Edsward Garcia: appearing, The Brothers Vercelles, gymnasts & acrobats; Miss Emily Schofield, serio comic; Mr & Mrs. W. Charles, duettists; Mr & Mrs. Harry Waite, dancers & singers; Sisters Emma & Nettie; Raslus, the Roman Gyrist who has astounded the audiences by his daring performances; Mons. Le Tort, wizard of the North; Miss Russell, and Miss Bella Anderson. ref; Manchester Evening News, BNA.


1870 Jan  30 ~The Era Classified Ads -  Raslus, in his thrilling Flyaway Somersault at the Alexandra, Manchester, Lancs., Agent; Mr. Charles Roberts. ref; The Era, BNA.


1870 Mar 6th - 14th ~ Royal Cambridge Music-Hall, Commercial Street, Bishopsgate: Proprietor Mr. G. W. Nugent, including The Great Vance, Emma Mowbray, Guy Linton, Miss Ada Herminie, Mr Robert Green, Kate Garstone, Annie Adams, the renowned Lenton Family, Harry Wingett, Raslus the Roman Gyrist, the Brothers Voltaire, West and Emma West. ref; Morning Advertiser, BNA. 


1870 Mar 19 ~ The Entr'acte Classified Ads - Raslus, The Roman Gyrist, having returned from a successful provincial tour, is appearing at the Royal Cambridge Music-Hall, every evening. Open for turns. Sole Agent Mr. Charles Roberts, London. ref: BNA. 


1870 Apr 2 ~ The Royal Cambridge Music Hall, Commercial Street, Shoreditch, London, Proprietor, Mr. G. W. Nugent: - Another serious accident to a trapeze performer is related at The Cambridge Music Hall, when the Roman Gyrist, Raslus, as the unfortunate acrobat in question was called, was in the act of clutching on the swinging bars, and his secure hold, of which so many nights his life had depened moved away from his grasp and he fell with great force to the table underneath. A surgeon was immediately called for. Happily no great damage was caused, but a bruised thigh and intense shock to the system, the result of which will most likely incapacitate him from him from earning his livlihood in the same precarious fashion. ref; Western Daily Press, and many other newspapers across the country, BNA.


1870 Apr 5th - 12th ~ ALARMING ACCIDENT AT A MUSIC HALL - An incident occured at The Cambridge Music Hall on Saturday night which affords another proof of the recklessness with which acrobats go through their hazardous performances, and of the insufficient means provided for their rescue in case of accident. On the occasion referred to, a man who advertised as Raslus, the Roman Gyrist, when he had just reached the trapeze on which he was to perform, either got giddy or lost his hold, and fell with his face downwards on a table, at which the Chairman, as he is called, usually sits. He was immediately removed, and a surgeon having been called in to examine him, it was found that he had received a severe bruise to his thigh, and that he was also suffering from an intense shock to the system. The occurance caused great excitement, which had not entirely subsided when the Hall closed for the night. ref; Hastings and St. Leonards Observer, BNA.


1870 Apr 14 ~ Birth of Joshua Toledano at 17, Exmouth Court, Mile End, London, Middlesex, England, son of Abraham Toledano, general dealer & Sarah Toledano formerly Daniels. ref; Birth Certificate, (see notes on Sarah Toledano & family naming traditions)


1870 Apr 16 ~ Raslus the Roman Gyrist appears at The South of England Music Hall. ref; The Hampshire Telegraph, BNA.


1870 Apr 30 ~ New York Clipper, Theatrical Record, Clipper Post Office., Frank Clifton. ref; IDNC.


1870 May 18 ~ Alexander Music Hall, Aldershot, Hampshire, UK., appearing., Raslus the Roman Gyrist, Greatest Gymnast in the World. ref; Aldershot Military Gazette, BNA. 


1870 May 30 - Classified Ads - RASLUS, Portsmouth 3 weeks, Aldershot 2 weeks,, Open Fetes & Galas - Raslus has made an immense hit in his Famous Flying Rope Act; at the Alhambra, Hull; Thornton, Leeds; Alexandra, Manchester; Oxford & Brighton &c., All applications whether for Theatre, Fete or Music-Hall must be addressed to Charles Roberts, 5 York Road, Lambeth, London. ref; The London Entr'acte, BNA. 


1870 Jun 4 ~ The renowned Raslus in his daring feats on the Flying Rope, at the AMC Fete & Gala, Chesterfield. ref: The Era, BNA. 


1870 Jun 11 ~ Saturday, Raslus, with Leopold Brothers and Dugwar, the India Juggler,. The Fete, Chatsworth Drill Ground. ref; Derbyshire Times & Chesterfield Herald. BNA.


1870 Jul 5-7 ~ The Odd Fellows, Banbury, Oxfordshire, 'The greatest share of the applause however, fell to Raslus, the renowned Gyrist, as we find him styled in the programme, who went through a number of feats on the trapeze and the flying rope that made one feel for the persons safety. Certainly Raslus is one of the best performers in his line that we have seen here.  ref; The Era, & Banbury Guardian, BNA.


1870 Jul 19 ~ Cirencester Grand Odd Fellow's Procession and Fete, at the Seven Rides in Earl Bathurst's Park, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England - In providing the various Vocal, Teraichorean and Gymnastic Entertainments, the Committee have had the assistance of Mr. Charles Roberts, the Premier Caterer to the Nobilty's and Crystal Palace Fetes and Galas, in engaging a powerful programme of Star Athletes, Metropolitan Novelties and London Sensations, including Raslus, the renowned Roman Gyrist, Acrobat vand Gymnast, in his daring exploits on the High Trapeze and Italian Stilts, and Fearless Flights and Graceful Gyrations on the Flying Rope. ref; Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard, BNA. 


1870 Aug 6 ~ New York Clipper - WANTED, BY YOUNG MAN - A situation in a good Minstrel or Circus Troupe to learn the business. Address, FRANK CLIFTON, Clipper Office. ref; IDNL.


1870 Aug 15-20 ~ The Great August Fetes, The Zoological Gardens, Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England - under Mr. Charles Roberts Direction and Management., Raslus the Flying Man from Russia. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1870 Aug 25 ~ Spalding's Great Star Gala and Monster Fete, in the Park-like Grounds at the back of Welland Hall, Spalding, Lincolnshire, by kind permission of Mrs. R. A. White, and under distinguished patronage. Two splendid Brass bands; Magnificent Quadrille Band; Raslus; the celebrated Whitworth Family (seven in number) in their marvellous entertainments; Dugwar; Harry Symonds; Raslus on the Italian Stilts; Professor Browne; Miss Kate Macnamara; the Brothers Seward; Grand Concert by the Whitworth Family; Rural Sports and Foot-Racing; Grand fete Champetre; magnificent Illumination of the Grounds with the Lime Light; Balloon Ascents, and a Grand Display of Fireworks. ref: Stanford Mercury, BNA. 


1870 Sep 4th - 18th ~ Sinclaire & Croueste's Grand Circus, Carlistle Street, Edware Road, London; Crowded nightly, appreciative and delighted Thousands. Immense success of Harry Welby Cooke, England's Champion Horseman. Another Great Change ! First appearance of Mr. Frank Clifton, who will go through his extraordinary performances upon the Oscillating Rope. Edwin Croueste, The Powell Family; Jean Louis; Mr. Harry Welby Cooke; Miss Adah Isaacs, jester; Adair, lifting heavy weights and Fabian the Clown; ref; The Era, BNA.


1870 Sep 25 ~ Gordon's Music Hall, Southampton, Hampshire, England - Raslus, the Roman Gyrist gives a most original and daring gymnastic performance. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1870 Oct 8 ~ New York Clipper Classified  - A Young Man who states that he can do end business or act as interlocutor desires engagement. Address, Frank Clifton, care of this office. ref; IDNC.


1870 Nov 13 ~ Raslus, Roman Gyrist appears at the New Adelphi Music Hall, Liverpool, Manager Mr. H. De Frece. ref; The Era, BNA.


1870 Dec 11 ~ Raslus, the Roman Gyrist appears at the South of England Music Hall, Portsmouth. ref; The Era, BNA.


1871 Jan 23 ~ The Licensed Victuallers School - Visit of the children to the Surrey Theatre for the Pantomime 'My Son Jack; or, Harlequin Mother Goose and the gaping Wide-Mouthed Waddling Frog'. When Mons Raslus, the wonderful man monkey appeared, the children again grew excited. "Was it a man or a monkey ?" passed from one to the other all along the front pit seats.. many have grave doubts, so the fact still remains an open question. ref; The Morning Advertiser, BNA. 


1871 Mar 5 ~ The Era Classified Ads RASLUS! RASLUS! RASLUS! the Great Roman Gyrist, Man Monkey & Clown, concluded two successful Engagements at the Crystal Palace & The Surrey Theatre, now creating a marked sensation at the PAVILION THEATRE, WHITECHAPEL. All communications to Charles Roberts. RASLUS, PAVILION THEATRE. ref; BNA.


1871 Apr 2 ~ UK Census, England - Frank Raslus, head, lodger, 29, Roman Gyrist, born America with his wife Sarah and family at the Portland Arms Public House, Portland Street, Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire. ref; National Census RG10/4793, page 27. 


1871 May 7 ~ "A laughable but skilled performance on the stilts is given by by the Clown Raslus, Croueste's Circus, (Leasee Edwin Croueste) Carlisle Street, Edware Road, London. ref; The Era, BNA.


1871 May 13 ~ Grand Gala and Rural Fete, Congleton Public Park, Cheshire - appearing, Mons. & Madam Frechon, French acrobats & gymnasts; Professor Browne, the Bicycle Blondin, champion velocipede rider of the world; Raslus, the renowned Roman Gyrist, from the Oxford, a gymnast perfect in skill, grace and intrepidity; Miss Kate Macnamara, the popular London serio-comic vocalist. ref; Congleton & Macclesfield Mercury, and Chester General Advertiser, BNA. 


1871 Jun 3 ~ Foresters Gala, Norwich - The gymnastic feats of Mons. Raslus and M. Manric & son were alike pleasing, graceful and extraordinary. ref; Norfolk News, BNA. 


1871 Jul 9 ~ Amusements in Spain, at Price's Circus, Madrid, Spain., Raslus, a new arrival, turns no end of somersaults and revolves with rapidity on a slack-rope. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1871 Aug 27 ~ The Era Classified Ads - RASLUS, the Great Slack-Rope Performer. No Champion or King, but Master of the Art. Also Clown, Vaulter & Chair Performer. Always a sure hit where ever he goes & will shortly return from Spain, where he will make arrangements with those Gentlemen who may require his services. Address, Circo de Price, Madrid, Spain. re; BNA.


1871 Nov 13 - 17 ~ McCollum's Royal Circus, Exeter - Manager Mr. Harry Bonfanti - incl.....the great Cleo, the Great American Artiste Mr. Hiram Franklin, 'The Champion of the Corde Volante, recalled three times nightly to receive the hearty applause of the delighted audiences', Signorita Josephine Bonfanti and her highly trained mare 'Zulma', the talented Hogini Family, Mr. Edwin Croueste as Dick Turpin. ref; Western Times, Exeter, BNA.


1871 Nov 21 ~ McCollum's Circus, Victoria Hall, Exeter, nightly draws large audiences. Last year Mr. McCollum introduced to Exeter a number of performers who were driven here by the war, and though many of these have not reappeared in Exeter this year, yet he has brought down to the 'Ever faithful' a large number of artistes of first rate merit...among the clowns & jesters, the Brothers Werne & Rochez, Croueste and Joe Hogini., and among the riders Misses Josephine Bonfanti, Bovie, Florence, Hogini, Master Anthony, and the well known Mr. J. Powell and his son. Mr. Hiram Franklin is a performer of much ability, and comes from the land of all smart doings; his champion bending act is a clever performance and his contortions are all good; walking, dancing, and going through all sorts of manoeuvres on the rope seem quite natural to him with an unusual amount of ease and grace. ref; The Western Times, BNA.


1871 Nov 25 & 27 ~ McCollum's Royal Circus, Victoria Hall, Exeter. Last night of the marvellous Cleo., On Mon. next 27th, reappearance and farewell of the Inimitable MONSIEUR BLONDIN, the renowned Hero of Niagara, who re-engaged at an enormous expense for ONE WEEK ONLY, prior to his departure to fulfil his American Engagements. All his great feats as performed at Crystal Palace., The Dashing Hiram Franklin, every evening in his Aerial Entertainement. ref; The Western Daily Mail, BNA.


1871 Dec 9 -12 ~ The Circus, Exeter - 'Mr. Hiram Franklin, a very clever performer on the slack-rope took his benefit last night. Tonight the James Brothers whose extraordinary feats have been witnessed with admiration and wonder take their benefit tonight. ref; Western Times, BNA. 


1871 Dec 30 ~ McCollum's Royal Circus, Back Fields, Stoke's Croft, Bristol, patronised by Their Royal Highnesses The Prince & Princess of Wales. This magnificantly fitted-up building is now open for a short Winter Season with the Greatest Equestrian Company in Europe. Crowded to overflowing. Fourth appearance in Bristol of the Hogini Family, Fourth appearance of the Great American Artiste Hiram Franklin on the Corde Volante, triumphant success of the new company. Received last night with the most vociferous approbation. Grand illuminated mid-day performance to-day at 2.30, and every day this week. ref; Western Daily Mail, BNA.


1872 Jan 7 ~ Birth of Mary Clifton at 1, Bell Vue Terrace, Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England, daughter of Frank Clifton, acrobat & Sarah Alvarez formerly TOLEDANO. ref; Birth Certificate. 


1872 Jan 11 ~ Close 28th Jan - McCOLLUM'S CIRCUS, Stoke's Croft, Bristol, England (Proprietor Mr. Thomas MacCollum) - Hiram Franklin seems to have the suppleness of a Boa Constrictor, and must be seen to be appreciated. One of his feats of suppleness is to stand on the seats of two ordinary kitchen chairs, and bend himself backwards till his head touches the ground, after which he recovers himself with apparent ease. 'Hiram Franklin and his flexibilty of person and great muscular power we have already spoken' others performers Joe Hogini, clown; The Warne Brothers, acrobats; Funny Willie Rochez; & Mr. Powell and his Horse Napoloeon. ref; The Western Daily Press, BNA.


1872 Feb 3 - BRISTOL - MACCOLLUM'S CIRQUE (proprietor, Mr. T. Macollum) Young D'Lorna, the clever equilibrist, continues a freeat attraction here. Hiram Franklin, on the Corde Volante, receives as much applause as ever, while the Brothers Warne are still proving themselves to be excellent.  ref; The London and Provincial Entr'acte, BNA.


1872 Mar 17 - Royal Amphitheatre, London - (Mr. Charman, Proprietor) -  The daring feats on the corde volante by the American Franklin have been enthusiastically applauded. Mr. Jennings, a jester of considerable ability, enlivens the performance with his witty sallies. Mr. Bradbury's equestrianism is the perfection of the art. The remainder of the company give the greatest satisfaction to the crowded audiences. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1872 Mar 22 ~ Death of Thomas McCollum, Lambeth, London, England. ref; BNA.


1872 Jun 16 ~ Mechanic's Music Hall, Grimston Street, Kingston-Upon-Hull, (General Manager, Mr. J. H. Wood) The newcomers this week at this hall comprise Fred. Wallingford, Comic and great favourite, Mons. Raslus, the Roman Gyrist, La Belle Maud, juvenile serio, and Mr. D'Everux Linton, male soprano. ref. The Era, BNA.


1872 Jul 15 ~ Death of Henry Robert Clifton the comic vocalist, aka Harry Clifton in Shepherd's Bush, London, England. ref; BNA. 


1872 Aug 24 ~  Pullen's Music Hall, Bradford, Yorkshire, England.,  A somewhat new and surprising performer has appeared in this place every night during the week, and will, we expect finish his present engagement tonight, and that is Raslus, the Roman Gyrist, who in his circular or whirling motions or gyrations, and in his Flying Cord Act is somewhat more than sensational. His performance 'a la Risley' along with Alvarez, is refined and elegant in a high degree, and the whole have given the utmost satisfaction to a large audience; and we would advise those who have not seen them, not to miss the treat tonight. ref; The Leeds Times, BNA.


1872 Sep 21 ~ Theatrical Record, Clipper Post Office., Frank R. Cliftonref; New York Clipper, IDNC. 


1872 Nov 3 ~ Raslus, the Roman Gyrist is fullfilling a good engagement here - Alhambra Music Hall, Liverpool. ref; The Era, BNA.


1872 Fall ~ Frank Clifton, Gymnast & Acrobat with James T. Johnson's Circus, USA. ref; New York Clipper, NYPL.


1872 Dec 14 ~ Messrs. Raslus & Alvarez appear at the Alhambra Music Hall, Mill Dam, South Shields. ref; South Shields Gazette, BNA.


1872/3 Winter ~ Frank Clifton, gymnast, acrobat with the Imperial Brazillian Circus, The Hippodrome, Philadelphia, USA. ref; New York Clipper, NYPL. 


1873 Jan 14 - 18 -  Brown's Royal Music Hall, Glagow, Lanarkshire, Scotland - Proprietor & Manager, Mr. David Brown; First Appearance of those Great Continental Artistes, Mons. RASLUS and LA PETIT ALVAREZ, in their Grand Drawing Room Entertainment. First appearances of Mr. C. Bishop, Madame Estelle, Will Vale, re-engagement of the African Hercules, Prof. Johnson., great success of the following talented artistes, Miss Kate Rossiter, Miss Marie Coulson, Mr Wyndham, and Ryley and Dawron. ref; North British Daily Mail, BNA. 


1873 Jan 27 - Feb 9 ~ Mons. Raslus & Alvarez - Celebrated Gymnasts, appear at the Victoria Theatre Royal, West Hartlepool, Yorkshire. ref; Bill Poster, Glasgow, Scotland Archives.


1873 Feb 16 ~ Messrs Raslus & Alvarez - the Alhambra Music Hall, Sheffield, Yorkshire. ref; The Era Newspaper, BNA.


1873 Feb 22 ~ Mons. Raslus & Alvarez, gymnasts - Pullen's New Music Hall and Palace of the West Riding, Brunswick Place, Bradford. Yorkshire, 'The Peoples Own Hall'. ref; The Leeds Times, British Newspaper Library. 


1873 Apr 19 ~ Bakers & Farson, Dutch comedians; Beach & Fletcher, Irish Dutch specialities; and the Clifton Brothers, trapeze performers, can be secured through Col. T. A. Brown's agency, of 9, West Fourth Street, New York, and a band of five pieces and eight coryphees and advertised for. ref; New York Clipper, IDNC. 


1873 May 3 ~ Clifton Bros, a Horizontal Bar Act at The Metropole Theatre, Indianapolis, Ind.,  then to Cinncinnatti. ref; New York Clipper.


1873 May 10 ~ Theatrical Record, Clipper Post Office, Gentlemans List. Frank R. Clifton. ref; New York Clipper.


1873 May 10 - 17 ~ Fred. Aims' American Variety Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA., appearing The Startling Clifton Brothersref; New York Clipper. 


1873 Jun 4 - The Clifton Bros, Louis & Henri, horizontal bar act with Romelli & Co Circus, USA. ref; New York Clipper.


1873 Sep 1 ~ Passenger RecordMr. Frank Clifton travels aboard the SS. 'Calabria' from Liverpool, England via Queenstown, Ireland to New York, USA. ref; Passenger Records, New York Passenger Lists 1820-1957.


1873 Sep 7 ~The Winchester Music Hall, London -  The Raslus Troupe, which consists of an adult male performer who turns somersaults on stilts, and accomplishes other astonishing acts; a little boy who bends and tumbles and alights on his feet in a marvellous way when he is twisted and thrown about by his senior companion; and an infant who does wonders for his age, were rewarded with warm applause. Mons. Raslus is particularly quick and smart and the children are uncommonly clever. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1873 Nov 3 ~ Dundee Music Hall and Opera House, foot of Castle Street (Near the Royal Arch) - The Greatest Triumph of the Season. The People's Palace of Amusement crowded from floor to ceiling to witness the greatest combination of talent ever presented to a Dundee Audience. Appearing The Leons, THE RASLUS TROUPE. Astounding feats by the Rolmaz Trio, Signor Raslus' performance on the Corde Volante must be seen to be believed. There is but one RASLUS TROUPE, and they can only remain Five Nights. Also The Comic King, Mr. N. C. Bostock, Miss Annie Lawrence, Alf Diey, Jess Juba and The Derkaro Troupe on Monday. ref; Dundee Courier & Argus, Northern Wanderer, BNA. 


1874 Feb 7 ~ Birth of Joseph TOLEDANO at 22, Christian Street, Islington, Liverpool, Lancashire, England, son of Abraham Toledano, acrobat & Sarah Toledano nee Daniels of the same address. (see Joe Boganny Profile). ref: Birth Certificate. 


1874 Feb 10~ Alexander Music Hall, Peter Street, Manchester - appearing Raslus & Pupilsref; Manchester Courier & Lancashire General Advertiser, BNA. 


1874 Feb 29 ~ Frank R Clifton in his Double Pirouette on the Horizontal Bar: 'the only man living who can accomplish the extraordinary feat' performing with Langrishe & Glenn's New York Black Crook Company at The Metropolitan Theatre, Sacramento, California, USA. ref; The Sacramento Daily Union, Veridian Digital Library, USA. 


1874 May 2 ~ Business at the Toronto, Ontario, Academy of Music is said to be good. Sallie Swift, club swinger; Joe Mall, Dutch Comique; and Rita Cohen, in songs with Frank Clifton, gymnast, have contributed a very acceptable programme, closing nightly with 'Barney the Baron', with Den Thomson in the leading role. Departures April 25; Sally Swift, Montpelier Varieties, Cleveland; Den Thomson and Rosa Cohen, Montreal; Frank Clifton, who will lay up for a time to bring out a new act; Joe Mall, Chicargo. Billy Ray, Maggie Ray, Alice Gilmore, and Cora Cushman open on April 27. ref; New York Clipper.


1874 Jul 16 ~ Shipping Intelligence, Foreign Ports - Liverpool, in Port July 16th,- Clifton to San Francisco. ref; Daily Alta, San Francisco 24th July, CDNL.


1874 Jul 18 ~ Frank R. Clifton, gymnast, is commencing the Season in California & Territory with Langrishe & Glenn's Black Crook Co.....the only man that can accomplish this extraordinary feat.......with Frankie Etta. ref; New York Clipper, Veridian Digital Library, USA.


1874 Aug 2 - 15 ~ Maguire's New Theatre, San Francisco - On Monday 10th, Langrishe & Glenn's Troupe from New York, will appear at Maguire's Theatre, in the celebrated spectacular play 'The Devil's Magnet' on a plan of 'The Black Crook', with a ballet. The scenes, costumes and machinary have been imported from New York at an expence of $25,000, and the different characters will be taken by well known actors & actresses: M'lle Jeanette Proscher, the premier Dansense, Pauline Barratta, Adaline Dressel, Lotta La Rue, Cora Ambroise; Ladies of the Ballet,  and others who have achieved a reputation in the East, will appear in conjunction with the wonderful Runnells Brothers, Charles E. Dobson, the banjoist, Frank R. Clifton, gymnast, on the horizontal bar, accomplishes his great feat of the double pirouette, Miss Frankie Etta, clog dancer, Frank Blanchett, contortionist, Ernest Lorenzen, Master Bonnie Runnells and others whose names are well known to the amusement loving public. ref; 22 Aug 1874 The Daily Alta, vol 26, no.8889, CDNL.


1874 Sep 20 ~ The Era Classified Ads - RASLUS !!! ALVAREZ !!! TOLADANO !!!  Acrobats, Double Somersaults, Contortionists, Chairs, Stilts, Clowns. Raslus's Flight from the ceiling to the Stage, without Slings & surnamed the greatest Corde Volante Artiste in the World. A few vacant dates in November for London or the Continent. All letters, People's Opera House, Stockport, Lancs. ref; BNA. 


1874 Sep 24 ~ Metroplitan Theatre, San Francisco, last three performances before departing for the City of Mexico on Oct 1st - Frank R. Clifton in his Double Pirouette on the Horizontal Bars, the only man living who can accomplish this extraordinary feat with Langrishe & Glenn's New York Black Crook. ref; Sacramento Daily Union 29 Sep 1874, Illinois Digital Newspaper Library. 


1874 Oct 3-5 ~ Grand Continental Circus, Church Field, Barnsley, Lancashire., Raslus & Leco, the extra-ordinary Artistes on the horizontal bar, flying trapeze and french vaulters. ref: Barnsley Cronicle, BNA. 


1874 Oct 4 ~ The People's Concert Hall, Manchester., the Raslus Troupe of Acrobats are both clever and entertaining. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1874 Oct 26 ~ First appearance in Dundee of the Marvellous Raslus Troupe (six in number) from the principle Continental Circuses including  Alvary & Young Talodano in their Wonderful Acrobatic Drawing Room Entertainment, Gymnastic Games, Double Somersaults, Chairs, Stilts, and Corde Volante. One of the Greatest Performances Travelling.  - Dundee Music Hall and Opera House, foot of Castle Street, near the Royal Arch, Dundee, Scotland. ref; Bill Poster, Dundee Local Studies Library. 


1874 Oct 31 - Nov 8 ~ Dundee Music Hall & Operetta House, Dundee, Scotland - Great Flying Leap of 40 feet & Slack-Rope Act by Signor Raslus, and new feats by the Raslus Troupe.  ref; The Era, BNA. 


1874 Nov 16 - 18 ~ Woodward's Gardens, San Francisco, Cal; The Double-Pirouette Bar Act by F. Clifton is a wonderful performance, and draws forth rounds of applause, also appearing,  The Australian Hercules, Professor Miller. ref; Daily Alta, CDNl. 


1874 Dec 7-19 ~ The New Wear Music Hall, Drury Lane, Sunderland - Professor Raslusref; Sunderland Daily Echo, BNA. 


1874 Dec 22-28 ~ Theatre Royal, Middlesborough, Lancs., The world renowned Raslus, Juno and Tiburo in the seasonal Pantomime 'Cinderella' as Sprites. ref; Daily Gazette for Middlesborough, BNA. 


1875 ~ Pacific Coast Business Directory 1875-77, H. G. Langley, Publisher, S.F. - Frank R. Clifton, Circus Performer, dwl, International Hotel, San Francisco. ref; The New City Annual Directory of San Francisco, California 1875. 


1875 Feb 15 & 28 ~ Wilson's Palace Amphitheatre, California, USA - James Robinson has now recovered entirely, and is riding an act that startles the oldest circus habituees, at the same time charming them with his wonderful balance and exceeding grace. M'lle De Granville, the beautiful lady with jaws of iron and teeth of steel is a novel and pleasing feature of the evening's entertainment. Charles Drayton is expert and lusty with his cannon-balls and dumb-bells. Nat Austin will this week introduce a novel feature, which he calls "Blind Man's Buff on Horseback", in which four ladies and himself take part. Hadj Hamo and Cassim the juggling acrobats, will perform. Frank Clifton the accomplished artiste goes through a startling somersault and pirouette act on the triple horizontal bars. Romeo Sebastian will throw backward and foreward somersaults on horseback. The racing buffalo and equestrian dog "Moke" will each appear. There will be a matinee performance on Wednesday afternoon next. ref; Daily Alta, California, CDNL.


1875 Mar 29 - Apr 17  ~ The Great Montgomery Queens Circus, San Francisco opened 29th., Frank Clifton the Triple Bar performer has no equal., Frank Clifton, gymnast in an Horizontal Bar Act with Sam Ashton, others performing, Messrs. Miacos, Nat. Austin, Chas. Fish, Levantine & Runnells, Charles Burrows, Billy Burke, Mollie Brown, ref: New York Clipper, IDNC.


1875 May 8 ~ Varieties, Tonight, Delgrange and Juliens Opera, Raslus's Roman Acrobats. Will Parker's benefit. Friday. ref; Yorkshire Post & Leeds Intelligencer, BNA.


1875 May 13-15 ~ Frank Clifton with Montgomery Queens Circus & Menagerie at Sacramento, California, then to Petaluma 24th and all cities central and U.P.H.D - is doing a triple bar act with the show instead of Fred. Levantine as hitherto stated. ref; New York Clipper Archive. 


1875 May 22 ~ Montgomery Queen's Circus & Menagerie exhibited at Sacremento, California., May 13th, 14th, 15th, and from there are coming East, showing at Petaluma 24th, and all cities easy of access from central and U.P.R.R. Frank Clifton is doing the triple-bar act with this show, instead of Fred. Levantine, as hitherto stated. ref; New York Clipper, Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections. 


1875 Jun 21 ~ Mons. RONSLAUS, The Great Roman Gyrist & Aerial Wonder. A most startling gymnastic display on the Corde Volante, at The Anniversary Festival & Gala at the Derby Aboretum., Derby, Derbyshire, England. ref: The Era, BNA.


1875 Aug 14 ~ Montgomery Queen's Menagerie and Circus, Chicargo, Ill, paid an unexpected visit on the morning of Aug 6. Without a sheet of paper or programme, they opened that evening to a house rubbing close to $900. The ring performances are by far the best ever witnessed in Chicargo. With such equestrians as Jas. Robinson, Chas. W. Fish, Romeo Sebastian, and Mollie Brown, it is strong in this department, and the Runnell Bros., Frank Clifton & Thos. Clifford stand at the head of the tumbling line. The menagerie is first class. Mollie Brown is riding splendidly this season, and is throwing herself somersaults on a bareback horse every day. Owing to heavy rains, they were compelled to throw up several stands and make forced stands at a day's notice; hence their coming here. the afternoon and evening of Aug 7 will be their last show in Chicargo, and Monday 9th they bopen at Plymouth, IND. ref; IDNC. 


1875 Aug 21 ~ Royal Pavillion Music Hall, Tudor Street, Sheffield; Prop, Mr. T. Jackson -  First appearance in Sheffield of the World Famed Mons. Raslus, TOLORADO and ALVAREZ, the Great ACROBATS and Stilt Performers. ref; Sheffield Daily Telegraph, BNA.


1875 Oct 30 ~ New York Clipper Classified Ads - CLIFTON, Speciality Artiste, recently arrived from Europe, can be addressed care of this office. ref; IDNC.


1875 ~ Pacific Coast Business Directory, 1875-77, H. G. Langley, Publisher, S.F - Clifton, Frank R., Circus Performer, dwl, International Hotel, Cal, USA. ref;


1876 Apr 8 ~ Frank R. Clifton has left Chiarini's Circus in Rio de Janiero, Brazil and arrives in Philidelphia, PA. ref; Circus Historical Society. 


1876 Jun 5th & 6th, Whitsun ~ Bradford, West Riding Galas, 1876, The Greatest Galas in the World - The following Artistes will appear; War Arabs, Twelve in number, Niblo and Victor, A. de Castro Family, Gilbert and Aytoum, Ricardo Troupe, Walton's Dogs, Colmar Family, Brother Poluski, French and Angelo, Robarts and Romax; Raslus with partners Alvarez & Tapolina on the rope and in a Stilt Act., Brothers Verona, Mons. and Madame D'Alvini, Mons Charlan, and Professor Renniff. The whole under the management, for the Fourth Year, of C. R. Pullan, Agent, Bradford, Peele Park Gala, Bradford, West Riding, Yorkshire. ref; The Era Archives.


1876 Jun 10 - 17 ~ MR. HIRAM FRANKLIN RASLUS, the American Champion Slack-Rope Performer, accompanied by his two sons (Willie & Ernest), the Marvellous Acrobats & Clowns - A Grand Aquatic Gala on the River Dee and The Music Hall, Chester, Fri & Sat Jun 16th & 17th - Complimentary benefit for Mr. Harry Bonfanti. ref: The Chester Observer, Wrexham Guardian, BNA.


1876 Jun 11 ~ The Era Classified Ads - 'S. P. Q. R. as the Spirit of the Air' RASLUS, RASLUS, the Wonder of all Wonders of the World ! RASLUS and SONS,  Ne Plus Ultre as Acrobats, &c., Disengaged, Monday, June 19th, for Theatres, Circuses, Concerts, Halls, Gardens, and Fetes and Galas. Note the address, Horse and Jockey, 31, Stickland Street, Everton, Liverpool. Letter or Wire. We have commenced to ride; look out for the start. ref; BNA. 


1876 Jun 16 & 17 - Music Hall, Chester, with a Complimentary Benefit to Mr Harry Bonfanti this well known circus manager was announced to be given in the Music Hall last night and tonight - "Comprising all the most talented profesional artiste in Great Britain, from London, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham including Miss Beckwith, "Heroine of The Thames, in the Fairy Aquarium"; Messrs. Niblo and Victor, "the greatest flying trapeze artistes the world has yet produced", Mr. R. Woodnam of Wrexham," the charming tenor vocalist"; Mr. Hiram Franklin Raslus, "the American champion slack-rope performer"; Mr. George Pearson, the renowned comic and motto vocalist; and Master Albert Bamber, 'surnamed the Juvenile Sims Reeves', &c. ref; Wrexham Guardian and Denbighshire & Flintshire Advertiser, BNA. 


1876 Sep 3 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, an ASTRONOMICAL PHENOMENON, to witness the Great Gyratic RASLUS, the Shooting Star, in his Startling Leap for Life; in conjunction with his two sons, Alvarez & Toledano concluding at Cremone Gardens To-night. Opening at South of England Music Hall, Portsmouth, Monday September 4th. ref; BNA.


1876​ Dec 30 ~ at the Olympic Theatre the newcomers Dec 18th were Clifton & Forepaugh who did a clever horizontal -bar act, during which Clifton turned a double-back somersault, eliciting much applause. ref; New York Clipper, IDNC.


1876 - Pacific Coast Business Directory, 1875-77, H. H. Langley, Publisher, S.F. - Clifton Frank R., Circus Performer, dwl, International Hotel, Cal, USA. ref;


1877 Feb 10 ~ Tony Pastor's - The leading Variety Theatre in America., Pat Rooney, Sam Devere, Scanlon & Cronin, Irish Actors., Clifton & Forepaugh, 'acrobatic marvels', Foy Sisters, Ida and Bertha, Kittie O'neil, French Sisters, The Bennetts, Frank & Eva, The Long Brothers, Graeco-Roman Athletes, M??  Robeson, serio-comique, Empire Children, musical prodigies and all of Tony Pastor's Great Troupe. Matinees, Tues & Fri at 2 o'clock, carriages for the evening receptions may be ordered at 10.40. ref; New York Clipper. 


1877 Jan 28 ~ South of England Music Hall, Portsmouth, UK., appearing The Raslus Troupe of acrobats. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1877 Mar 24 ~ The International Music Hall, Philladelphia, on 21st., F. R. Clifton & Forepaugh were new arrivals, a very clever Horizontal Bar Act by Curry, Fox, Clifton & Forepaugh. ref; New York Clipper, Veridian Digital Library, USA. 


1877 Nov 17 ~ Tony Pastor's Theatre, New York - The Event of the Season, To Managers - CLIFTON and FOREPAUGH, and the SUYDAM BROTHERS, have consolidated and are prepared to accept engagements for the production of the greatest of all Gymnastic Sensations, entitled 'The Silver Tournique'. ref; New York Clipper. 


1877 Dec 15 ~ Theatre Comique, 514, Broadway, New Yory - First appearance of The Great Quartet Silver Tournique, SUYDAM, CLIFTON, FOREPAUGH, AND SUYDAM. ref; New York Clipper.


1877 Dec 22 ~ The Suydam Brothers and Frank Clifton of the Silver Tourniquet Quartet go with the new Stone & Branson Show next season. Forepaugh being re-engaged with Adam Forepaugh Show. ref; New York Clipper.


1877 ~ Pacific Coast Business Directory, 1875-77, H. G. Langley, Publisher, S.F. - Clifton, Frank R., Circus Performer, dwl, International Hotel, Cal, USA. ref;


1878 Feb 9 ~ Pullen's Theatre of Varieties, Brunswick Place, Bradford, also appearing - The Raslus Troupe of acrobats show some remarkably clever feats, while Raslus's Flying Corde performances are astounding. ref Leeds Times, BNA.


1878 Mar 23 ~Acadamy of Music, Buffalo, NY., Clifton & Ashton, gymnasts. ref; New York Clipper. 


1878 Apr 18 ~ Passenger Record - Frank Clifton, artiste, aged 29, American citizen, travels with fellow artistes Charles Pices, Jesse Foster & Charles Connelly aboard the SS. 'City of Vera Cruz' from Havana, Cuba, arrived New York, USA on 24th April. ref; New York Passenger Lists,


1878 Jul 20 ~ Chicargo Variety News - Clifton and Fox join Tony Denier's Company which begins its season about September. ref; New York Clipper.


1878 Aug 3 - Oct 13  ~ Clifton & Fox, the gymnasts 'par excellence' on the triple horizontal bars, performing somersaults from bar to bar, and their feat of turning a double somersault from bar to stage, are engaged to travel the coming season with Tony Denier's Humpty Dumpty Troupe and his standard Company, with the only and Original Grimaldi.  ref; New York Clipper; Sunday Times, Syracuse, New York State Papers. 


1879 Feb 23 ~ The Era Classified Ads - The Raslus Troupe of Acrobats & Gymnasts at Liberty Mon. Next - Wire Raslus, the Roman King and Champion Flying Corde Artiste of the World, Double Somersaults, Somersaults on Stilts, Contortionists, Benders, Somersault Throwers, &c. Portsmouth, Monday 31st March. Twenty Nights., Victoria Music Hall, Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England. ref; BNA.


1879 Mar 9 ~ The Era Classified Ads - WANTED, by the Great Raslus and Troupe, SIX NIGHTS, Monday next. Please to wire, Magdala Music Hall, Skegness, Raslus the Roman King. Raslus TroupeChampion Acrobats of the World. Raslus, Six Double Somersaults, Contortionists, Somersaults, on Stilts. Risley, Somersault Vaulter, &c, &c. ref; BNA. 


1879 Mar 15 ~ To the following Ladies & Gentlemen, members of Tony Denier's Pantomime Troupe, Ada Boshell, Rosina Cooke, Victoria North, Emma Moulton, Little Venus, Tony Denier, Grimaldi (G. H. Adams), C. F. Fox, J. C. Franklin, Wm. Eunice, F. R. Clifton, H. Lister, E. Williams, F. Nunn, W. Nunn, Phil Heath, H. Brady, Adonis, G. Nunn, J. W. Gates, J. Nunn, E. Nunn, Wm. Hassenfratz, D. B. Hodges. Permit me to take this public method of thanking you, one and all, for your superb gift to me of a gold cable chain at Providence, Rhode Island., Feb 22nd, and I trust I shall always be ready to do any duty towards you in the future, as you kindly expressed I had done in the past, and hoping that our pleasant relations may continue to the end of a long and prosperous season. Believe me to remain, yours faithfully, F. D. Hildreth., Treasurer, Tony Denier's 'Humpty-Dumpty' Pantomime Troupe. ref; New York Clipper, IDNL.


1879 Mar 29 ~ Tony Denier's Pantomime Troupe in 'Humpty-Dumpty' attracted a large attendance to Martin Hall, Albany, NY., on 21st, 22nd. This Company ranks among the best of its kind. Geo. H. Adams (Grimaldi) is a first class Clown., C. F. Fox an amusing Pantaloon., Wm. Eunice a spritely Harlequin., and Ada Bushell a beautious and graceful Columbine. The variety people are all good, and comprise Victoria North, serio-comic., Phil Heath, ventriloquist., Lester & Williams, song and dance., Clifton & Fox, acrobats., Emma Moulton, club-swinger., Venus & Adonis, velocipedes., and Charles Diamond, known as the Milanese Minstrel. Route: Hudson 24, Saracuse 25, Cohees 26, Schenectady 27, Troy 28, 29, Utica 31, Syracuse April 1, 2, Rochester 3, 4.... J. C. and Mrs. Williams in 'Struck Oil' appear in Martin Hall 26, 27. ref; New York Clipper., Wild West Magazine 'Bat Masterson's Emma' by Chris Penn. 


1879 Apr 1 ~ Clifton & Fox astonish by excercise on horizontal bar, with Tony Denier's 'Humpty-Dumpty Company - Whatling Opera House. ref; Daily Courier, Syracuse, NY, State Historical Newspapers. 


1879 Apr 6 ~ The Era Classified Ads - RINK, TUNBRIDGE WELLS, THE GREAT RASLUS TROUPE, Gymnastic and Acrobatic World's Wonders; Raslus, Champion Flying Artiste of the World; Raslus Troupe, Double Somersault Acrobatic Entertainment. Vacant, Easter. Please to wire, Agent, Ambrose Maynard. ref; BNA. 


1879 Apr 13 ~ The Era Classified Ads - WANTED by the Great RASLUS TROUPE Twelve Nights, Monday Next. Please wire, Raslus, Champion Flying Wonder of the World; Raslus, Double Somersaults Act; Raslus, Terrific Success; Raslus, Sensation of the World, Raslus Comical Clowns; Raslus, Stilt Somersault Act, Wire Rink, Tunbridge Wells. ref; BNA. 


1879 Jun 1 ~ The Era Classified Ads - The Great Raslus Troupe, Gymnastics and Acrobatic World's Wonders. Raslus, Champion Flying Artiste of the World. Raslus Troupe Double Somersault Acrobatic Entertainment. Vacant dates, June 16th, July 14th and August 18th. Address, Birmingham Concert Hall, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1879 Jul 27 ~ The Era Classified Ads - RASLUS TROUPE of ACROBATS (Four in Number) open for 4th August for Fete & Galas. Mons. Raslus is the Premier Slack-Rope Performer. Engaged by H. Davis Esq., for Fetes, &c at Coalville, 6th & 7th., Tunstall 8th & 9th August, terms for Bank Holiday. Address Mr. H. Davis, 36, Great Jackson Street, Manchester. Lancs. ref; BNA.


1879 Aug 3 ~ The Era Classified Ads - THE RASLUS TROUPE, (Four in Number) are at Liberty on 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 19th, 29th, 21st, and 23rd August, 1879, for the following  Acts:- Corde Volante, Acroabts, Double Clowns, and Single Trapeze. Address, Corn Exchange, Derby. ref. BNA. 


1879 Aug 17 ~ The Tony Denier Company furnishes the latest Scandal. The champion club swinger, Mrs Emma Moulton (later to marry Bat Masterson), is charged with running away from her husband, Edward W. Moulton, at Minneapolis, to join Frank Clifton, an horizontal bar athlete travelling with the show. Clifton was last evening arrested upon a warrant charging him with adultery, but Mrs. Moulton could not be found. The injured husband is willing not to prosecute if Emma will return to her mother's home in Philadelphia, and quit forever the variety business, which he always objected to her entering. Clifton pleads not guilty of course, but Moulton says he can prove that they roomed together for a week at 409, West Madison Street. Emma & Edwin rarely saw one another during the 1878-1879 theatrical seasons. She began spending a great deal of time with acrobat Frank CliftonFrank performed with his brother James, and both were members of Denier's Troupe. ref; Chicargo Tribune, Veridian Digital Library., Publication: "Love Letters from the Old West : Wisdom from Wild Women" by Chris Evans.


1879 Aug 18 Monday ~ Minor Matters - Mrs. Emma Moulton, whose elopement with 'Frank Clifford alias Clifton', a horizontal-bar performer, was mentioned in yesterday's Tribune, is not a member of Tony Denier's Troupe, as was mentioned. She severed her connection with that show some time ago. ref; The Chicargo Tribune Archives. 


1879 Oct 3 ~ The Era Classified Ads - RASLUS, Champion Corde Volante Artiste of the World, at HENGLER'S CIRCUS HULL. The only Artiste in the World who does the Leap for Life and no slings. Raslus Troupe, Wonders of all the Wonders in their Acrobatic Double Somersault Act. Stilts, Contortionists, Somersault Throwers, Risley Clowns, &c. Vacant Oct 27th. Wire or letter. Address Hengler's Circus, Hull. ref. BNA. 


1879 Oct 5 ~ HENGLER'S CIRCUS, Hull, Yorkshire -The Variety entertainment provided this week by Mr. C. Hengler for the delectation of his patrons includes an equilibristic performance on the invisible wires by the clever children Emily and Walter Delevanti; the daring barebacked riding by Mr. James Lloyd; an athletic entertainment by the Raslus Troupe; the splendid thorough-bred horse Zetland, introduced by the "funniosities" of the Clowns, Messrs Walker, Holloway, Ashby, M. Sivado and Le Barr. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1879 Oct 20  ~ "A Car, in which Nick Roberts'  "Humpty-Dumpty" Troupe were travelling, was thrown from the track October 20th, nine miles from Mankato, Minnesota, and had a narrow escape from going down a steep embankment. Frank Clifton who received several severe injuries to his face was the only one injured. ref; New York Clipper, Nov 1st 1879, Veridian Digital Library. 


1879/80 ~ The New Chicargo - Gymnastic excercises by Clifton & Fox, Bar Performers, with Tony Denier's Pantomime Troupe. ref; New York Clipper.


1880 Feb 8 ~ The Era Classified Ads - RASLUS TROUPE Require Twelve Nights, February 16th. Raslus, Champion Flying Corde Artiste of the World, and no slings. Raslus as Clown. Raslus's Great Stilt Somersault Act. Raslus and Troupe, Double Somersault, Acrobatic, and Risley Act. Raslus's unequalled Sensational Feats. For Fetes, Rinks, Circuses, Theatres, Gardens, Halls, &c. Write to PEOPLE'S MUSIC HALL, DUBLIN. ref; BNA. 


1880 Mar 6 ~ Frank R. Clifton, late of Clifton & Fox, gymnasts, will be located in Chicargo, Ill, for the next six weeks, during which time he can be addressed in care of the National Printing Company. ref; New York Clipper. 


1880 May 8 ~ Stickney's Imperial Circus Museum & Menagerie opened its season in Pittesburg, PA., including the Balancing Perch by Satsuma; Roman Ladders by Clifton & Gloss Brothers; Italian Bar Act by John Saunder; Slack-Wire by Ida Showers; Principle Somersault Act by John Barry; Buffalo Trick Horse introduced by S. E. Stickney; Single Trapeze by Fredericks; Leaping by the Company; Horsemanship by Lizzie Keyes; Satsuma with his enchanted Table & Cross; Manege Act by Emma Stickney; Feats of Strength by Prof. Long; Triple Horizontal Bar by Miss. Fredericks, Gloss & Clifton; Four Horse Act by Robert Stickney. ref; New York Clipper. 


1880 May 15 ~ Conrad Fredericks, Gustavus Gloss and Frank Clifton have left Robert Strickney's Circus and joined Dr. James L. Thayer's which is to perform in Blackville. W. Va., May 12th, Morgantown 13th, Geneva, Pa 14th, Brownsville 15th, thence to Uniontown 17th, Connellsville 18th. ref; New York Clipper. 


1880 May 19 ~ DARLINGTON. Tuesday was observed as a general holiday. The weather was extremely fine, which tempted a considerable number to go by trip to Middleton-in-Teesdale. A Gala at North Lodge Grounds, where Mr. Pierro and the Raslus Family had been engaged, and where some athletic and acrobatic feats were indulged in, drew some thousands of people. There was also a Gala at Monk End Croft. Running, dancing, and other amusements were engaged in. A considerable number of people from Darlington attended. ref; Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, BNA.


1880 Jun 6 ~ The Era Classified Ads - RASLUS, Wonder, Nineteenth Century. Acknowledged to be the greatest Artiste of the Line that ever appeared in Blackpool, and re-engaged to return. Vacant June 14th. Letters and telegrams duly attended to. Raslus and Troupe vacant for Fetes, Galas & Hall &c Raikes Hall, Blackpool. ref; BNA.


1880 Jun 14 ~ US Federal Census - Salamanca Village, Cattaraugus, New York - Frank Clifton aged 40, boarder, married, Labourer, born Prussia, staying at an Hotel run by J. P. Kritter and his wife Isabella, along with Rudolf Mette, Conrad Fredericks, Mary Fredericks, Gustavus Gloss, showman, Mary Gloss, F. Fox, performer & W. Falch, performer. ref; US Census Transcripts, 


1880 Aug 8 ~ Mons. Raslus the Flying Man appears at the People's Opera House & Theatre, Stockport, Lancashire, UK. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1880 Aug 21 ~ Dr. Jas. D. Thayer's Great Show & Aggregation exhibited to moderate business in Philadelphia during the week ending Aug 14., appearing at Eighth & Norris Streets, 9th, Broad & Dickinson Streets, 10th & 11th, Nineteenth Street & Girard Ave, 12th, and at Thirty-Ninth & Lancaster Ave, 13th & 14th. The Acts of Chas Shay, Sam Watson, Rudolf Mette, Phil Nathans, Mr. & Mrs. Leonard, La Van Bros, Clifton & Gloss and Matt Ryan all deserve mention. Note: Allesandro, better known as Richard A. Pennell., Con. Fredericks, the trapeze artiste with the show, met with a serious accident in Tamaqua. PA, on Jul 16th. The Trapeze Bar became detached from the rope and Con. fell thirty-Five feet to the ground, sustaining serious injury. He is alright now however. ref; New York Clipper.


1880 Nov 8 ~ Day's Concert Hall, Birmingham - 


1880 Dec 20 ~ Myer's Hippodrome and Circus - Newsome's Cirque in Ingram Street, Glasgow was taken possession of for the season on Saturday eveing by Myers's "Great American Hippodrome and Circus Company"  - Large attendance including - The Gymnastic excercises by Professor Raslus and sons were much appreciated. ref: Glasgow Herald, BNA.


1881 Jan 22 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Notice that RASLUS, the World Famed Champion of the Flying Corde. Only one Raslus, and only one Raslus and Sons. Excl all. No equals in this or any other land. Conclude a most great Sensational Engagement with J. W. Myers' &  J. Newcome's Circuses. At Liberty Monday, 31st. Wire or letter as above. ref; BNA. 


1881 Apr 3 ~ UK National Census, England, Lancashire, Liverpool, St. Anne, at 22, Christian Street, Frank Raslus, 38, gymnast, performer, born Middlesex, London, with wife and family. ref; Census Transcript, RG. 11/3630, page 22,


1881 May 7 ~ Blackburn, Lancashire, The Alhambra palace, proprietor Mr. Adamson. The company engaged consists of Mr. E. Fielding and Miss. E. Johnson, duettists; Raslus, the flying man; George Bailey, character comic; Brothers Raslus, acrobats; Harry Whitlock, comic; Dean and Ashmore, negroists. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1881 Aug 6 ~ At the Buckingham Theatre, Louisville, KY., which opens Aug 8th, the following people are billed to appear: The Four Diamonds, Olympia Quartet, Mlle. Lotta, Fred and Annie Barry, Julia Emmons, Frank Clifton, the Hasson Family, Georgie Melnotte, Melville & Whiting, Billy Sheridan, Ada Adair, Dan Creolan & Emma La Mause. ref; New York Clipper, IDNL. 


1881 Sep 10 ~ At Levantine's Novelty Theatre, Albany, NY - business is booming. Nelson & Alma Curry, Tom Pennington & Mamie Forrester in 'Mazeppa', specially supported by E. H. Lay and Harry Lanson, were the new faces Sep 5th. Departed 8th, Harris & Wood, Melville & Bunell, Alice Daily, Frank Clifton, Nina Finch and the Leonzo Brothers. ref; New York Clipper, IDNL. 


1881 Oct 8 ~ Glasgow, Scotia Music Hall, 116, Stockwell Street (Proprietrix and Manageress, Mrs. Baylis) The most magnificent Palace of Varieties in the Provinces, and the largest, most comfortable, and best ventilated place of amusement in Glasgow. Accomodation for over 4,000 Persons. Nightly crowded with enthusiastic audiences. Company for Monday, October 10th:- Messrs Brown, Newland, and Wallace, Mons. Raslus, Brothers Defoe, Mr Wright and Miss Rose, Albert and Edmunds Troupe, Misses Alberry and Vining, Mr Fred. Marlow, Miss Emily Adams and Mr Herbert Campbell. Splendid Band of Fifteen Musicians, Conductor, Mr. Sam Forte. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1881 Oct 15 ~ The Era Classified Ads -  Wanted, Managers to know the GREAT RASLUS TROUPE are at Liberty October 24th also for Pantomime, Animals and Sprites. The Flying Man, Raslus, the greatest Slack Rope Artiste in the World. Will Alf Daniels of Blumenfield Circus, write immediately to 22, Christian Street, Liverpool., Address, Scotia, Glasgow. ref; BNA. 


1881 Oct 15 ~ Nick Roberts' 40 Clown Minstrels, European Specialities Combination and Humpty Dumpty Troupe appears at the Fitchburg City Hall, MA, next Friday. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle of Oct 6th speaks of the week's performances at Brooklyn, those mentioned where; The Onofro Brothers (four) in their French Locomotive; the famous Clipper Quartette; the singing of Paul De Leon, the greatest female impersonator; Dick Reno and Frank Clifton on the double horizontal bars; Misses Belle Clifton and Louise de Louici were heartily encored. ref; The Fitchburg Sentinal (Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA),


1881 Nov 11 ~ Queen's Rooms Varieties, Hamilton Street, Greenock, Glasgow, Scotland - Tremendous Novelties - Another New Company, tonight and during the week. Special Engagement of The Flying Man, Mons Raslus, on the Flying Corde; Mr Frank Coyne, England's Premier Comic and Topical Vocalist and Author; The Great Little Dan, Comic Vocalist and the Original and only Infant "Macdermott"; Miss Nelly Clifford, Characteristic, Serio-Comic and Variety Artiste; Mr leon Barrett, Accomplished Tenor; Mons. Raslus and Defoe in their Classical Acrobatic Drawing-Room Entertainment., and the last Six nights of Miss Florie St. Louis, Serio-Comique, Characteristic and Topical Vocalist. ref; Greenock Advertiser, BNA. 


1881 Nov 26 ~ The Star Music Hall, Carlisle, Cumbria, England - appearing Mons. Raslusref; The Era, BNA. 


1881 Dec 17 ~ The Royal Star Theatre, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England - appearing Mons. Raslus. ref. The Era, BNA. 


1881 Dec 27 & 31 ~ Double Company of Circus & Concert Artistes for the Christmas Holidays, commencing Dec 26th - THE CIRCUS Company who have been well received - Poole, Zanlo & Poole Troupe (double somersault artistes), Mons. Raslus (the famous athlete), Deago Troupe acrobats. CONCERT COMPANY - Harry Stewart, vovalist, Ada Alexander, vocalist & clog dancer, Mr. Marcus Boyle, Comedian, Tom Linden, vocalist & dancer,  Nellie Drewe, vovalist & dancer and Frank Coyle, comedian - Sidwell's Grand Theatre, Mill Dam, South Shields, Durham. ref; Shields Daily Gazette, BNA.


1881-1882 ~ Frank Clifton alongside Grimaldi performing with Humpty Dumpty's Troupe at Tony Pastor's New Fortmouth Street Theatre, NH, USA. ref; New York Clipper. 


1882 ~ Frank Clifton, gymnast, acrobat with Mayberry, Pullman & Hamilton's Circus, USA. ref; New York Clipper. 


1882 April ~ The Raslus Troupe, three in number., appearing at the Grafton Theatre of Varieties, Belfast, Ireland. ref; Freemans Journal, BNA. 


1882 April ~ The Raslus Troupe, three in number appearing at the Royal Alhambra Theatre of Varieties, Belfast, Ireland. ref; Freemans Journal, BNA. 


1882 Jun 24 ~ Appearing at the Theatre of Varieties, Warrington, Lancs - The Raslus & Defoe Troupe of Acrobats. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1882 Aug 15 ~ Mons. Raslus 'The Wondrous Gyrist' on the Corde Volante, also appearing, Professor Hutchinson, the celebrated ventriloquist with his comical family. Alf Giovanelli's Comic Ballet Troupe, Messrs. Spencer & Verto, negro comedians will introduce their performing elephant Jumbo, Miss Horrie Dunhaven, vocalist & dancer, Defoe Troupe of Acrobats, Sisters Cosgrove, American song & dance artistes at the Clay Cross Floral and Horticultural Fete. ref; Derbyshire Times, Chesterfield Herald, BNA. 


1882 Sep 29 ~ Jottings from New Orleans - Frank R Clifton recently closed a successful season of nine nights with a very strong Variety Company in Gorman's Pavillion. ref; New York Clipper, State Historical Newspapers, USA.


1882 Oct ~ Frank Clifton, gymnast, arrived in this city 29th Sept from Columbria, SC with Ellen Cooke, equestrienne. They had been with Mayberry, Pullman & Hamilton's Circus which is due to be sold by the Sheriff on Oct 5th in Columbria, SC. ref; New York Clipper, State Historical Archives. 


1882/3 Winter ~ Frank Clifton, gymnast, acrobat, left on Oct 18th for Mexico to join Orrin Bros & Co Circus. ref; New York Clipper, State Historical Archives.


1883 Jun 2 ~ NOTICE TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. This is to certify that we have worked for ORRIN BROTHERS. In Mexico, and have found them upright gentlemen in every respect. We have received all our money, and part upon the best of terms. Emma Jutau, Frank R Clifton, George Brown, John Worland, Ellen Cook, Francois Kenebel, A. Buislay, Madame Buislay, Juan Antonio Caicedo, Herr Drayton, Natalo Lowande, Antonio Lerch, Que Cero, (Little Allright), Joseph Kenebel, C. Lamont, C. Ewers, James Dermott and Family, S. Hyde Baughman and wife, Luis Siegrist, Thompson Siegrist, William Siegrist, E. Baldwin, Karl Brothers, Victor Laiscell, Charles Fletcher. ref; New York Clipper, IDNC.


1883 Sep 15 ~ Newsome's Circus, Leeds, Yorkshire, England - Amongst a host of talent, those particularly deserving of mention are Mdlles. Emma, Pauline, Ella Bertha, Virginia Newsome, and Maria, and Messrs Sylveski, Fredericks, A. Ducrow, Cartland, P. Darrel, and Mr. James Newsome. The performances of the Raslus Troupe are greatly admired and applauded; and the unrivalled clowns, Henricks and Little Meers, and others, contributed greatly to the enjoyment of the visitors. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1883 Dec 10 ~ Tayleure's Grand Circus, Westgate Street, Cardiff, Wales. Change of Performance Nightly. Fresh Arrivals Weekly, Monday December 10th. And during the Week. More Extraordinary Engagements at Enormous Expense of the Wondrous RASLUS TROUPE, the Winged Meteors are most astonishing and direct from Barnum's Great Hippodrome, New York and unequalled in the amusement world. Re-engagement of the Great Hurricane Somersault Rider Mr. Sylvester. Hat Throwing Extraordinary by the Indian Rubber Clowns Ethardo & Pugh. New Startling Features by the talented Powell Family. The Marvellous De Vere Troupe, in their Evolutions on the Lofty Bars. Re-appearance of Crouesto and Warne the Funny Clowns. Day Performace, Saturday Dec 15th. ref; South Wales Daily News, BNA. 


1884 Jan 12 ~ The Era Classified Ads - RASLUS TROUPE. Vacant Januray 21st. Terrific and unbounded succes at TAYLEURE'S CIRCUS, CARDIFF, in their great Speciality as the Hawkeye Indians in Costumes, and Raslus the Eagle Meteor. For dates, terms, &c., F. RASLUS, Tayleure's Circus, Cardiff. Wire. ref; BNA. 


1884 Jan 26 - Feb 11 ~ Ginnett's Hippodrome and Circus, adjoining Portsmouth Railway Station, Hampshire, England: including the first appearance of the War Arabs; The Raslus Troupe, the Flying Meteors and Rocky Mountain Wonders; Neddy Vokes & Funny Pablo; Mr. R. Roland. ref; Hampshire Telegraph, BNA.  


1884 Feb 9 ~ The Era Classified Ads - The Raslus Troup as The Hawkeye Indians & Raslus as the Flying Man - terrific & unbounded success. Complimented by F. Ginnett Esq., Vacant Monday next. Wire Raslus, F. Ginnett's Circus, Portsmouth, Hampshire. Big Novelty, Fetes, Circuses, Halls. ref; BNA


1884 Feb 21 ~ Brighton Aquarium, Sussex, England: appearing The Raslus Troupe of Gymnasts; and the celebrated Four Jees, grotesque musical entertainment. ref; Brighton Gazette, BNA. 


1884 Apr 11 ~ Frank Clifton, gymnast with Andy Showers and their Monkies to Burke & Co. Circus. ref; New York Clipper. 


1884 Nov 1 ~ CIRCUS - Cross & Le Roy's Trans-Atlantic United Monster Railroad Show will open the season at Moscow, KY, on Nov 1st for a Southern Tour. Privilege people are wanted. Manager E. J. Cross writes that he has engaged Andy Showers and troupe of performing dogs and monkeys; Frank Clifton, knock-about clown; Frelando, juggler; Harry Brandon, boneless wonder; Edward Burt, light and heavy weight balancer; Ida Showers, slack-wire and outside ascention; and Tomas Nickloo, general performer. John P. Fagen is the general agent; Walter Le Roy, treasurer; Frank Clifton, equestrian director; and W. J. Hennesy, chief bill-brigade, with five assistants. Prof. Frank Morris is leader of the brass band of eight pieces. ref; New York Clipper. 


1884 Winter ~ Frank Clifton, performing as Talking Clown & Equestrian Director of Cross & Le Roy's Transatlantic Circus, Aviary & Wonders, USA. ref; New York Clipper, State Historical Archives.


1885 Jan 10 ~ Harmston's Grand Circus, St. Peter Street, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England - Artistes performing: Miss Ada Isaacs, the Refined Lady Jester; Mons. Clemolo, Sensational Aerial Gymnast & Equilibrist; Little Joe and his Troupe of Performing Militia Dogs; Sally Slinker, the Marvellous Perfoming Monkey; Olinska the Great London Actress; Miss Frances Ryan; Mr. George Pinder; Mr. W. B. Harmston, and The Elka Troupe of Acrobats, (1st Appearanceref: Huddersfield Daily Examiner, BNA. 


1885  Jan 24 ~ Faranta's Amphitheatre - Faranta's Circus, which opened 12th, presented a grand entree, a song by Sam McFlynn, a horizontal-bar contest in which the Patterson Brothers, Frank Clifton, Francis and De Castro and Thos. G. Scoot participated, and which won much applause. ref; New York Clipper, IDNC. 


1885 Feb 7 ~ The Era Classified Ads - THE ELKA Lighting Acrobatic TROUPE. Three turns, Flying Cord, Hat-Throwing, and Drawing-room Entertainment by the Troupe. Now appearing with great success at the VICTORIA VARIETIES, Bolton. Splendid Shows for Fetes and Galas. Re-engaged everywhere. Address Victoria Music Hall. Bolton. All Business communications to Madame ELKA (nee Madame Raslus). Wire for Monday next. ref; BNA


1885 Feb 16 ~ Cooke's Royal Circus, Williamson Square, Liverpool. The only Circus in the City. Monday Fen 1 - Grand Carnival Week, New Company, New Acts. First time in Liverpool of RAZLUS in his Marvellous Gyrations in Mid-air. Notice - To the Members of the Athletics Club. First Time of the Grand Obstacle Race. As presented at the Hippodrome, Paris. ref; Liverpool Mercury, BNA. 


1885 Apr 11 ~ James G. Bell, equestrian manager of McMahon and Clifton's North American Circus, writes from Corazal, British Honduras, C.A., that the show had dome good business up to March 5, and was then on its way to the US, intending to land in New Orleans early this month. There Mr. McMahon and his five horses leave to join Burr Robbins, while Frank Clifton and Andy Showers go with their dogs and monkeys to King , Burke & Co's Circus....ref; New York Clipper, IDNL.


1885 Apr 24 ~ Mr. F. Clifton and Mr. J. McMahon travel as citizens of the United States aboard the Steamer 'Principia' of the New York, Havana & Mexico Mail Steamship Line from Vera Cruz, Mexico to New York. ref; Ellis Island Passenger Records. 


1885 May 2 to Jul 25 ~ John S. McMahon & Frank R Clifton, proprietors of McMahon & Clifton's Circus, arrived Apr 24th on the 'Principia' from Campeche, Yucatan, Mexico. They closed season there 5th. Clifton joins King, Burke & Co (second season), and McMahon goes to Burr Robbins., John S. McMahon, the skilled hurdle-rider, who has had fourteen years experience in the circus business, is one of the strongest attractions with Burr Robbins Show. ref; New York Clipper.


1885 Aug 22 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Gaiety Theatre, Oldham, Lancashire, England - Lessee, Mr. H. Pemberton; General Manager, Mr. F. Westgate. The undermentioned artistes must attend rehersal on Monday next, August 24th, without fail, at Two pm:- Marie Loftus, E. J. Allnutt, Emily Schofield, Elka Troupe, Raslus, the Brothers John and James, Mawson and Archer, and W. Bendon. Always vacancies for Novelties. Artistes engaged must write in two weeks previous to opening. ref; BNA. 


1885 Aug 28 ~ The Gaiety, Oldham, Lancashire, - Manager, Mr. F. Westgate; Miss Marie Loftus, vocalist, appeared here on Monday evening last, and was heartily welcomed by a densely crowded house., amongst the other artistes engaged are E. J. Allnutt, Emily Schofield, the Elka Troupe of acrobats, Raslus, the Bros. James and John, hat spinners, and others. ref; The Stage, BNA. 


1885 Oct 3 ~ Wanted - Lowanda & Clifton at Towson, Baltimore., advertise for Dutch & Irish teams. ref; New York Clipper, IDNL.


1885 Oct 10 ~ Manchester, St. James's Theatre, Proprietor, Mr. J. Reilly, Manager, Mr. F. Westgate. Artistes must attend rehersal on Monday nect Oct, 12th, at Twelve (Noon), or the fine will be enforced:- Mdlle. Victoriana, Nish and Martin, A. P. Boswell, Florence Hayes, the Raslus Troupe, Brothers Alveney, the Eagle Meteor, Hellis and Huby, George Phillips, and Blanche Gerard. Always vacancies for Novelties, Apply to the Proprietor. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1885 Oct 17 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted - Notice - Great Raslus Troupe the World-known Acrobatic and Gymnastic Wonders, gigantic success at St. James's Hall, Oxford Street, Manchester. Raslus, the Eagle Meteor, Champion of the World on the Flying Corde, Acrobats, Four in Number, Astonishing Marvels of the Age, Hat Throwers, Clowns, Entrees, &c. Three Distinct Turns Nightly. Vacant Monday next. Wire, 33, Byron Street, Deansgate, Manchester. ref; BNA. 


1885 Oct 30 ~ Alhambra Music Hall, Wigan, Lancsashire, England - Raslus, the wonderful gymnast in his leap for life and the Raslus Troupe of acrobats who gave a most excellent entertainment, and the Alveney Brothers, comic clowns, amuse all by their hat-throwing. ref; Wigan Observer & District Advertiser, BNA. 


1885 Nov 7 ~ Faranta's Amphitheatre, King, Burke & Co's Show., Frank Clifton has leased a refreshment saloon from Sig. Faranta, and will not leave with King, Burke & Co. ref; New York Clipper, IDNL.


1885 Nov 21 ~ Frank R Clifton & David B. Lewis have formed a Circus Company for a tour through Central & Southern America, their first stand will be at Belize, British Honduras, Dec 1st. ref: New York Clipper, NYPL. 


1885 Dec 26 - Jan 26 ~ The Raslus Troupe & Alvez Brothers in Pantomime - The Forty Thieves at The Rotunda Theatre, Liverpool. ref; The Stage Archives. 


1886 Feb 6 ~ Frank Clifton & Oscar Lowanda form a Circus for touring the USA. ref; New York Clipper Archives. 


1886 Mar 20 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Raslus Troupe (Four in Number) Acrobtas, Hat Throwers and Gymnasts, Champions the World, after finishing Nine Weeks successful engagement, Rotunda, Liverpool, now appearing Victoria, Bolton, great success. Gaiety Oldham, Monday next. Vacant 29th March, Terms, &c, address, Mons. F. RASLUS, Gaiety Theatre, Oldham. ref; BNA. 


1886 Oct 6 ~ The Raslus Troupe at Day's Concert Hall, Liverpool. ref; The Stage Archives.


1886 Nov 13 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Two Weeks, Monday next, by the Great Raslus Troupe, Marvellous Acrobats, hat Throwers Extraordinary, Champion Flying Rope. Wire, wire, Springfield House, 11Soho Street, Liverpool. ref; BNA. 


1886 Dec ~ Dibble Opera House, Matteawan, NY, USA - Proprietor, W. S. Dibble - Frank R Clifton of The Black Thorn Company, Charles Brown of Barlow Brothers' Minstrels and Will. J. Benedict of Dore Davidson's Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Co., were the guests of Manager Dibble on Saturday last. ref; New York Clipper, Old Fulton History.


1887 Jan 22 ~ Variety, Lowande & Clifton's Troupe., Wanted - People in All Branches of the Business. Dutch & Irish Teams, etc. Long engagement. Salaries must be low. Address, Lowanda & Clifton's Speciality Co., Somerset, PA, USA. ref; New York Clipper, NYPL.


1887 Jan 29 ~ Star Varieties Theatre - Manager, Mr. C. Weldon - A fair company is enagaged here, the programme contains the names of the following artistes:- Miss Minnie Gough, vocal comedienne; Miss Ada Morris, serio-comic and dancer; the Raslus Troupe of gymnasts and acrobats; the Elka Troupe of comical clowns and hat throwers; and a comic interlude entitled Clown's Justice, rendered by Messrs Roberts, Chartres, Williams and Powell. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1887 Mar 12 ~ FRANK R. CLIFTON, late of Cole's Circus, formerly Clifton & Fox, with Tony Denier's "Humpty-Dumpty Co", is at present in the employ of the Southern Pacific Railroad as a bill-clerk, with headquarters in San Fransosco. He is an Ottawa, Can., boy, and brother-in-law of our correspondent. ref; New York Clipper.


1887 Jun 25 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Monday next, by the Elka Troupe, Acrobats, Hat Throwers; also Miss Pauline, marvellous Wire-Walker. Three distinct turns nightly. Notice - For the future all communications for the Elka Troupe to be made to Madame ELKA, 28, Suffolk Street. ref; BNA. 


1887 Aug 20 ~ Lowanda & Clifton Circus. ref; Promotional advertisement, New York Clipper.


1887 Sep 22 ~ Crystal Palace of Varieties, Birmingham. Grand Special Performance for the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the opening of the Hall, for one night only. Artistes included, Mdlle. Pauline and The Elka Troupe, acrobats. ref; BNA. 


1887 Oct 29 ~ Day's Concert Hall, Birmingham, England - Appearing that week, The Stellios (brother & sister) trapeze artistes; Raslus is another aerial performer of great ability; The Elka Troupe of acrobats & hat throwers; Maud Distin, the lady baritone; the Pooles, comical duettists and dancers; Sculley and Morrell, Ethiopean comedians; the Brothers Morton, champion boxers; Arthur Alexander, comic vocalists; the Phillipses and Lorenzis, in their bright musical entertainment; and Will Oliver, complete the list. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1887 Dec 3 ~ Quaglieni and Allen's Grand Circus, Barnsley, Yorkshire, England: Proprietor, Messrs Romeo Quaglieni & Charles Allen - The programme here includes the sporting Spectacle of Bravo Briggs, the characters of which are represented by Mr Quaglieni, Mdlle. Georgina, Mr. Baxter, and Mr Allen. The Elka Troupe of acrobats; the Brothers Alvarez, hat throwers; and Mdlle. Pauline are also engaged. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1887 Dec 16 -31 ~ The Grand Theatre, Derby, Derbyshire, England: Proprietor & Manager, Mr. A. Melville - The Pantomime here will be Dick Whittington, with libretto by Wilton Jones and A. Melville; music composed by Charles Godfrey Jones; Scenic artist, Mr. John Connor. Among the artistes engaged are: Misses Ada Juneon, Amy Sebright, Minnie Priestley, Madam Alice Liebert, and the Sisters Corbet: the brothers May, Messrs. Thomas and Newton, Harry Windley, Charles Cassie, H. Albery, and others. In the line of specialities the engagements comprise the Elka Troupe, Raslus, Messrs. Wills and Caro (from Antwerp), Mdlle. Pauline, &c. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1888 Feb 11 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted - Elka Troupe, Acrobats and Hats, Great Pauline on the Wire, Vacant, Monday. 4, Irving Place, Irving Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1888 Feb 18 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Monday next, Six Nights, by Elka Troupe, Acrobats, also Pauline, Wire-Walker. Two great turns. 19, Market Street, Hanley. The Elka Troupe begs to thank Proprietors, as we have arranged with Geo. Ginnett, for Tenting Season. ref; BNA. 


1888 May 26 ~ The Era Classified Ads - The Great ELKA TROUPE of Acrobats, Clowing, Hat Throwing; and Madamoiselle PAULINE, the Invisible Wire. Three Distinct Acts. All First-class. Will be at Liberty after June 9th for Fetes, Galas, Music Halls, Circuses. No objection to Tenting. All letters to Ginnett's Circus, Winchester, till Monday; after, private address, No.4, Irving Place, Irving Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1888 Jun 16 ~ Gaiety Theatre, Hastings, Sussex, England - The Brothers Elka, two very clever artistes, the Elka Troupe encored. ref; BNA. 


1888 Jun 30 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Monday next, the Great Elka Troupe, Acrobats, Hat Throwers and Clowns. Two weeks, for Fetes, Galas, Circuses and halls; and Mdlle. pauline on the Invisible Wire, Fetes, Galas and Halls. 4, Irving Place, Irving Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1888 Aug 4 ~ Grassmoor Flower Show, Fete and Gala, on Monday August 6th 1888 (Bank Holiday) Special attractions, Professor Hutchinson, the World renowned Ventriloquist; Brothers Bailey, Punch and Judy; The Elkas, the Continental Troupe of Acrobats; Du Gautier, the Wizard; The Lawraines, the Parisian Clowns; and Paddy Watson, ref; Derbyshire Times & Chesterfield Herald, BNA. 


1888 Aug 11 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, the Great Elka Troupe of Acrobats, Clowning, Hat Throwing, and Mdlle. Pauline on the Invisible Wire, Two distinct Acts. At Liberty, Aug 9th, Galas, Halls, or Circuses. Address Circus of Varieties, Sheffield; or 40, Eyre Street. ref; BNA. 


1888 Aug 14 ~ Frank Clifton'Happy Frank Clifton' the acknowledged Prince of all Laugh Makers and the Funniest Clown in America, the only clown of the present day adequate to wear the mantle of Grimaldi - with King & Franklin's Monster Shows, Dayton, Chicargo, USA. ref; New York Clipper.


1888 Aug 25 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, the Great Elka Troupe and Mdlle. Pauline, New York Circus, Wolverhampton. Monday next. Pantomime settled. Vacant Sept 3rd, WIRE, ELKAS. ref; BNA. 


1888 Sep 1 ~ Rowland's New York Circus, Molyneux Grounds, Wolverhampton - Manager, Mr. Henry Bertrand - clever performances of Mdlle. Pauline on the invisible wire and the comical hat throwing and drawing-room entertainment bt the Elka Troupe, Funny Toney Felix, a good clown, is another newcomer. Old favourites including  Mr. Charles Clarke and Mr. George Archer and Vera and her gifted Horse are still here, Mons. Raslus, the Flying Man was announced to appear, after 8th Sept.  ref; The Era, BNA. 


1888 Oct 13 ~ Frank R Clifton has been engaged as business manager of J. J. Sullivan's Co. Mr Clifton writes that the company will carry new scenery, and will use nothing but lithograph stands. ref; New York Clipper, IDNL.


1888 Nov 10 ~ J. J. Sullivan's 'Black Thorn Co'., will begin touring Nov 12, at 6 Holme's Standard, Brooklyn, NY. The Company includes, A. C. Henderson, Spencer Pritchard, Frank R. Clifton, Wm. Winckler, John Kierman, Tony Farrell, Jennie Leland, Lulu Jordan and Little Daisy Thompson. ref; New York Clipper, IDNL.


1888 Nov 24 ~ Dibble's Opera House, Mattewan -  C. T. Ellis played to good business Nov. 19th, Frank R Clifton, agent for 'The Black Thorn Co'., Charles Brown, agent of Barlow Bros Minstrels, and Will J. Benedict, of 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' Co, were guests of Hotel Dibble on Sunday. ref; New York Clipper, IDNL. 


1888 Nov 24 ~ Croueste's Grand Circus, Keeley Road, Croydon, Surrey, England - Monday, November 26th. First appearance in Croydon of the Elka Troupe of Clowns and Acrobats; first appearances of, Carl Ritter, singing, musical clown; Zaio, Mdlle. Pauline, renowned Lady Equilibrist. All these great artistes in connection with Croueste's Great Troupe of Riders, Gymnasts and Clowns. ref; Croydon & Eat Surrey Advertiser, BNA. 


1888 Dec 28 - Master Bobby Bimbo Elka is prominently entertaining as Grimalkin, the Cat. . ref: The Stage, BNA. 


1889 Feb 2 ~ The Era Classified Ads ~ Wanted, Known, Raslus, Flying Man, at Liberty for Fetes, Galas, Circuses, and Music Halls, Address, 4, Irving Place, Irving Street, Birmingham. ref. BNA 


1889 Feb 2 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, the Elka Troupe of Acrobats and Comical Hat-Throwers, also Miss PAULINE, marvellous Wire-Walker, at Liberty, Feb.11th, for Music-Halls, Fetes, Galas, Circuses, Tenting &c. Address, Madam ELKA, Theatre Royal, Bristol. Great success here Nightly. ref; BNA


1889 Feb 9 & 16 ~ The Era Classified Ads - The Elka Troupe of Acrobats and Comical hat Throwers;p and also Miss Pauline. March 25th, for Music Hall, Circuses, Fetes, Galas, Tenting &c. Address, Madame ELKA, Boswell Circus, Coventry. ref; BNA. 


1889 Mar 2 ~ Glenns Falls, Frank R Clifton, business agent of J. J. Sullivan's 'Black Thorn' Co., was in town 16, 17, 18, & 19th Feb. ref; New York Clipper, IDNL.


1889 Aug 24 ~ The Era Classified Ads - NOTICE to all Friends and Relations that I, Abe Alvarez, Professioanlly known as ALF DANIELS, Clown and Agouste, was on the 16th of August, 1889, Lawfully Married to Amalia Margerita Mozley, Professionally known as AMALIA ORFORD, Bareback Rider, In London by Special Licence. ref; BNA. 


1889 Sep 14 ~ PRESENTATION - During the recent visit to Fareham of Julian's International Circus, Miss Pauline Elka was the recipent of a massive gold bracelet and silver-mounted satchel, presented by admirers of her wonderful talent as an Equestrian & Tigh-Wire Walker. ref; The Era, BNA


1889 Oct 26 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, Great Raslus, the Flying Man & King of the Air, a Gigantic Success, Skating Rink, Ashton-under-Lyne, Tameside, Manchester. Grand Circus, Leamington, Monday next. RASLUS, wire. ref; BNA. 


1889 Oct 26 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Proprietors and Managers to Know that the Great Elka Troupe of Acrobats, also Miss Pauline, in her graceful Act on the Tight-Wire, now appearing, with great success, with Julian's Circus on Tour. Will shortly be at Liberty. Address, 4, Irving Place, Irving Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1889 Nov 16 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, the Masterpiece of the World vacant, Two Weeks, Monday next. Success everywhere. RASLUS, Flying-Man, 4, Irving Place, Irving Street, Birmingham. ref. BNA. 


1889 Dec 10 ~ Edwind Croueste's New Grand Circus, Rutland Street, Leicester, England - artistes on the bill included, Ada Louise, Rose Margueritta, Mddles. Reinzi and Pauline, The Elka Troupe, the Powell Family, Cos. Leotard, Una, the human fly and Bimeo, Leicester's favourite clown. ref; Leicester Daily Mercury, BNA. 


1889 Dec 14 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted - by the Great Raslus, Flying Man and Mdlle. Pauline, Great Act, the Invisible Wire. Three weeks. Wire - Raslus, Irving Place, Irving Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA.


1890 Christmas & New Year 1890 ~ The Grand Theatre, Birmingham - 'Puss in Boots', For the Pantomime proper Mr. Andrew Melville has secured a very clever 'Puss' in Mr. Billy Bippo. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1890 Jan 11 ~ Francis Circus, Whitehaven, Cumberland, England - A good company is again appearing here, heading the bill being Raslus, the champion rope vaulter, whose feats are first-class. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1890 Jan 18 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Proprietors and Managers to Know that the Elka Troupe of Acrobats, also Mdlle. Pauline, Wire-Walker, will be at Liberty, Feb 3rd, for Circuses, Halls, Fetes, Galas, and tenting. Great success at the Grand Theatre, Birmingham in Pantomime, "Puss in Boots." Master Elka as Cat the talk of the town. Address, Madame ELKA, New Theatre, Newport, Mon. ref; BNA


1890 Jan 25 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Proprietors to Note, that the Elka Troupe of Acrobats, Clowns, Hat-Throwers, &c; also Miss Pauline, Tight Wire Artiste, are at Liberty, Jan 27th, for Halls, Circuses, Galas. All First-Class. 4, Irving Place, Irving Street, Birmingham. ref. BNA


1890 Feb 15 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, for March 17th, the Great Elka Troupe of Acrobats and Hat-Throwers; also Mdlle. Pauline, Wire-Walker, is at Liberty for above dates for Fetes, Galas, Circus and Tenting. Address, ELKA TROUPE, Rowland's Circus, Bath. Making a great success nightly. ref; BNA. 


1890 Feb 15 ~ Cartland's Circus, Bootle, Merseyside, Lancashire, England - Proprietor, Mr. James Cartland; Manager Mr. George Watts; Storelli, musical momus, and Raslus, slack-rope performer, are new arrivals here. Mr. Horace Butler has produced a sketch entitled A Race for Life, with great success. On Wednesday, Mr Jas. Powell appealed to his friends, and a crowded house was the result, Mr. J. C. Boswell appeared. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1890 Mar 8 ~ Amusements in Liverpool - Gaiety Theatre of Varieties - General Manager, Mr. W. A. de Frece - The Maxwell's, American Artistes, headed the bill here on Monday, the other members of the "corps" being Miss Virginia Frances, serio; Messrs. Elmore and Aubrey, duologue artistes; Miss Nelly Drew, serio-comic; Raslus, flying man; Professor De Wynne, juggler; and Frank Coyle, with new somgs. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1890 May 3 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Know, Great Raslus, Flying Man and Champion Slack Rope Vaulter of the World, New York Circus, Walsall, Monday next. Wire, RASLUS, for May 12th. ref; BNA.


1890 May 17 ~ Amusements in Darlington - Rowland's New York Circus, Proprietor, Mr. W. Rowland; Business Manager, Mr. Henry Bertrand, Equestrian Director, Mr. George Arthur Rowland:- artistes appearing, Miss. Lizzie Rowland, bare-back rider, Mons. Eugene Foote, equestrian & tight-rope feats, the Jasons' in their daring performances on the trapeze and bars, the comical Elka Troupe, the funny Engiste & Orsa, Miss Pauline, telephone wire act, and the clowns Bimbo and Rumbo Austin. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1890 Jul 5 ~ Clough Hall, Kidsgrove, Staffordshire, England ~ Sec, Mr. J. Hyde; Manager, Mr. T. F. Doyle, - A capital entertainemnt was presented here on Monday & Tuesday afternoon and evening last, when the following artistes appeared before numerous and appreciative audiences:- The De Rosa Ballet Troupe, an excellent combination of accomplished young ladies whose evolutions were greatly admired; Raslus, "the flying wonder", an exceedingly daring performer on the high trapeze; Robzat, a neat and finished artiste on the slack wire; Ferdinand, a grotesque gymnast, both clever and funny. The entertainment concluded with an extra display of fireworks. ref; The Era, BNA


1890 Jul 19 ~ Amusements in Jersey - Rowland's New York Circus - appearing: Mr. Chas. Clarke, Mr. John Chester Rowland, Mr. Alfred Clarke, and Mr. Wm. Lloyd, in Equestrians Acts of genuine quality; Fresh Eccenricities by the Clowns Funny Fred Hall and Teddy Huxter where highly amusing. Telephone Wire-Walking was done by Wilkes Lloyd, and excellent acrobatic feats and comic boxing by the Brothers Elka; Miss Rowland, bare-back riding and Madam Rowland rode on the celebrated horse Athol, the Clarkonians, three young and clever athletes on the flying trapeze was deserving of the immense approbation accorded. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1890 Sep 13 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, by Raslus and Pauline Elka, Wire Walker and Rope. At Liberty Monday next. Wire 4, Irving Place, Irving Street, Birmingham, RASLUS. ref; BNA. 


1890 Sep 25 ~ Day's Crystal Palace of Varieties, Birmingham - A Grand Special Night ! The 28th Anniversary of the opening of the Hall;  performing that night, Pauline Elka, Slack Wire Artiste. ref; BNA. 


1890 Nov 26 ~ Marriage of Mary Clifton aged 18, spinster of 7, Blucher Street, Birmingham, daughter of Frank Clifton, gymnast., to William Molesworth Lloyd aged 21, bachelor of same address, Equestrian, son of James Lloyd, Circus Proprietor. Witnesses Sarah Ann Pullinger & Frank Cliftonref; Marriage Certificate.


1890 Dec 20 ~ Bennett's Varieties (Forresters Hall) Reading, Berkshire, England - Mr. Bennett has provided another excellent programme this week, the attractions comprising Raslus, the flying Man; Clifford, harpist and vocal comedian; Dawkins, comic; Raynor, comedian and dancer; Sisters Veale, duettists and top boot dancers; Louis Carr, serio and dancer; Rhoda Collins, serio comic, dancer, and bonjoists. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1891 Mar 28 ~ New York Dramatic News - Frank R Clifton & John S. McMahon arrive New York from Yucatan, Mexico aboard the SS. 'Principia'. Frank R Clifton, press agent for McMahon Internationalo Hippodrome Circus & Menagerie. ref; New York Clipper, State Historical  Newspaper Collection, USA. 


1891 Apr 5 ~ UK Census, Scotland - Frank Raslus, a visitor, aged 49, gymnast, at 6, Westburn, Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, Scotland. ref; Scotland Census Transcripts, scotlandspeople.


1891 Apr 5 ~ UK Census, England - Sarah Raslus, Head, 47, Housekeeper, born Hull, Yorkshire at 7, Blucher Street, Birmingham with Clara Raslus, 8, Scholar, born Ipswich, Suffolk and Alfred Bedini, Lodger aged 31, a Juggler, born Wolverhampton. ref; England Census Transcripts,


1891 Apr 11 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, the Great Brothers Elkas have just fulfilled a successful Nine Months Engagement with Circus Herzog, and have made a great success in Kiel, Brannschweig, Zurich, Frankfort, and Liepzig. The Great Gentlemen Acrobats, now at Liberty for April 27th, for Circuses, Halls, or Galas, Address, wire or letters, WILLIAM ELKA, Friedrich Liststrasse, 1, 11 Leipzig, Germany, Leave for England April 17th. Would like to hear from a good Agent for London. ref; BNA. 


1891 Apr 25 ~ The Era Classified Ads - The Great THREE BROTHERS ELKAS, just fulfilled Nine Months Circus Herzog, The Brothers ELKAS are at Liberty for May 11th for Circus, Halls, and Galas, in their great Gentleman Acrobats with Double Somersaults, Address W. ELKA, Friedrich Liststrasse 1, 11, Leipzig, Germany. ref; BNA. 


1891 May 9 ~ The Era Classified Ads - THREE BROTHERS ELKAS are at Liberty for May 11th for Circus, Halls, and Galas, in their Great Gentlemen Acrobats with Double Somersault and Throwing Hats and Comic Boxing (Three Good Turns). Wire, 7, Blucher Street. Holloway Head, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1891 May 16 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, Raslus, Champion Slack Rope Vaulter of the World, open to all comers. Storming Scotland. Gigantic Succes. Vacant Dates. Address, 7, Blucher Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1891 May 16 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, Raslus, Greatest Marvel of the Age who does his Performances in the Air and not in the Water. Permanent address, 7, Blucher Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1891 Aug 1 ~ The Era Classified Ads - THE GREAT THREE BROTHERS CLIFTON, the Late Elkas, have been with Rowland's Circus ever since they came from the Continent, and are making a greater success than ever in their Great Gentlemen Acrobats, with Double Somersaults. At Liberty for Pantomime to Play Animal Parts. Address 15, Kensington Place, Jersey, Channel Islands. ref; BNA. 


1891 Sep 17 ~ Day's Crystal Palace of Varieties, Smallbrook Street, Birmingham - Proprietors, George & William Day; General Manager, Mr. James Gregory; Grand Special Night ! The 29th Anniversary of the Opening of the above well know place of Amusement; performing that night, Mons. Raslus. ref; BNA. 


1891 Oct 24 ~ Mons. Clifton, Equestrian, at Elphinstone's Circus, Birkenhead, Lancashire, England. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1891 Nov 28 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, by a Gentleman just returned from long Continental Tour, Engagement as Agent. Salary or Commission. Would share with anything good. Address, AGENT, 63, Wrentham Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1891 Dec 5 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, an Agent, of thorough Business Habits and Large Experience, just returned from Abroad, is open to Engagement. Address at first instance., Agent, 63, Wrentham Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1892 Mar 19 ~ Dewsbury, Lancashire, England - Croueste's Circus, Proprietor & Manager Mr Edwin Croueste., Miss Nellie Bailey makes her first appearance here and receives much applause for her graceful riding; Florence, Louis & Ella are watched with breathless interest in their flying gymnastic feats. The show, which is very good, also includes Mr. Wilkes Lloyd;  Professor Dainez and his trained animals; Brothers Clifton, acrobats; David Abbey Seal, jester and others. Mr. Croueste has been granted a licence for the performanceof stage plays. ref; The Era, BNA


1892 Mar 12 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, Great Raslus, gigantic success Tudor's Circus, Durham. Flying Man, King of the Air, vacant Monday next. Wire RASLUS. Big Novelty. ref; BNA. 


1892 Apr 16 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted - Known, Raslus, Champion Flying Wonder, Vacant Monday next, for Circuses, Halls, Galas, Wire, wire, RASLUS, 10, Haverley Avenue, Iknield Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1892 Jun 27 ~ Fete & Athletic Gala, Chirk Castle Park, near Wrexham, Wales - appearing the Celebrated Acrobatis Bicycle Troupe, The Villions; The World's Wonder, RASLUS THE ROMAN GYRIST, in his astounding Revolutions on the Oscillating Cord, with Sensational Flights through Mid-Air, concluding with a Marvellous Drop to the Earth of over 30 feet.; The Brothers Leoni, in their graceful Athletic Feats on the Triple Horizontal Bars; The comic conjurer, Professor James; Royal Punch and Judy and Real Dog Toby; and an ascent of Monstor Montgolfier Balloons, &c.,  ref; The Era, BNA. 


1892 Jul 2 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Know, Raslus, King of the Air & Champion Flying Wonder of the World, now starring with Bostock and Wombwell's Monstor United Shows -  Re-engaged for three months, Peterhead, Scotland. Monday over, Raslus. ref; BNA. 


1892 Jul 16 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, Raslus, Champion Flying Wonder and Aerial King of the World, now starring with Bostock and Wombwell's United Shows in Bonnie AScxotland. Nothing Succeeds like Success. Monday over, Aberdeen, Scotland, RASLUS. ref; BNA. 


1892 Aug 6 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, Raslus, the Aerial Monarch, now starring with Bostock and Wombwell's Greatest United Shows of the World. The talk of every Town we visit is 'Raslus'. Nothing succeeds like success. Monday over Blairgowie, Scotland, Raslusref; BNA.


1892 Aug 27 ~ The Era Classified Ads  - Wanted, Known, Raslus, Champion Flying Man and King of the Air. Nothing succeeds like success. Now starring with Bostock and Wombwell's Greatest United Shows. English and Continental Directors Note. Raslus, Helenburgh, Scotland, Sunday over. ref; BNA.


1892 Sep 24 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, Raslus, Champoin Flying Man, concluded Four Months with Bostock and Wombwell's Shows, Tudor's Circus, Blyth. Monday; South Shields, Monday week; Hull, Oct 10th. All re-engagements, vacant 17th. Wire, RASLUS. ref; BNA. 


1892 Oct 1 ~ Wm. Tudor's Circus, Croft Road, Waterloo, Blyth - Last Week - Circus for Sale - Special engagement for the last week of RASLUS the Monarch of the Air, 'Or the Flying Man', in his Terrific and Sensational Aerial Flights and Astounding Leaps, This Artiste has no equals. In consequence of the enormous success, Mr. Tudor has succeeded in re-engaging The Carlo Troupe (4 in number), Lightning Acrobats and Marvellous Somersault Artistes. Re-engagement of Will Gomez, favourite Talking, Singing, Musical Droll. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1892 Nov 12 ~ Pavilion Concert Hall, Birmingham, Warwickshire, Director, Mr. Albert Brandon - The following artistes are engaged here - Will Atkins, in his sketch The Last Fence; Miss Wilson, serio; Raslus, gymnast; Professor bennett, ventriloguist; Sisters Lyndhurst, duettists; W. P. Madison, English, Dutch, and Tyrolean vocalists; Geraghty and Gilligans, Irish comedians. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1892 Sep 20 ~ Brothers Clifton, (Josh & Joe), Marvellous Staircase Performers - for one week with Edwin Croueste's Grand Modern Circus, Scarborough, Yorkshire, England. ref; The Era, BNA


1892 Oct 1 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, Raslus, Champion Flying Man., Tudor Circus, Croft Road, Blyth, Scotland., Monday., South Shields, Monday week., Hull, Yorks, Oct 10th. All re-engagements. Vacant 17th. Wire Raslus. ref; BNA. 


1893 Jan 7 ~ The Era Clasified Ads - Wanted, Known , Raslus, Slack Rope King, Greatest Aerial Show of the World, Vacant Two Weeks, Monday next. 63, Wrentham Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1893 Feb 4 ~ Perry's Circus, Abbey Road, Barrow-in-Furness, appearance of Mons Raslus is fearless on the Flying Rop; also performing Mr. James Newsome and his highly trained animals; Mdlle. Newsome in a graceful manege; Verti & Altrano on the flying rings; Mdlle. Beattie in her fairy flights; Wilkes on the high wire, Mr. W. Lloyd a daring rider; Clowns, Pat Perry, Pim-Pim and A. Allen. ref; The Era, BNA.


1893 Mar 4 & 11 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, Raslus, Aerial King, Champion Flyer, the Flyingman. Vacant, Monday, Circuses, Halls, Gardens and Galas. Wire, RASLUS, 63, Wrentham Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1893 Apr 1 ~ The Era Classified Ads -  Raslus, Champion Flying Wonder - vacant May & Easter, Circus, Gala's, Gardens, & Halls - Wire Raslus, 63, Wrentham Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1893 Apr 27 ~ Marriage at The Register Office, Birmingham of Joseph Clifton, 22yrs, bachelor, acrobat of 63, Wrentham Street, Birmingham son of Frank Clifton , acrobat & Betsy Yellowitz, 21yrs, spinster of 62, Wrentham Street, Birmingham daughter of Isaac Yellowitz, tailor, witnessed by Matilda Genge & Charles Pippard Genge. ref: Marriage Certificate. 


1893 Apr 29 ~ The Era Classified AdsTHE GREAT CLIFTON TROUPE of Gentleman Acrobats & Double Somersault Artistes, Hand Balancers, Staircase. The Smartest & Greatest Acts before the Public. Cheered Nightly at Keith's Circus, Gloucester, Free to accept May 1st, 8th & 15th for Circuses, Halls, Galas & Abroad. Wire - Circus, Gloucester. Address letters, 63, Wrentham Street, Birmingham. ref: BNA. 


1893 May 7 ~ Marriage at The Register Office, Birmingham of Joshua Lazarus, 23yrs, bachelor, acrobat of 63, Wrentham Streetm Birmingham son of Frank Clifton, acrobat & Rachel Lyons, 23yrs, spinster of 226, Sherlock Street, Birmingham daughter of Mark Lyons (deceased) commercial traveller, witnessed by Betsy Yellowitz and Joseph Lazarusref; Marriage Certificate.


1893 May 23-27 ~ Provincial Variety News., 'Venice' at Cheltenham Winter Garden, twice nightly, Raslus did some difficult rope walking feats. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1893 May 28 - Marriage at The Synagogue, Birmingham of Joseph Lazarus, 19yrs, bachelor, acrobat of 63, Wrentham Street, Birmingham, son of Frank Lazarus, gymnast to Betsy Yellowitz, 19yrs, spinster of 62, Wrentham Street, daughter of Samuel Yellowitz, tailor, in the presence of  B. Woolf & J. Fink. ref; Marriage Certificate. 


1893 Jun 5 ~ Frank L. Clifton, aged 40, an Artiste, travels aboard the SS. 'Berlin' from Southampton to New York. ref; New York Passenger Lists,


1893 Jun 10 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, Raslus, Flying Man, Champion Aerial Wonder, Vacant Monday, Circuses, Halls, and Gala Caterers note, 63, Wrentham Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1893 Jun 24 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, Raslus, Flying Man, Star Theatre, Wolverhampton, Monday next., vacant July 31st. Circuses, Halls, Galas, Wire: Raslus, Aerial King, Raslus, Raslus, Raslus. ref; BNA. 


1893 Jul 1 ~ Star Theatre, Wolverhampton, England - Lessee and Manager Mr. H. C. Hazelwood; Acting Manager, Mr. Percy Edwin; Messrs Heathcote and Newby's combination is here. Mr. Alex Day, vocal comedian and one-armed cornet soloist, creates enthusiasm. Raslus, the Aerial King, is good. Other artistes announced are Messrs. Griffin and Wilkinson, in an aerobatic entertainment; Miss Millie Seale, song and dance artist; Cappelleen and De Vance, flying ring and teeth performers; Bernandas, banjoist; Twigg and Twigg, comic acrobats; and Fred Newby, character comedian. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1893 Aug 11 ~ Theatrical Notes - It is one intention of Frank R Clifton, manager of the Peoples Palace Varieties Theatre, controlled by Cliff Phillips to organise and send on the road, once a month, the best foreign variety talent procurable, as an advertisiement for the City Show. These companies, under the name of the Ideal Vauderville Company, will give performances in all large towns of California. ref; New York Clipper, Library of Congress, USA. 


1893 Sep 9 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, Champion Aerial King, World-Famed Raslus, Vacant, Monday next. Wire, Big Novelty, Raslus, Circuses, Halls, note - 63, Wrentham Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1893 Aug 26 - Sep 12 ~ Ohmy's Circus, The Promenade, Douglas, Isle of Mann -  Amongst the many and varied places of entertainment in Douglas, the Circus is certainly one of the foremost. The talent which Mr Ohmy placed before the large audience last night was perfect. Overture, by the band; Miss Ada, in her clever act. Clowns, the Funny Three; entree by the clowns; the clowns comic pony "Joey"; Young Alverto, on the fixed bar; Claude Ohmy, the jockey rider; Mons. Clifton, riding and driving four horses; Miss Tudor, on the tight wire; Mons. Leon, the somersault rider; Clown, Walker; comic act by the clowns; the Brothers Pheros, on the high trapeze; Mons. Clifton, in a scene act; Master Ohmy, on the rolling globe; Miss Lilly, the rider; Clown, Cartland; Hupla and Heckla, the Wonders; and a comic sack race; Nobody should miss the benefits of Cartland, the favourite clown, and Monsieur Clifton this week. ref; Isle of Mann Times, BNA.


1893 Oct 7 ~ The Era Classified Ads  - Wanted, Big Sensations and Startling Novelties in all Lines, also Riders, Clowns, and Useful People in the Circus Business. Monday, Oct 9th:- John Watson, James Myers, Little Joe, The Fitzroys, Mons. and Madame Monti, Adeline Patti, Funny Cartland, Mons. Clifton, Walker from New Cut, Mons. Zenio, Miss Tudor, &c, Attend Rehersal at 11 O'clock. Address, King Ohmy, Ohmy's Grand Circus, Widnes, Lancashire, England. ref; BNA. 


1893 ~ Frank R Clifton, resident at Hotel Turclu, Sacramento, California. ref; 1893 City Directory Sacramento, California, USA,


1893 Nov to Jan ~ The Great Clifton Troupe, Ten weeks with Cooke's Circus, Edinburgh, mScotland. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1894 Feb 3 ~ ORPHEUM - Frank R Clifton, formerly with McMahon's Circus, is now the business manager of the Orpheum, and his worth is testified by the improved class of performers and patrons of this money maker. The Mutambark Arabs, Fisher and Crowell, Clements and Boyd, Gus Bruno, La Rose Bos, Freddie Arlington and Carmanelli and Lucille in specialities attracted and pleased a crowded house last night. ref; New York Clipper, IDNC. 


1894 Apr 18 ~ Birth of Samuel Lazarus at 62, Wrentham Street, Birmingham, son of Joseph Lazarus, acrobat & Betsy Lazarus, formerly Yellowitch. ref; Birth Certificate.


1894 Apr 27 ~ The Grove Street Theatre, in conjuction with San Francisco's Great Music Hall, the Orpheum, will be opened to the public as a first class place of family amusement on Monday April 30th. It is proposed to give a refined Vauderville Entertainment, introducing new features every week. Mr. F. R. Clifton, a very competent man, will have full charge of The Grove. ref; The Theatres, San Francisoc Call, CDL.


1894 May 12 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, Great Raslus, Vacant Monday for Circuses, Halls and Galas. Wire, Raslus Aerial King - 8, Waterloo Terrace, Latimer Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA 


1894 Jun 2 ~ GROVE STREET THEATRE - George P. Murphy has been appointed manager of the Grove Street Theatre, vice Frank R. Clifton, who resigned to pilot a circus (which he controlled) through the country. After the first performance his business manager spent all the box office receipts, and a heavy storm tore Mr. Clifton's mammoth tent to shreds. Mr. Clifton is now minus position, capital or circus. ref; New York Clipper, IDNL.


1894 Jun 7 ~ The Peoples Palace Music Hall has now added to its active management, Mr. Frank R. Clifton, formerly of the Orpheum. ref; The Morning Call, San Francisoc, University of California, Riverside, USA. 


1894 Jun 10 ~ The Peoples Palace Music Hall - Gus Phillips, manager of this popular place of amusement has called to his aid Frank R. Clifton, formerly connected with the Alcazar. The team had given new life to the Palace, about the arrangement of which there is quite a foreign air. ref; The Morning Call, San Francisco, University of California, Riverside, USA. 


1894 Jun 30 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, Raslus, Aerial King, Flying Man, Two Weeks Vacant. Monday 2nd July vacant and August 6th & 7th. Big Show, Gigantic Success. Wire here till Saturday Night; afterwards to Clifton House, 71, Latimer Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1894 Jul 1 ~ A Free Show, The Peoples Palace Music Hall, under the management of the proprietor Cliff Phillips, assisted by Frank R. Clifton as musical director, corner of Eddy & Mason Streets, is now giving a program of Vauderville, Opera & Comedy, without money and without price. The Auditorium is a vast one and will seat thousands. ref; The Morning Call, San Francisco, California, Library of Congress.


1894 Jul 19 ~ Tiverton Drill Hall, Devon, England, Mr Poole opened with his Myniorama & Variety Entertainments, including The Clifton Brothers which causes roars of laughter. ref; The Stage Newspaper Archive. 


1894 Jul 28 ~ Alhambra Palace Theatre - The Carrolls, Valvo (the Jap), Grace Moore, Harry Klink (pedestrian), Higgins & Milligan, Tommy Wallace, John Williams, Lillie Mason, Lottie Horne, Frank Clifton, and Eva Howard. A walk has been constructed around the entire garden for Harry Klink to show his speed. ref: New York Clipper, IDNC. 


1894 Aug 9 ~ People's Palace Music Hall, SW Corner of Eddy & Mason Streets, Cliff Phillips, Proprietor & Manager, Frank R. Clifton, Amusements Manager. ref; San Francisco Call, CDNL. 


1894 Aug 25 ~ Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, Raslus, Aerial King, the Flying Man. Novelty & Talent combined. Vacant Monday. Champion Raslus, 71, Latimer Street, Birmingham. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1894 Sep 29 ~ Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, Great Raslus, Aerial King, the Roman Gyrist, at Liberty, Monday. Big Novelty. Wire, 71, Latimer Street, Birmingham. ref; The Era, BNA


1894 Sep 30 ~ The Pavilion, Birmingham, England - (Proprietor, Mr, John Hardley; genearl manager, Mr. Peter Roach; - Will Roseland, comic and descriptive vocalist heads the bill here this week. His turn is well received, as is also that of Raslus, the flying wonder. The remainder of the artistes are Flo Carlisle, the Two Langfords, Funny Frisco, Bessie Rivolo, and Jenny Corkhill. Mr. Roach takes his benefit on December 5th. ref; Music Hall and Theatre Review, BNA. 


1894 Nov 4 ~ The Eden Musee Syndicates - A syndicate has leased The Eden Musee on Market Street, San Francisco in a conjunction with 'Wonderland' and conducted along the same lines as 'Keith's' in New York, Boston & Philadelphia - business manager Frank R. Cliftonref; San Francisco Call, CDNC.


1894 Nov 4 ~ 'Wonderland', a continuous Performance Show - A new departure in the amusement world of San Francisco at 729, Market Street. Managers Frank R. Clifton & A. F. Turpin. Promoted by The Wonderland Amusement Company, Market Street, opposite the Examiners Office. The home of Mystery & Mirth. The Greatest Novelty. Most gigantic enterprise upon the Pacific Coast. Opens Saturday afternoon, November 17th. You will see - Our superb Stage Shows, The Enchanted Princess, The Electric, Scenic Theatrium, and 100,000 other Wonders. Continuous Amusement. Every Afternoon & Evening from 1pm to 10pm. Going on all the time. Just think of it. ALL FOR ONE DIME. The only real new thing in town. Managers Frank R. Clifton & A. F. Turpin. ref; San Francisco Call, CDL.


1894 Nov 10 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, Raslus, the King of the Corde, Vacant Monday and Monday week. Wire for the Novelty., 71, Latimer Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA 


1894 Nov 24 ~ The Eden Musee on Market Street has been transformed into a Wonderland, with A. F. Turpin as proprietor and Frank Clifton as manager. It is to be the home of mystery and enchantment, and is to contain waxworks, electric wonders and curiosities of all kinds. A continuous performance is to be given daily from 1 to 11pm., to which one dime only will be the fee of admission. ref; New York Clipper. 


1894 Nov 24 ~ Ohmy's Grand Circus, Lancashire, England - Proprietor, Mr. Ohmy; There are several new artistes here, including Maccann, in his musical marvels; Miss Fontainbleu remains with her trick horse and canine wonders, also Mons. Clifton and Harry Yelding, the jockey; Cartland and Walker, clowns; but the feature this week in the engagement of the Steens, in their thought-reading entertainment. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1894 Dec 8 ~ The Era Classified Ads - The Brothers Clifton, Big success everywhere with Harry H. Hamilton's Excursions. First vacant dates June 1895.

Address Brothers Clifton, Hamilton's Excursions, Wolverhampton. ref; BNA.


1894 Jul 8 ~ The Cliftons - A Grand Fete, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England. ref;The Era, BNA.


1895 Feb 14 ~ San Francisco - Frank R. Clifton, a Dime Museum proprietor, is suing the proprietors of a rival show, claiming the latter are exhibiting a women fraudulently posed as Louise E. B. Mateson, who wore men's clothes for fifteen years, and where she was discovered. Clifton, who claims the genuine, sues for $25,000. ref; The Weekly Gazette & Stockman (Reno, Nevada),


1895 Feb 15 ~ 'Louisa Mateson' - Double Sued - Frank R. Clifton, the proprietor of a Dime Museum, has filed a suit against Albert Van der Naillen, H. J. Huber, John Doe & Jane Doe, asking for an injunction to prevent them exhibiting a women as 'the only genuine Miss Mateson, in male attire'. The complaint recites that the plaintiff has engaged the only original Louisa E. R. Mateson at great expense, and that his business is being injured by the defendants, who falsely and fraudulently represent Jane Doe to be a real male impersonator. He asks for $25,000 in addition to an injunction. ref; The Morning Call, San Francisco, Library of Congress. 


1895 Feb 21 ~ Frank R. Clifton had dismissed his action against Albert Van der Naillen as the latter had nothing to do with the matter, out of which the litigation arose. ref; The Morning Call, San Francisco, Library of Congress. 


1895 Mar 9 ~ Ohmy's Grand Circus, Henshaw Street, Oldham, Lancashire - Madame and Professor Steen are creating a sensation, and have been re-engaged, Zento, the tumbling clown, performs with chairs; Mons. Clifton gives some clever equestrian acts, and the spectacle of the week is "The Mad Tinker". ref; The Era, BNA. 


1895 Apr 5 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, a Good Cowboy's Saddle, in Good Condition, care of, and, Wanted, Caterers of Circuses, Halls and Galas. Note, RASLUS, Flying Wonders, vacant Monday and other dates. Wire, Mrs. Clifton, 71, Latimer Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1895 Apr 6 ~ Notes. Frank Clifton is again the business manager of the People's Palace, which will be reconstructed and changed into the Circus Royal and Water Carnival, and open as a circus 6th. Thus far, Rosa Lee, Wiloloiam Barlow, the Four Rosarios and Miss Shanks have been engaged for the initial performance. ref; New York Clipper. 


1895 Apr 27 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Circus Artiste Wanted, Known, Raslus, Vacant Monday and a few dates, Caterers, Circuses, Halls and Galas. Note - Raslus, Champion Slack Wire Artiste, 71, Latimer Street, Birmingham. ref: BNA. 


1895 Jun 8 ~ On account of the dangerous condition of his wife's health, Frank R. Clifton, the manager of The Santa Cruz Circus Royal and Venetian Water Carnival has resigned his position and has gone to a sanatorium to await his wife's convalescence. ref; San Francisco Morning Call, Library of Congress.


1895 Jun 8 ~ Shepherd's Fete at Stansty Park, Wrexham - with artistes, Messrs. Barton & Heath, comedians; Prince Heyward, ventriloquist; M. Le Blonde, performer on the trapeze; Miss. Jean, tight-wire performer; and Mons. Raslus Somnambulistic Aerial Act especially won the applause of the audience. ref; Wrexham Advertiser, BNA. 


1895 Jun 8 ~ In connection with the Clywdian Lodge of Oddfellows (Manchester Unity) appearing at The Athletics Sports Event, Mons. Raslus gave a marvellous performance on the Aerial Slack Rope concluding with wonderful backward and forward flights through the air. ref; Denbighshire Free Press, British Newspaper Archives.


1895 Jun 15 ~ Frank Clifton is caring for his sick wife at an Oakland Sanitarium. ref; New York Clipper, IDNC. 


1895 Jul 6 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Caterers to Note that Raslus, Flying Man, vacant for Galas, Gardens & Halls, Wire, Raslus, Champion Flying Wonder, 71, Latimer Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1895 Jun 25 ~ Ohmy's Circus, Douglas, Isle of Mann - The Circus at the foot of Victoria Pier was crowded last evening with an appreciative audience who gave a hearty welcome to Mr. Ohmy on his opening another season in Douglas. The Company included, Lockhart's performing elephants; Miss Senger, who gave an exhibition of riding; Mons Clifton met with a good share of applause for a scene act on horseback entitled "The Gambler"; Master Claud Ohmy, is an exceedingly clever jockey; the Meteors, aerialists; the Monte Carlo Troupe, acrobats; the Sisters Levon, wire walkers; Brothers Elton, gymnasts; and Mr Ohmy himself put his pony 'Tit-Bits' through several tricks; plus the Clowns, and all added greatly to the success of the entertainment. ref; Isle of Mann Times, BNA. 


1895 Aug 3 ~ OHMY'S CIRCUS. Promenade, Douglas, Isle of Mann - Those appearing from Monday Aug 5th: Mons. Lezeo, juggler; Miss Cooke, equestrienne; Mons. Clifton, in a great act of horsemanship; and Funny Cartland & Walker, in an new comic act. ref; Isle of Mann Times, BNA. 


1895 Aug 14 ~ BURNED TO DEATH - Mr. Oliver Pemberton (coroner) held an inquest at Birmingham yesterday touching the cause of death of Lydia Cook (14). For the past six or seven weeks the girl had been a domestic in the service of Mrs. Clifton of 71, Latimer Street, Birmingham. On Friday morning she was not satisfied with the way another servant had blacked the kitchen grate, and whilst giving it an extra polish her clothes caught fire, and she was removed to the Queen's Hospital. A verdict of 'Accidental death' was returned. ref; Bristol Mercury, BNA. 


1895 Oct 3 ~ Ohmy's Circus, Warrington, Cheshire, Engalnd - Mr. Ohmy, after a successful season at Douglas, returned with a good Co, including Florence, Louie, and Elka, lady trapezeists; Erno, on the wire; Aquizze, a very clever rider; Alfrano and Alto, smart bar performers; L. Chard's troupe of dogs, the Clifton Troupe; Texas Jack, and a host of others. Seven clowns are headed by Tony Felix. ref; The Stage, BNA. 


1895 Oct 3 ~ Drill Hall, Wigan, Lancashire, England - Louis Tussaud's exhibition of "ceroplastic figures" have been attracting large audiences for the last three weeks. Capital entertainments are given twice daily by Mr. Percival Craig, the Brothers Clifton and the Bohemian Band of Ladies. ref; The Stage, BNA. 


1895 Oc 22 ~ CROESTE'S CIRCUS, Huddersfield - The Brothers CLIFTON. ref; Huddersfield Daily Chronicle, BNA. 


1895 Dec 7 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Birmingham, Mrs. Raslus, 12, Wrentham Street, Comfortable Apartments, Five minutes from Theatres, Halls & Railway Station. ref; BNA. 


1895 Dec - Jan 1896 ~ The Three Clifton Brothers, do some laughable knockabout work, including Mr. Edward Clifton in an Equestrian Act "A Gambler in Progress" - F. Ginnett's Circus, Belfast, Ireland. ref; The Northern Whig., The Era, BNA. 


1896 ~ Frank R. Clifton, Theatrical Manager resident at 808, Stockton, San Francisco. ref; 1896 City Directory San Francisco, California, USA. 


1896 Jun 27 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, Raslus, Flying Man, etc, just returned from the Continent. Vacant July 6th, Circuses, Halls, Galas, note - 45, Bissell Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1896 Aug 1 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, A Smart Boy from Ten to Twelve Years Old. Little knowledge of Tumbling. W. J. Clifton, 45, Bissell Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA


1896 Sep 5 ~ Frank Clifton, formerly manager of the Orpheum and People's Palace, has just returned from a visit to New York. He has made arrangements to act as the Pacific Coast representative of Stuart (the manager odf the Corbett-Fitzsimmons fight in Mexico), who has a big scheme of the 'vitascope' plan to introduce to the large cities on the coast. ref; New York Clipper, IDNC.


1896 Dec to Jan 1897 ~ The Two Cliftons - Walford Bradie's Show, Theatre Royal, Hereford, England. ref; The Era, BNA.


1897 ~ Frank R Clifton resident at 808, Stockton, San Francisco. ref; 1897 City Directory San Francisco, California, UDA. 


1897 Jan ~ The Three Clifton Brothers at Croueste's Circus, Preston, Lancashire, England. ref; The Era, BNA.


1897 Jan ~ Gilbert's Circus. Leicester Floral Hall, Leicester, England, including The Three Cliftons, 'Are Champion Athletes'. ref; The Stage Archive.


1897 Jan 31 ~ 'Sailed Away', SS. 'Australia' Carries Well-Known Passengers to the Islands. Among those sailing on the steamship 'Australia' to Honolulu on Tuesday, Jan 26th was Frank R. Cliftonref; San Francisco Call, CDL.


1897 Feb 5 ~ Hawaii Arrivals, Honolulu, Frank R. Clifton from San Francisco. ref; Hawaian Gazette.


1897 Feb 6 ~ Veriscope Presented in Honolulu for First Time - A select audience, not large in number, but generously appreciative, witnessed the Veriscope Exhibition given in the Hawaiian Opera House by Frank R. Clifton last evening. ref; Honolulu Star, Bulletin.


1897 Feb 13 ~ Theatrical - Latest by Telegraph, Frank Clifton has gone to Honolulu to introduce the 'Vitascope' there. ref; New York Clipper Archives. 


1897 Feb 26 ~ Honolulu, Hawaii Departures, Frank R. Clifton bound for Vancouver & Victoria per C.A.S.S 'Miowers'. ref; Hawaian Gazette.


1897 Jul 10 ~ The Era Classified Ads - WANTED, Proprietors and Managers to Know that Brothers Clifton Dissolve Partnership after Sept 18th, 1897. Signed, JOE CLIFTON, of Clifton Brothers. ref; BNA. 


1897 Jul 17 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Notices - Wanted, Proprietors & Managers to know The Three Clifton Brothers will shortly dissolve partnership. W, Josh & Frank Clifton are still together, and are the Original Clifton Brothers. We have no connection with any other Cliftons. But look out for our new Show. ref; BNA.


1897 Jul 24 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Notices - THE TWO CLIFTONS (Will & Joe) in their Original Latest Novelty, Acrobatic, Eccentric, Dutrch Speciality,

The Only Act of its kind in the business. A few vacant dates from Sep 20th before opening with Poole's Myniorama, Nov 1st. NB. I, Joe Clifton, am the Original Clifton, of Brothers Clifton. We have no connection with any of the same name. Our Act is Talent, and Proprietors wishing Novelty with Showy Lithos. Address, The Cliftons, 8, Archel Road, West Kensington, London. ref; BNA. 


1897 Jul 24 & 31st ~ The Era Classified Ads - THE CLIFTON BROTHERS. Notice to Proprietors and Managers, that W. Josh and Frank Clifton are the Original Clifton Brothers, as we will shortly Dissolve Partnership with Joe Clifton, Sept 18th, 1897, as we have no connection with any other Cliftons, so don't be misled, but look out for our New Original Speciality the Comic Knockabout Railway Porters and Enchanted Baskets. Passengers Beware, as the above is Protected, No. 16,497. Now with Lord george Sanger, EARL'S COURT. Booking Office, CLIFTON BROTHERS. 52, Lillie Road, West Brompton, London. ref; BNA. 


1897 Jul 31 ~ The Two Cliftons (Will & Joe) with Lord George Sanger's, Earls Court, London, England. ref; Findmypast


1897 Sep 5 ~ Theatrical - Latest by Telegraph, Frank Clifton, formerly manager of The Orpheum & Peoples Palace Music Hall has just returned from a visit to New York. He has made arrangements to act as the Pacific Coast Representative of Stuart (the manager of the Corbett & Fitzsimmons Fight in Mexico) who has a big scheme of the 'Vitascope', and plans to introduce it to the large cities of the Coast. ref; New York Clipper. 


1897 Nov 4 ~ The Clifton Brothers, Eccentric Dutch Knockabouts, receive well meant applause, Bideford, Devon, England. ref: The Stage Archive. 


1897 Nov 6 ~ The Era Classified Ads - LOOK OUT ! HERE WE ARE, the Old Firm, The Original THREE BROTHERS CLIFTON. We cannot Help it - another Tremendous Success with H. Poole's Myriorama, Bideford, Devon, with Lightening Acrobats, Double Somersaults; also our Funny Eccentric Act, Two A1 Specialities. We thank the following Proprietors for Offers:- H. H. Hamilton, for nine months Engagement: also Directors of Scala Theatre, Antwerp for various offers. F. E. Ellis Esq, has secured the ??? Novelties for South Africa. We sail on 20th. Permanent address 45, Bissell Street, Birmingham, England. ref: BNA.


1897 Nov 11 ~ Messrs. H. & F. Poole's Myriorama opened on Monday at Victoria Hall, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset., including The Clifton Brothers, in 'The Dutchman's Carnival of Fun' which is executed in a clever manner. ref: The Stage Archive. 


1897 Dec 3 ~ Frank R. Clifton, representing The Orpheum Circuit, of which Gustave Walter is Director General, has taken charge of the Clunie Opera House of which he now becomes manager. The name of the house will be changed to the Orpheum, and it will be run on the same basis and plan as is the Orpheum in San Francisco and in Los Angeles, of which it becomes part. The opening under the new title will take place on 21st inst. Mr. Clifton was the manager under whose direction the original Orpheum of Mr. Walter opened in San Francisco , and he has served that amusement caterer ever since. His transfer to Sacramento means that all the attractions brought t0 the Orpheum at San Francisco & Los Angeles will also be brought to Sacamento. Mr. Clifton says Mr. Walter will spare no expense or pains to make the house here equal of either the others of the circuit. ., though of necessity not so large a patronage can be expected as in denser populations. Nevertheless, just as full shows will be booked for the Sacamento house, all engagements will be made for the complete circuit. Mr. Walter is now in this city. He goes north to Portland today with his company of forty-eight, whom he will play in that city. ref; Sacramento Daily Union, vol 94, number 104, CDNL.


1897 - Crocker-Langley Directory - Clifton, Frank R., Theatrical manager, resident, 803, Stockton, San Francisco, California, USA. ref;


1897 Dec 11 ~ The Era Classified Ads - The Three Brothers Clifton - Notice to Proprietors & Managers. Owing to accident to one of the members, could not fulfill engagement with Mr. Fillis for South Africa. Free Dec 13th, Acrobats & Dutch Act. Two A1 Specialities. Wire, 45, Bissell Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1898 ~ Frank Russell Clifton, Theatrical Manager of Sacramento, California, age 43 (1855), Height 5ft 6 3/4 ins, Medium Build, Hazel Eyes, Brown Hair, born Canada, resident at the Turclu Hotel, 305 K Street, Sacramento, Naturalised Date - 31 Jan 1898, San Francisco District, Registration Date 19 July 1898, Post Office Address, Sacramento. ref; Precinct Register, 8th Precinct, 1st Supervisor District, Sacramento County, USA.,


1898 Feb 1 - Admitted to Citizenship - In Judge Hughes' Court yesterday Frank J. CLIFTON was admitted to citizenship. He was a native of Canada. ref: Sacramento Daily Record Union, IDNL.


1898 ~ Sacramento Daily Union Advertisment - Turclu Hotel, 305 K Street, Sacramento, California, USA -  Conducted on the European Plan; Strickly first-class, centrally located; hot and cold baths free to guests; electric cars pass the door. Proprietor, Frank Meyer. ref; CDNL. 


1898 May 28 ~ Rumours have been floating about concerning a change in the management and procedure of the Orpheum. Most of these are erroneous. The one fact in it all is that hereafter the Orpheum will not continue itself to vauderville entertainment, but will be what is known in the business as a 'combination' house. That is, drama, opera, vauderville, concert, anything in the line of the stage, will be presented that can be secured. The management remains in the Orpheum company. That a change may take place is possible; that it may be effected even this week is not improbable. But to this date nothing in the way of a change has been made. The theatre-going public will be gratified, if what-ever else is done , local manager Clifton is left at his post. ref; Sacramento Daily Union, CDNL.


1898 Jun 3 ~ 'The Dynamiters' - He Did Nothing More Terrible Than Have A Good Time - Wednesday evening the 'Dynamiters' held their regular monthly banquet. The chefs on this occasion were P. Wilson & Benjamin Stemple, who prepared a most savoury creole chicken stew, which was devoured with zest and relish amid the other good things, both wet and dry. Those present were Lewis Parker, William Hardy jnr, George A. Bovyer, F. M. Woodson, Messrs. Frank R. Clifton and Homer Buckman were the invited guests. An adjourment was taken at a late hour after a mutual entertainment of song, story and speech. ref; Sacramento Daily Union, vol.95, number 102, CDNL. 


1898 Jun 9 ~Biography, Local Theatre Change -The new Lessee & Manager Frank R. Clifton has been known in this city for several months and, in that time Assistant Orpheum Director, has established himself so well with theatre going and business public that his new venture assures him a most kindly welcome. Mr. Clifton was born in Quebec, the son of the Financial Inspector of Upper Canada, etc.,  See full article

ref; Sacramento Daily Union, vol.95, number 108, page 6, California Digital Newspaper Library.


1898 Jun 9 ~ Announcement - ORPHEUM, Sacramento, Cal., June 9, 1898. Having become the successor of the Walter Orpheum Company in the Orpheum Theatre, Sacramento, all debts contracted on account of the Sacramento Orpheum will be paid by me, and all bills due are payable to me. FRANK. R. CLIFTONref; Sacramento Daily Union, CDNL. 


1898 Jun 24 ~ Frank Clifton, who is an enthusiastic Elk, thoroughly believes that they will win the baseball game with the natives at The Old Glory Carnival, and has made a suggestion whereby Elks and Grizzlies will meet again Saturday evening at the Orpheum, the winners to occupy the boxes and the loosers to take the front row in the gallery. This has been presented to the different teams with the hopes of its being accepted. ref; Sacramento Daily Union, CDNL.


1898 Jul 12 ~ Hotel Arrivals - The following were the arrivals yesterday at the Golden Eagle, Sacramento, amongst these, Frank R. Clifton, Vienna, VA, USA. ref; Sacramento Daily Union, CDNL.


1898 Jul 16 ~ Amusements - At the Orpheum this afternoon the last matinee of the Webster-Muller Company, when it will present the thrilling nautical drama and spectacle  'The Bottom of the Sea', with its fine scenery, novel mechanical effects and startling situations. The drama will be played again this evening, the last time but one. Manager Clifton should be encouraged to maintain such engagements as these, but the patronage of late has not been in that direction. ref; Sacramento daily Union, CDNL. 


1898 Aug 1 ~ Amusements - A benefit is to be given to Manager Clifton of the Orpheum on 11th and by local talent to enable the manager who has won so much favor here, to recover somewhat from recent losses. ref; Sacramento Daily Union, CDNL. 


1898 Aug 5 ~ Amusements. Manager Clifton has just signed to play Hoyt's 'Milk White Flag' at the Orpheum, September 22nd. It has never been given here. It will be produced by the original company, with all the scenery. Arrangements for the Manager Clifton's benefit next Wednesday are nearly complete at tyhe Orpheum. The Elk's have taken hold with a will, members of the Athletic Club are lending a hand, and musical and variety amateurs in large number have volunteered. ref; Sacramento Daily Union, CDNL. 


1898 Aug 7 ~ Benefit of Wednesday to Manager Clifton at The Orpheum.......Mr. Clifton has lost heavily in maintaining the theatre here, and his friends purpose giving him a benefit that will enable him to open the fall season in good shape. Mr. Clifton desires to give first class theatrical attractions during the winter, and he has arrangements made with the best companies in the country. ........Mr. Clifton should have a crowded house, for he deserves well at the hands of the public, to whom he has catered so satisfactorily, as a theatrical manager, but so disasterously to himself. ref; Sacramento Daily Union, CDNL.


1898 Aug 9 ~ Amusements - The sale of seats for the Grand Testimonial Benefit tendered to the popular Manager Mr. Frank R. Clifton Wednesday night began at the Orpheum yesterday and was fairly good. It will be better today. The Elks Athletic Club and merchants are moving in the matter. At a meeting of the Capital City Wheel-Men last evening, a resolution was passed unanimously commending the benefit, reciting the necessity for maintaining a house of legitimate theatrical attractions in this city, endorsing Mr. Clifton's  management as business-like, gentlemanly and in all ways satisfactory, and asking the public to fill the Orpheum on Wednesday evening. Members of the club as individuals will attend in considerable numbers. The entertainment to be provided is varied, full of mirth and music and presents not a few features of a superior order in music, athletics and comedy. ref; Sacramento Daily Union, CDNL.


1898 Aug 9 ~ Amusements - Orpheum. Wednesday Evening,  August 10th. Grand Testimonial Benefit tendered to the popular manager, Mr. Frank R. Clifton. By the press, the public, the clerks, the Sacramento Athletic Club, the business men, and many societies of the city of sacramento. An Immense Program. Box office opens at 9 am. ref; Sacramento Daily Union, CDNL.


1898 Aug 10 ~ High Jinks Postponed. The Central Republican Club has postponed its high jinks that was to have been held this evening, on account of the benefit that is to be given to Frank Clifton of the Orpheum by the citizens. Due notice will be given when high junks will be held. ref; Sacramento Daily Union, CDNL. 


1898 Aug 11 ~ A CARD -

My sincere thanks are due and are tendered to the ladies and gentlemen and the Orpheum attaches, one and all, who so kindly assisted at my benefit last evening at the Orpheum. Their efforts made the affair a success, a credit to themselves and the city. I wish to thank, also, those who attended and thus manifested their appreciation of the effort to maintain here a house of legitimate theatrical entertainment. It will be my endeavour to still further deserve their confidence, and to merit the patronage of the Sacramento public. FRANK R. CLIFTON, Manager of the Orpheum. ref; Sacramento Daily Union, CDNL. 


1898 Aug 28 ~ 'In the Theatrical Business' - George W. Ficks yesterday completed his negociations with Frank R. Clifton, manager of the Orpheum, for a half interest in the business. The management will be known under the title of Frank R. Clifton & Co. Mr. Ficks will doubtless prove a valuable member of the firm, as he has excellent business qualifications. ref; Sacramento Daily Union, CDNL.


1898 Oct 13 ~ Sacramento, California, USA - There is to be another change in theatrical business in Sacramento. Frank Clifton of the Orpheum states that General Clunie has notified him that after December 1st, when the present lease expires, the rental for the Orpheum property will be raised from $225 to $450 a month, with curtain and program privileges withdrawn, and that J. H. Todd is to have charge of the rental of the property and represent Mr. Clunie in that and some other matters in Sacramento. Mr. Clifton is much chagrined, because he says such rental cannot be met by the business. He proposes, he adds, not to give up the theatrical business here unless forced to and has opened negociations with the hope of fitting up another house. ref; Sacramento Daily Union, CDNL. 


1898 Oct 16 ~ It is made public that the owner of the Orpheum property will require Manager Clifton to retire on the 1st December , or pay a rental which he feels the business will not warrant. Mr. Clifton is indisposed to have the theatrical business in Sacramento, where he has so successfully laboured, straightened things out and got the business upon a satisfactory basis. He is accordingly in negociation with capital with the view to the erection of another house of drama here. Mr. Clifton has won business confidence in Sacramento and the approval of the entire theatre-going public. If he is compelled to retire, it will be with the unconcealed regret of the people. ref; Sacramento Daily Union, CDNL. 


1898 Oct 30 ~ The Orpheum, Sacramenton, California - Manager Clifton is authority for the statement that he expects in a few days to make public news concerning the erection of a new Metropolitan Theatre. He says that every indication points to the probable successful construction of a new theatre. ref; Sacramento Daily Union, CDNL.


1898 Nov 12 ~ Bangor, Wales, Nov 19th Llandudno - Pier Pavillion, secretary Mr. Samuel Hughs, Messrs. H. & F. Poole's Myriorama is proving a great attraction here. The variety entertainment is of the highest standard and includes The Clifton Brothers, whose efforts are well received, and Atroy, a juggler with a marvellous display. Mr Frank Freeland, who acts as a guide, is capable and concise. The pictures are very fine. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1898 Nov 24 ~ Messrs. Harry & Fred Poole with their new updated Myriorams Variety Company, including The Clifton Brothers, The Royalty, Llanelly, Wales. ref; The Stage Archive. 


1898 Dec 1 ~ There was another large audience at the Orpheum last night, which applauded 'Under the Dome' to the echo. The engagement closed the managerial connection with the Orpheum of Frank R. Clifton. It is with unconcealed regret that the theatre-goers see Mr. Clifton's relation with the Orpheum severed. During his management he has satisfied the patrons of the house; his business relations have been of the best, and his bearing in the community has commanded for him respect and esteem. This morning George W. Ficks takes charge of the Orpheum as sole lessee. ref; Sacramento Daily Union, CDNL. 


1899 Jan 18 ~ Ginsberg- Clifton Suit - Judge Johnson Takes the Case Under Advisement. Judge Johnson yesterday heard the testimony and arguments in the case of Sam Ginsberg against Frank Clifton, former manager of the Orpheum Theatre, and took the case under advisement. Ginsberg claims that he lent some money to Clifton with which to open the Orpheum, and brought suit to recover it. Clifton claims on the other hand that Ginsberg put up the money against Clifton's experience and went into the affair as a silent partner, that the theatre failed and there was nothing to divide but losses. ref; Sacramento Daily Union, CDNL.


1899 Jan 19 ~ Poole's Myriorama, acts most noteworthy being those of The Clifton Brothers, knockabouts, The Royal, Tonypandi, Wales. ref; The Stage Archive. 


1899 Feb 19 ~ Frank Clifton, formerly manager of the Orpheum in this city, has returned to Sacramento as the Agent of The Co-Operative Shoe Company of San Francisco. ref; Sacramento Daily Union, CDNL. 


1899 Feb 20 ~ Mrs. Clifton Dying - Frank R, Clifton, late manager of the Orpheum, who arrived in Sacramento on Saturday for the purpose of opening a store for the Co-Operative Shoe Company, was called away yesterday by telegram announcing that his wife was dying. ref; Sacramento Daily Union, CDNL.


1899 Mar 9 ~ The Clifton Brothers at The Grand, Bolton, Lancashire, England. ref; The Stage Archive.


1899 Mar 19 ~ Announcements, Deaths, Clifton - In this City, Millie E. beloved wife of Frank R. Clifton, a native of Boston, aged 48y and 6mths, San Francisco County, California, USA. ref; The San Francisco Morning Call, Veridian Digital Library. 


1899 May 6  ~ The Era Classified Ads - Announcements - Englands Top Weight Comedians, BROTHERS CLIFTON (Two in Number) in their Two Great Specialities, Comic Acrobats Eccentric Risley Act, also Comic Knockabout Dutch Comedy Act. The Talk of every Town. Messrs H. & F. Poole visit. Notice to Proprietors & Managers. Do not be misled by the name, as I, JOE CLIFTON, lately known as one of the Three Clifton Brothers, will Disolve Partnership with my brother Josh Clifton, July 15th, and will be known henceforth as one of the Brothers Clifton, Two in number. We Thank the following Proprietors & Managers for Kind Offers & Letters. Mr John Henry Cooke, H. H. Hamilton, Herr Frank Oney, Grand Cirque, Paris, Wilkes Lloyd & others., but the above two specialities are secured Next Season by Messrs. H. & F. Poole. For Vacant Dates for the above numbers, Address, 30, Lower Essex Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1899 May 6 & 13th ~ The Era Classified Ads - Announcements - The Original CLIFTON BROTHERS (Three in Number) - We hereby give Notice to Proprietors & Managers to Avoid Mistake, that I, Josh Clifton, Bearer, Catcher and Comedian, Elder of the Three Clifton Brothers, also Frank Clifton, Top Mounter & Double Somersault Artiste, will shortly have no connection with Joe Clifton: and we have already Secured an Artiste, therefore we will still be known as the Original CLIFTON BROTHERS (Three in Number). We are all men, so don't be misled by others, but look out for something New & Novel for the brainless totry and copy. Now touring with Great Success with our Two Big Acts with Poole's Myriorama. Will shortly be at Liberty for Home & Abroad. For Dates & terms, address The Original CLIFTON BROTHERS, 28, Clevedon Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1899 May 13 ~ The Era Classified Ads ~ THE Original BROTHERS CLIFTON (Two in Number) in their High-class Comedy Acts. Comic Acrobatic Risley Experts; also Comic Eccentric Knockabout Dutch Comedy Act. We Lead; others copy, but can't Compete with the Originals. Notice to Proprietors and Managers - Do not be Misled by the Name, but see that you are Securing the Original BROTHERS CLIFTON (Two in Number). Fairly making them yell Nightly with Messrs. H. & F. Poole. Just a Few Dates Open. Now is the chance for Agents, and Proprietors and Managers that are seeking Novelties. Just throw your Fly-Rod over this part of the Globe, and you will get what you are Fishing for. For Terms and Dates, address, 30, Lower Essex Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1899 May 13 ~ New Public Hall and Theatre, Aberdare, Wales - Messrs, H. and F. Poole have opened for another weeks stay with some extra special variety turns: Little Carlina, quick-change national dancer; Fairy Trio, speciality dancers; Miss Lilly Poole, soprano vocalist; Three Bells, lightning acrobats; Miss Lizzie Keith, tight-wire walker; Johnny O'Rourke, negro comedian; Harry Carsdale, farmyard mimic; the Elkas and the Clifton Brothers evoke laughter and applause; Atroy does some marvellous feats of juggling in a masterly manner; Viola, a graceful instrumentalist, wins unstinted applause. Mr Ernest Osmonde is the guide. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1899 May 20 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Announcements - New & Original - The Royal Brothers Clifton, Two in Number (Joe & Tom) in their New & Original Numbers, Acrobats, Eccentric Risley Experts; also Comic Knockabout Dutch Act, Two Distinct Specialities. At Liberty July 17th for Halls, Galas, Circuses, &c. Re-engaged with H. & F. Poole's Myriorama, Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales. Notice to all whom it may concern - After so many years, I Joe Clifton will finish, July 15th, throwing and catching and putting Frank Clifton on the shoulders in doubles, and will be very pleased to see somebody else do the same, but impossible. What Ho Jimmy ! Signed, the Main Guide, JOE CLIFTON. ref; BNA. 


1899 Jun 10 ~ The New Public Hall, Mountain Ash was opened on Monday by Messrs. H. and F. Poole's New Myriorama Co under the management of Mr. Martin Comstock. Miss Lillie Poole sang the national anthem, the whole company and audience joining in. The variety company included, the Bros Clifton; Little Carlina, transformation dancer; Miss Lillie Poole, soprano; Miss Lizzie Keith on the telephone wire; the Elkas, with 'Fun in a Cafe'; the Fairy Trio, speciality dancers; Johnny O'Rourke, negro comedian and instrumentalist; and Harry Carsdale, farmyard linguist. Mr Blake Del-a-Vel was a clear and capable guide. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1899 Jul 6 ~ Harry H. Hamilton's Panorama & Variety Company are here, including The Clifton Brothers, The Northern Theatre Co. Ltd. The Royal Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England. ref; The Stage Archive


1899 Jul 7 ~ Messrs. F. & H. Poole opened at The Chester Music-Hall on Monday for twelve nights. A first Class Variety Co., including The Clifton Brothers. ref; The Stage Archive. 


1899 Jul 29 ~ The Era Classified Ads - There is only one OLD Firm. The Original THREE CLIFTON BROTHERS. Another success with our Comic Acrobatic Hercules; also Eccentric Porters. The cry of the Public - Nothing seen like it before. The hit of the programme is the above Funny Speciality. Address letters to the Original THREE CLIFTON BROS, Workmans Hall, Blaenavon, Wales. ref; BNA. 


1899 Aug 5 ~ Ohmy's Grand Circus, Accrington, Lancashire, England - This circus reopened with an excellent bill, the company including Mons. Clifton, the American Rider; Mr Ashby, who gives a performance on the globe; the Wonderful Andy's acrobats; the Sisters Lalla; Carlo Bianchi; Cinquevalli, a clever juggler; Cliffe Berzac, with his boxing pony and trick boarhound Pasha; and the Brothers Catto. Among the clowns may be mentioned Bob Anderson, the Great Algie, and the Funny Six. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1899 Aug 12 ~ The Three Clifton Brothers at Cooke's Circus, Edinburgh, Scotland with their Knockabout 'Railway Porter Act' & Comic Acrobat Hercules, Smash Hit ! ref; The Era, BNA. 


1899 Aug 18 ~ Cake Walk Carnival - All the San Francisco Champions Are Here - The principle contestants for the international Cakewalk event recently held at San Francisco arrived today to take part in thye Cakewalk Carnival. There will be a 'hot old time' Thursday night at Hazard's Pavilion, as society, juvenile, amateurs and colored cakewalkers will participate. Manager Frank Clifton will give some handsome gold medals to the winners of the different styles of dancers. He is being besieged by hundreds of aspirants who wish to appear. Many novelties, entrancing electrical and mechanical effects will be presented. The soldier boy's fund is untiring in its efforts to make the series of entertainments a financial success. ref; Los Angeles Herald, CDNL.


1899 Aug 19 ~ The Cake Walk.  Manager Frank R. Clifton States His Position. Manager Frank R. Clifton of the Cake Walk Carnival, to be given at Hazard's Pavilion, in reply to a published questioning of his intensions to aid the Soldiers Fund, stated last evening that the performances were in no sense represented as a benefit for the fund, but that he had agreed to donate 15% of the receipts to such purpose, and had asked several prominent citizens to act as a committee to receive the donation and disburse it. He said; "In regard to the report in an evening paper, wherein General Last is quoted as stating that he knew nothing of the proposed Cake Walk Carnival. I wish to state that I called upon the general at his office on Tuesday afternoon and stated that a portion, 15%, of the gross receipts was to be donated to the Soldier Boys' Fund, the same as had been done at the carnival lately held in Mechanics' Pavilion, San Francisco, and that I desired a committee of representative citizens of Los Angeles to receive and disperse the said fund. I received his full consent to use his name as a member of said committee, and any reports to the contrary are in error". ref; Article, Los Angeles Herald, number 323, CDNL. 


1899 Aug 27 ~ HE TOOK THE CAKE, MANAGER 'CLIFTON' IS DOING SOME WALKING. HIS CAKE WALKERS UNPAID - One of the Angels of the Show Makes a Partial Settlement - A STORMY TIME. Frank R. Clifton manager , C. Maddigan, backer, and 'Angel' G. Crowley, also a supposed backer of the 'only cake-walk company' on the Pacific coast, had a very lively hour last evening after the close of the show at the pavilion. The company had been playing a three days engagement at Hazard's pavilion, and the crowds attending have precluded any claims of financial failure of the venture. The company was composed principally of Clifton, Crowley, Glass and Maddigan. In this city they arranged for a corps of employes and local cake-walkers. These were to be liberal wages, the non-payment of which caused an incipient riot at the pavilion when the show closed. 

As soon as the crowd was comfortably seated in the pavilion and the coin was stacked up i8n the box office, Clifton is reported to have remembered an engagement to telephone to Santa Monico, or some other seaport town, regarding an opening night there next Wednesday. He did not forget to put the money into a sack, however, taking it along with him. As far as anybody knows at this writing, Clifton is still telephoning, as his whereabouts is yet unknown, although a crowd of infuriated ex-employes, black and white together, last night were camping on his trail, and watching the door of a room where for a week or more Clifton has been living. 

After the show the local cake-walkers and employes congregated at the box-office, but were told by Maddigan that Clifton had the money and would settle manana. This was like a gallon of liquid air thrown over the crowd, but they soon thawed out and proceeded to put the 'angel', Maddigan, and two others in hock.

"You won't leave this building until we see the colour of your money", said one man, so when Maddigan saw Policeman Mike Halloran pass the door he called for protection. Mike thought the police station afforded this, so he escorted the man to headquarters. After considerable parleying, Crowley, Maddigan and Glass scraped together $40, with which they paid off the most important of their creditors. 

Crowley says he has no connection with the show, and simply came to the front with cash to help out his friend Maddigan. Crowley is proprietor of a big pool room in San Francisco, and says he is here simply for a visit. 

Manager Frank R. Clifton stated last evening to a Herald reporter: "I hold receipts from every newspaper, bill-poster, license, rent, etc., showing that all bills I have contracted for while here have been paid. We have lost money here and will have to have a few days in which to turn ourselves, but every person will be paid. I owe the coloured men ssome money but will pay that in the morning or next day. On my way up here, I paid William A. Howeell five dollars for eight ushers and have given others money and hold recepits. The facts of the case are that the Sunset Telephone company sent a messenger for me to come to their office. This was at 10.45 last night, and I went to the office to talk with F. A. Miller of the Arcadia Hotel, Santa Monica. The employed got frightened, although I had explained to them how I was placed, and they agreed to give me a chance and until I could turm myself around., which would be in a day or two. I have a good reputation and have everything to lose and in all my experience as a show manager I have never run up against a proposition like this. Every man will be paid. I say that on my reputation as a man, manager and Elk. ref; Los Angeles Herald, number 331, CDNL. 


1899 Sep 2 ~ The Three Clifton Brothers - Manchester Free Trade Hall, Lancashire, England. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1899 Sep 9 ~ The Clifton Brothers at Hengler's Circus, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. ref;The Era, BNA. 


1899 Sep 30 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Notice - WILKES LLOYD, the Only & Original Flying Jockey & Bar Act Rider in the World, with my Two Jockey Dogs, doing Single, Double & Treble Jumps up, and these are the only Jockey Dogs in the Profession. These Dogs are not like those so-called Jockey Act Riders, for they are always sure of their Jumps up, and also Tight Wire: and Miss PAULINE CLIFTON, with her Siberian Wolf Hounds, in their Leaping Act. The above Acts are A1 at Lloyds. At Liberty Oct. 16th. Address, 27, Vaughton Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1899 Nov 2 ~ The Royal Clifton Brothers, Risley Act etc., with Transfield's Circus, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England., and on 11th Nov attended the funeral of Mrs. Transfield at Canwick Road Cemetery, Lincoln. ref; The Era, BNA.  


1899 Nov 11 - The Era Classified Ads - The Three Clifton Brothers, The Old Firm at Liberty for our Eccentric Railway Porter Act: also Acrobats, two distinct acts - Wire 27, Vaughton Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1899 Nov 11 - The Era Classified Ads - The Royal Clifton Brothers - Acrobatic Knockabout Dutch Act, also Knockabout Risley Act. Two Comic Numbers. Big Success at Transfield Circus, Lincoln - at Liberty Monday next - for terms and dates - 30, Lower Essex Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA.


1900 May 31 ~ The Era Classified AdsThe Royal Cliftons - 'The Great Breakaway Ladder & Shoulder Perch' also 'Risley Artistes', One Big Number, the Act of Modern Times, will be at Liberty shortly for Home & Abroad. Now on Tour. Address - 30, Lower Essex Street, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1899 Dec 2 ~ Ginnett's Circus, Newcastle-0n-Tyne, England - Proprietor and Manager Mr. George Ginnett - The variety fare here is contributed chiefly by the Elka Troupe, in a Risley act; a sketch by Anderson and Austin; the Raynor Trio, acrobats; Whiteley's performing poultryOthello, strong man; assisted by Desda Novir; Ovelo and his singing donkey; the Brothers Clifton; and Watson's Pictures. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1900 Jun 1 ~ Frank Clifton, Circus Foreman, aged 57, born August 1842, Canada, Eng, a Lodger, Citizen 30yrs, Father born Canada, Eng, Mother born Ireland. ref; US Federal Census


1900 Jul 7 - The Era Classified Ads - Three Boganny's in their Comedy Risley Act with Doubles on their feet to catch twisters and pirouettes on backs, also Comedy & Talent combined. Introducing the Breakaway Ladder & Shoulder Perch. One Big Speciality. The talk of every town we visit. Success Guaranteed. The Act of Modern Times. The above are at Liberty July 23rd. For terms, address 30, Lower Essex Street, Birmingham. NB. To Proprietors &  Managers, and all whom it may concern, the Royal Clifton Trio will be known henceforth as the Boganny's. - Signed JOE CLIFTON. ref; BNA.


1900 Oct 8 ~ The Three Boganny's appear at Hamilton's Excursions, Public Hall, Preston, Lancashire, England. ref; The Stage Archive. 


1900 Nov 10 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Three Clifton Brothers in their Up-to- Date Comic Speciality. Another Big Hit at Barrow, Monday Theatre, Whitehaven. All letters address, Josh Clifton. We recognise Alf Daniels, Continental Humourist. ref; BNA. 


1900 Oct 20 - The Original Three Boganny's. A Speciality that can follow them all. Preston Herald, Oct 17th, 1900 says:- 'Well merited applause wasd received by the Three Boganny's for their clever performance, the breakaway ladder being without doubt a very remarkable feat'. Hamilton's Excursions, Preston. ref; The Era, BNA. 



1901 Mar 31 ~ UK National Census, England, Warwickshire, Birmingham, aged 27, Vaughton Street - Frank Clifton, Head, aged 58, Circus Gymnast & Artiste, own account, born America, Bangor, Maine, residing with his wife Sarah Clifton, aged 61, born Hull, Yorks, and grandchildren, Nellie Clifton aged 9, William Clifton aged 8 & Harold Clifton aged 7 all born Birmingham (nb. These three grandchildren were the children of their dau Mary Clifton who married William Molesworth 'Wilkes' Lloyd) ref; 1901 England Census Transcripts, RG 13/2854/8. 


1901 Mar 31 ~ UK National Census, England, Warwickshire, Birmingham, 28, Clevedon Street - Ray Clifton (Rachel) married, aged 30, daughters Doris M. Clifton aged 6 & Gladys E. Clifton aged 2mths, all born Birmingham. (nb. Joshua Clifton's wife and family) ref; England Census Transcripts, RG 13/2812/22. 


1901 Mar 31 ~ UK National Census, England, Lancashire, Wigan, 89, Caroline Street - Joseph Boganny, boarder, aged 30, Exhibition Acrobat, born Birmingham, with Charles Boganny, 14, Music-Hall Artiste, & Jack Boganny, 15, Music-Hall Artiste, both born Birmingham. ref; Census Transcripts.


1901 Jun 15 ~ The Era Classified Ads - THE THREE BOGANNY'S in their Latest Novelty "The Lunatic Bakers" Monday, Winter Gardens Southport. Only have two weeks vacant, July 1st and 15th, till May 19th, 1902. Terms and particulars BOGANNY'S, WINTER GARDENS SOUTHPORT. ref; BNA. 


1901 Jul 6 ~ The Era Classified Ads - The Three Boganny's 'The Originators of Comedy Risley' and 'The talk of Barrow'. They say they have seen them all, but have never seen anything like the Boganny's. Empire Theatre, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England., nb. only 15th July Free. ref; BNA. 


1901 Aug 24 ~ The Three Boganny's appear under Mr. E. H. Bostock, The Scottish Zoo, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. ref; The Era, BNA.


1902 Mar 1 - The Era Promotional Advertisment - The Three Boganny's, Lunatic Bakers. Something New and Original, and the only Comedy Risleyists before the public. A Great Success. Always Re-engaged Everywhere. ref; BNA. 


1902 Summer -  The Three Boganny's appear for The Coronation Celebrations in a Voluntary Performance for King Edward V1 & Queen Alexandra. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1902 Oct 4 ~ Death of Sarah Lazarus, aged 63 yrs at 27, Vaughton Street, Birmingham, wife of Frank Lazarus, lately a Gymnast of the same address, informant Joshua Lazarus, son, in attendance, of 143, Spring Hill, Birmingham. ref; Death Certificate.


1902 Oct 6 ~ Burial of Sarah Lazarus at Witton Cemetery, Jewish Section, Birmingham. ref; Judith Joseph, Archivist, Birmingham Hebrew Congregation.


1903 Jan 29 ~ Clifton Bros, London Theatre & Variety, Clapham, London, England. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1904 Feb 6 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, Wilkes Lloyd, the World's Greatest and Fastest Up-to-date Rider., Also Miss Pauline Viola with her wonderful Troupe of Wolfhounds, sail on the Minnetonka Feb. 11th, to join Barnum and Bailey's Greatest Show on earth (New York), Second Year. Kind regards to all friends. Private address, Fern Cottage, Lincold Road, Acock's Green, Birmingham. ref; BNA. 


1904 Mar 21 ~ Death of Frank Lazarus, retired Gymnast, aged 61yrs, at Fern Cottage, Lincoln Road, Olton, Solihull, informant Joshua Lazarus, son in attendance, of Spring Hill, Birmingham. ref; Death Certificate.


1904 Apr 23 ~ The Era Classified AdsJOE BOGANNY'S LUNATIC BAKERS, the only Comedy Risleyists, Free May 9th. Communications, JOE BOGANNY, Winter Hall, Leamington. ref; BNA. 


1904 May 23 ~ Burial of Frank Lazarus at Yardley Cemetery, South Yardley, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. ref; The Hon. Archivist, Birmingham Hebrew Congregation, Mrs. Judith Joseph correspondance.


1904 May 22 & 27 ~ Joe Boganny's Lunatic Bakers, The Hippodrome, Tonypandi, Wales. ref; The Era, BNA


1904 Aug 29 ~ The Five Boganny's appearing along with Wilkie Bard, & Hettie King and others- The London Music Hall, London. ref; The Era, British Newspaper Library.


1904 Oct 8 ~ The Three Boganny's - The Alhambra, London. ref; The Era Archive.


1904 Oct 8 -13~ The Five Boganny's - The Middlesex, Drury Lane, London. ref; The Era Archive.


1905 Jan 7 ~ Joe Boganny, Dancer & Performer in Babes in the Wood at the  Crystal Palace Theatre, London. ref; The Era Archive. 


1905 Jan 10 ~ Joe Boganny's Lunatic Bakers - A Farewell visit prior to their tour of Australia, The Dudley Empire, Dudley, West Midlands.


1905 Jan 26 ~ The Five Boganny's - Palace Theatre, Bordsley, Birmingham, UK.


1905 Feb 2 ~ 'The Lunatic Bakers (Boganny's) - The Grand, Hanley, Staffs, UK. 


1905 Jul 25 - Birth of Douglas Boganny PHIPPS son of Harriet Phipps ref; Birth Certificate, Douglas Boganny Phipps Profile.


1906 May 27 ~ Joe Boganny & the Lunatic Bakers, appear Derby Castle, Douglas, Isle of Mann.


1906 Oct 8 ~ The Five Boganny's at The New Cross Theatre, Deptford, London.


1907 Apr 8 ~ Joe Boganny and The Boganny Troupe of Lunatic Bakers appear at The Gaiety Theatre, Chatham, Kent for one week.


1907 Jul 6 ~ Joe Boganny & The Boganny Troupe were Honoured to appear before King Edward V1 and The Royal Family at Buckingham Palace.; see clippings.


1907 Jul 11 ~ Mr. Joe Boganny who, at the head of his Troupe of "Lunatic Bakers," had the honour of appearing by Royal Command at Buckingham Palace on July 6, is the son of Raslus at one time famous as "The Flying Man." The idea of the "Lunatic Bakers" was suggested to Mr. Boganny in a rather novel manner. Whilst performing at a Charity Concert in a lunatic asylum in the north, it transpires that a couple of the inmates were so struck with the performance of the Risley Troupe, that at the conclusion of the show they were discovered in the kitchen lying on their backs endeavouring on imitate same by tossing in the air by means of their feet loaves of bread, cakes, dough, etc. It struck Mr. Boganny that there was dough in the idea, hence the production of "The Lunatic Bakers." In nationality, Mr. Joe Boganny is a mixture of Irish and Yiddish. On noticing his beaming blue eyes one would come to the conclusion that he was a native of Hibernia, but the lower half of his face shows distinct traces of the Hewbrew. In general appearance he looks over trained, but judging by the performance of himself and troupe recently at The Palace Theatre, this evidently is not so. ref; The Performer, BNA. 


1907 Sep 4 ~ The Four Cliftons appear at Bisini's Circus, Belfast, Ireland.


1907 Nov 22 ~ The Clifton Family of Sketch Artistes & Musicians continue their success here at The Palace Theatre of Varieties, Belfast, Ireland. 


1907 Dec 21 ~ The Era Classified Ads - Wanted, Known, Wilkes Lloyd, the Original Flying Jockey, three great riding Acts, the fastest Rider on earth, none of the old Bellfager Riding, Dancing the Pommel one knee, and Kissing the Hand, and Riding to the time of the music about me; I am an up-to-date Rider; I have no Equal; I can follow any Rider on Earth, but they cannot follow me. This is no bluff. Own two horses. In conjunction with Pauline Viola and Nellie Lloyd Troupe of Siberian Wolfhounds, the Longest and Highest Trick Jumpers; every Dog a Picture, and with Pedigree; ten in number. Away from all other Dog Acts. Also Mdlle. Nellretta "The Nymph in her Pastime" a New and Novel Pot-Pourri Act. The above Acts can be arranged together or separately. The above Acts are all Refined and First-class, at Liberty Feb, for home or abroad. Address, WILKES LLOYD, Henglers Circus, Glasgow. ref; BNA. 


1908 Apr 3 ~ Boganny's at The Palace Theatre, London. ref; Music Hall & Theatre Review, Gossip Column. 


1908 Jun - NOTICE and WARNING. Unless Messrs. Joe Boganny and Josh Clifton immediately discontinue advertising the name of Lord George Sanger on their bills, action will be instantly taken. Signed, Lord George Sanger, June 1908. ref; The Era. 


1908 - King's Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland - Company: Amand Mascard - Joe Boganny's Lunatic Bakers, Nancy Thornton, Harry Levaine, Rell & Butt, Granby Trio, The King's Bioscope, Selection Scottish Thistle, Ian M'Intyre, Miss Alice Golding, Six Musical Cutty's, Overture 'Marco Spada'. ref; National Library of Scotland. 


1908 Oct 3 -10 - Passenger Record - Joe Boganny, 29, Acrobat, England, Hebrew, of 4, Glenshaw Mansions, Brixton Road, London, arrived New York, USA on 10th, from Liverpool, England aboard the SS 'Lucitania., also on that voyage was Harry Lauder, 37, England, Scotch, Music-Hall Artiste and his wife Nance, of 24, Longley Road, Tooting, London. ref; New York Passenger/Crew Lists (Including Castle Garden & Ellis Island)1820-1957. 


1908 Oct 11 - Mr & Mrs Boganny, Cyril & Fred Boganny arrive New York on the Marius Tour,. address The Knickerbocker Hotel, Times Square, New York City, USA., of 50, Sheridan Square, Balham & Glenshaw Mansions, Brixton, SW London. ref; Passenger Records


1908 Oct - Joe Boganny's Troupe, 'Very Clever Acrobats' at Blaney's, Lincoln Square, New York, USA. ref; 


1908 Oct 17-24 - Joe Boganny & The Boganny Troupe of Lunatic Bakers appaered at The New Fulton Theatre, Brooklyn, New York and The Lincoln Square, Chicargo, USA, 'Proved Extremely Popular'. ref; Clipping


1908 Oct 27 ~ Josh Clifton's 'Five X Rays' in 'Fun in Gymnasium' - Palace Theatre of Varieties, Belfast, Ireland. 


1908 Nov 8 ~ Joe Boganny and His Lunatic Bakers - appearing at The Alhambra Music Hall, Brooklyn, New York City, USA. 


1908 Dec 14 - Passenger Record - Joe Boganny, American, destination London, arrived at Plymouth, Devon, England from New York, USA aboard the Nordduetscher Lloyd Line vessel, SS 'Kaiser Wilhelm II'. ref; UK & Ireland, Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960. 


1908 Dec 18 ~ The Boganny Troupe England bound. ref; Music Hall & Theatre Review, American Column. 


1908 Christmas ~ Joe Boganny & The Boganny Troupe of Lunatic Bakers - One Week at The Palace Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London. 


1909 May 22 ~ Joe Boganny & The Boganny Troupe of Lunatic Bakers appear at The Empire Theatre, Nottingham, UK; ref; Joe Boganny Note with autograph. 


1909 Jul 30 ~ Passenger Records - Joe Boganny, Etty, Cyril & Abey Boganny arrive New York via Liverpool aboard the SS. Mauritania. ref; New York Passenger Lists.


1909 Season ~ The Joe Boganny Troupe of Lunatic Bakers leaves Cohan & Harris Minstrels by mutual agreement. ref; Clipping


1909 Jul 24-30 - Passenger Records - Joe Boganny, 35, Theatrical & wife, Etty Boganny of 50, Cheriton Square, Balham, SW London, departed Liverpool, England on 24th July arriving New York, USA on 30th aboard the SS 'Mauretania'. ref; New York Passenger/Crew Lists 1820-1957. 


1909 Aug 23 - Nov 2 ~  American Tour - Joe Boganny & Troupe ' The Star Attraction' at The American Music Hall, Toledo, Ohio. ref; Clipping.


1909 Oct 30 ~ The Boganny Troupe, 'Biggest Attraction in Boston' - The American Music Hall, Vauderville, Boston, Mass; ref; Cambridge Cronicle, Cambridge Public Library.


1910 Dec 17 ~The Era Classified Ads -  JOE BOGANNY AND TROUPE. The Original Opium Fiends. Fun in an Opium Den. Eight in Number. A RIOT at the Empire, Birmingham. Notice to all whom it may concern, that I, Joe Boganny, will give £100 to any charitable institution, if any artistes, managers, or agents can PROVE that I am not the ORIGINATOR of the Chinese Opium Fiends, Fun in an Opium Den, produced May 31, 1910, Bijou Theatre, Orange, New Jersey, USA. The above has been booked with Mr. Butt for the Palace Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London, since Feb 15, 1909, also Moss and Stoll's since July 12, 1909, before the PARODY of an opium den was ever thought of. Read what the Birmingham paper says; this is no bluff:- Evening Despatch, Tuesday, Dec 13, 1910: One of the best knockabout acts seen in Birmingham for quite a long time is given by Joe Boganny's Opium Fiends in a scena entitled "Fun in an Opium Den". Their performance is as original as it is clever. Birmingham Gazette and Express, Tuesday, December 13, 1910: An acrobatic act of exceptional merit is presented by Joe Boganny's Opium Fiends in a scena, appropriately named "Fun in an Opium Den". The troupe consists of eight clever acrobats, and their turn is one of the best of its kind seen in Birmingham for long time. The above have no vacancies. Imitation is the best form of flattery. Communications, EMPIRE, LIVERPOOL. ref; BNA. 


1911 Apr 2 - Joe Boganny, aged 37, Music Hall Artiste, born Liverpool with Etty Boganny, aged 29, Married 14yrs,  (nb. declaring the birth of one child born and still living to her present marriage) Music Hall Artiste, born Birmingham, staying at 43, Goldsmith Street, Nottingham. ref; 1911 Census Transcript. 


1911 Apr 29 ~ MUSIC-HALL CELEBRITIES - MR. JOSH CLIFTON, the genial proprietor of the Five X-Rays, Mr. Josh Clifton, comes from a good old stock of entertainers. Born in London, he is the son of the late Frank Clifton, professionally known as Frank Raslus, the King of the Slack-Rope, who many years ago made a big sensation in his monkey sketch at the Oxford, and a nephew of the late Mac and Alec Daniels, favourite musical clowns. Mr. Clifton started his career as an acrobat at the age of two and a half years, and performed in his fathers troupe as a clown, and was considered very smart. The troupe appeared in all the principle halls and circuses in England and on the Continent. "Since those days says Mr. Clifton, many are the ups and downs that have befallen me, but I will not go into details. My one ambition is for comedy, and comedy without any vulgarity is my motto." One of Mr. Clifton's most successful acts is that of the Five X-Rays, mad athletes, who have appeared at all the principle halls in Great Britain and on the Continent. The latest addition to Mr. Clifton's enterprises was the establishment, after a deal of patience and expense, of the Six Ceylons, who appeared in "A Dream in an Opium Den" for the first time in London at the Euston Palace on June 20 last, and scored an instantaneous success. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1911 Oct 14 - Nov 11 ~ Palace Theatre, - Varied Artistes with The Boganny's Special War Pictures on Bioscope &c. Evenings at 8, Matinee., Full Programme, Saturdays at 2. Managing Director, Mr. Alfred Butt. ref; Music-Hall and Theatre Review. 


1912 Jan 4 - Calls for Monday, Jan 8th. Kingston Empire, Joe Boganny's Original Opium Fiends, Dora Dalmeny, Kinemacolor, Norman and Leonard in 'The Square Dance', Frank Lynne, Five Petley's, The Venetians, Rehersal, 12.30. ref; Music-Hall and Theatre Review. 


1912 Jul 1 ~ Royal Command Performance, Palace Theatre, Cambridge Circus, London, England........'amazing acrobats as they are The Boganny's with their Chinatown Scene - they set one wondering how they are really to be fitted into a joyous programme. ref; Daily Cronicle, BNA. 


1912 Jul 4 ~ Joe Boganny, the proprietor of the Boganny Troupe, was born in Liverpool on February 7th, 1874. His first appearance was at the age of three, when he became a member of his father's risley troupe and entered the circus ring. Mr. Boganny is the son of the late Frank Riley (professionally known as the Great Raslus), who in his time was a well-known slack-rope performer. 'The Lunatic Bakers', who have made Mr. Boganny's name famous in most countries where there is a music hall, were first introduced by Mr. Boganny in connection with a Hamilton and Poole's Myriorama tour, and his latest troupe, 'The Opium Fiends', bid fair to out-rival the success of the earlier company. Mr. Boganny had the honour to appear before the late King Edward and the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace on July 6th 1907. ref; The Stage Archive.


1912 Jul 4 ~ The Boganny's presented 'Fun in an Opium Den' in five minutes or thereabouts, but they managed to crowd every second with incident, the house alternately laughing at the comic business introduced and applauding the extremely clever acrobatic work performed. ref; The Stage Archive.


1912 Oct 15-26  - Passenger Record - Mr. J. Boganny, sailed from Liverpool, England bound for New York, USA (arriving 26th), aboard the White Star Line vessel SS 'Cedric'. ref; UK & Ireland, Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960. 


1913 May 31 ~ Joe Boganny and His Lunatics - at The Empress Theatre, Los Angeles, USA. The famous Joe Boganny Troupe of comedy acrobats, recognised the world over as one of the greatest organisations of whirlwind acrobatic funmakers the stage has ever known, will be the particular attractive feature of the fine new Sullivan & Considine Bill opening at the Empress on Monday afternoon. The Boganny Troupe has not appeared here in several seasons. They have just returned from a triumphant tour of Europe, where last July they were commanded to appear before the King and Queen of England, one of the highest honours that can be accorded an artiste. ref; Los Angeles Herald, CDNC.


1913 Jul 4 ~ London. KING'S BENCH DIVISION - Before Mr. Justice Atkin and a Special Jury. The music-hall artiste Joe Boganny, head of the "Lunatic Bakers" acrobatic troupe, was the defendant in a remarkable libel action, the plaintiffs being his son Samuel, and his wife, Mrs. Betsy Clifton, the name under which defendant married his wife, who since 1905 has been living apart from the defendant. The words complained of appeared in a paper called the "Performer", and ran:- To whom it may concern. I Joe Boganny, have only one son, Cyril Boganny, who is working with me in my troupe. Samuel Clifton complained that the words conveyed the idea that he was not the legitimate son of his father the defendant, and Mrs. Clifton, or Boganny, alleged that the words necessarily conveyed an imputation of unchastity on her. Mr. J. B. Matthews, for the plaintiffs, said the parties had lived happily together till 1905, when the defendant deserted his wife and family. He (defendant) was now living with a married lady, whom he called Mrs. Boganny, by whom he had had a son, Cyril, whom he stated in the "Performer" to be his one and only son. His son Samuel since 1905 had joined his uncle's troupe, the "Six Ceylons," rival acrobats to the Lunantic Bakers. The jury returned a verdict for the plaintiffs, awarding £200 to Mrs. Clifton and £100 to Mr. Samuel Clifton. Judgment with costs, accordingly. ref; Pall Mall Gazette, BNA. 


1913 Nov 15 - Prince of Acrobatic Comedians - Like many another of his type, Mr Joe Boganny's first public appearance was made amid the glare of the naphtha lamp. At the early age of three, Mr. Boganny began his career as an entertainer, and since that time he has travelled the world and become recognised as the Prince of acrobatic comedians. He has been commanded to appear before King Edward and King George.

Mr. Boganny is not alone in his complaint of the wilful copying with which he had had to content ever since he entered the profession. The appropriating of other people's 'business' is an offence which the Variety Artistes Federation finds the utmost difficulty in punishing, and Mr. Boganny's only adequate method of neutralising the harm that otherwise would be inflicted upon him is to change his show with more frequency that ought to be necessary. ref; Yorkshire Evening Post, BNA. 


1914 Mar 17 - Honour for Lunatic Bakers. Mr. Joe Boganny and his "Lunatic Bakers," who will appear before the King and Queen at the special matinee which is to be given at the Palladium today in aid of the fund for the rebuilding the Chelsea Hospital for women. ref; Daily Mirror, BNA. 


1914 Sep 11 - Passenger Record - Joe Boganny, Actor, along with 30 other actors & actresses sailed from Liverpool, England bound for Montreal, Canada, aboard the Alan Line vessel SS 'Grampion'. ref; UK & Ireland, Outward Paswsenger Lists, 1890-1960. 


1914 Dec 21 ~ Joe Boganny's Troupe of Royal Lunatic Bakers - Report on Boston Show for week beginning 21st Dec 1914 (R. G. Larsen) 15 minutes f. s.  - Special Set. Boganny has dressed up his act in a new way, and added considerable new material, including a prize fight between two dwarfs. Was a howl of laughter from start to finish. Went exceptionally big with the house full of youngsters at the matinees. ref: Keith - Albee Collection, University of Iowa, USA. 


1915 Feb 6 - Passenger Record - Joe Boganny of 102, Tulse Hill, Brixton, Comedian, arrived Liverpool, England from New York, USA aboard the Steamship Line Cunard vessel SS 'Lucitania'. ref; UK & Ireland, Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960. 


1915 Sep 4 - Passenger Record - Joseph Clifton, Artiste, embarked Liverpool, England bound for New York, USA aboard the Steamship Line American vessel SS 'St Louis'. ref; UK & Ireland, Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960.


1915 Dec 6 - Passenger Record - Joseph Clifton, Comedian, 43, of 102, Tulse Hill, London arrived Liverpool, England from New York, USA aboard the American Line vessel SS 'St Paul'. ref; UK & Ireland, Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960. 


1916 Aug 9 - Gleams from the Footlights - Gossip and Anecdote from Theatre and Hall, by "Saxon." See Article, The Sporting Chronicle. 


1916 Aug 30 - Liverpool Olympic (rehearsal, 1) - Joe Boganny, Three Canadians, Gelda Quartette, Campbell and Scott, Takeo and Nambo. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1918 Apr 23 ~ Joe Boganny's Lunatic Bakers appear at Keith's, Riverside, 96th Street, Broadway, Manhattan, New York City alongside Nat Halpine, Elinore Kats, Sam Williams, Lew Brice & The Barr Twins, George McKay & Ardine Ottle, Gus Van & Joe Schenck with Charlie Chaplin's latest Million Dollar Picture "A Dog's Life". ref: Columbia Daily Spectator, CDNC. 


1918 May 4 - Shepherd Bush Empire,  Joe Boganny, the Big Baker Comedian with the Tiny Assistants, is also due. He is a Liverpool man, but his parents were Irish. He has toured Russia, France, Denmark and Germany, and will tell you that in the latter country he always passed as American because of the unpopularity of the English there. ref; Ealing Gazette and West Middlesex Observer, BNA. 


1918 Jun 25 - 'Boganny and Dora' - Cyril SAUNDERS (19), a member of a troupe of acrobats, was charged at the Sheffield City Police Court, yesterday, before Col. C. Clifford, C.M.G., and Mr. M. Wardlow, with failing to appear under the Military Service Act, and with that, on or about June 20th, 1918, he did unlawfully impersonate a person to whom a certificate of identity had been issued, contrary to the Defence of the Realm Act. His employer, Joseph Clifton, was charged with aiding and abetting Saunders to commit the offence. 

Mr. I. Mitchell. for the prosecution, said Joseph Clifton was known by the name Boganny, and was performing at the Sheffield Hippodrome last week. The younger defendant, Saunders, was also known by the Boganny. Last Thursday, application was made by Clifton on certain forms for permits in order to proceed to Belfast. These permits came down to the Sheffield police office. The form in connection with this prosecution was filled up for a lad of 16 named Collinson, but on it appeared the photograph of Saunders. If the Irish Permit Office granted the permit with regard to that form, Saunders would have got out of the country by using not only Collinson's name but his own photograph on Collinson's form. 

Mr. Neal said he had no knowledge that any charge was to be made against the younger defendant except that of being an absentee. He had been in America since 1912 performing, and in the States with a troupe of acrobats, Mr. Boganny being the proprietor. In April 1917, he was rejected on endeavouring to enlist in the Canadian force. He was not liable to military service. It was a matter of the greatest surprise to the elder defendant to find himself the subject of this charge at all. He gave an indignant denial to the charge that there had been any misrepresentation. It was a little effort on the part of one or two members of the company who did not want to cross to Ireland. Mr. Boganny was a gentleman of substantial position, and was not going to run away. 

The Chairman: The Bench does not want to hear the case, but at the same time it is hard to see how complete the answer will be which will excuse and explain away that photograph. Mr. Neal: Neither of the two defendants affixed that photograph to the form. The case was adjourned until Thursday, the defendants being allowed bail, each in £10, and one surety each for £10. ref; Sheffield Daily Telegraph, BNA. 


1918 Jun 28 - Misuse of Permit, Acrobats Smartly Fined in Sheffield - The Chairman, Colonel Clifford said the Bench found the case proved, Saunders was fined £20, Clifton £30 and Godfrey £20. - Joseph Clifton was charged with aiding and abetting in the first case, and he and Arthur Godfrey were charged with aiding and abetting Saunders in forging the certificate of identity. Clifton was further charged with knowingly and unlawfully conniving at the making of a false statement, with the intent to mislead officers in the execution of their duty. Joseph Clifton is known on the stage as Boganny, and Saunders is his wife's son by a previous husband. Saunders was also charged with being an absentee under the Military Service Acts. He was arrested at the Hippodrome last Saturday. For the defence it was stated that he had had no calling up papers, and that he offered himself for service in Canada last year, but was rejected as medically unfit. The case was withdrawn in order that he might be served with a calling-up paper and medically examined. ref; Sheffield Daily Telegraph, BNA. 


1918 Jul 12 - Medical Appeals, Critisism of Certificates - 


1920 Jan 28 ~ Joe Boganny Back From Barcelona - On Sunday last Etty and Joe Boganny arrived in London direct from Barcelona. We are not surprised to hear that Joe has had a very wonderfully successful season in various Continental cities during the past five months. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1921 Feb 16 ~ JOE BOGANNY, and his comedians made their reappearance in Town recently after a long absence, and the wonderful reception accorded to Joe was sufficient proof that he is still one of the most popular comedians of the present time. Joe, who has been in the business practically all his life has travelled a great deal, and the name of Joe Boganny is known in all parts of the World. Joe Boganny Productions are at present playing with much success in Buenos Aires (with Cyril Boganny) and the South of France. This week Mr. Boganny is appearing at the Grand, Bolton, and next week resumes the controlling tour, returning to Town shortly for a long season. Day's Agency were recently appointed by Mr. Boganny as his sole business representatives. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1922 Mar 18 - Passenger Record - Joe Boganny, Artiste, arrived Southampton, England from New York, USA aboard the Steamship Line vessel SS 'Olympic'. ref; UK & Ireland Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960. 


1920 May 5 ~ The Era Classified Ads -  TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. HARNIDO TITANNY, being under contract with Mr. Joe Boganny for a period of two years, from Jan 26, 1920, legal proceedings will be taken against any Manager or person who engages the aforementioned artist. ref; BNA. 


1923 Jun 20 - Palace Theatre, Plymouth, Devon, England - A new review "Hot Lips", is presented at the Palace Theatre this week by Joe Boganny, a comedian who has three times made his appearance before the King and Queen. He is ably assisted by Cyril Boganny, recently returned from America, where he has been film-producing with Charlie Chaplin, and the famous band of diminuative comedians headed by Little Monty. "Hot Lips" is an entertainment rich in variety, and if at times the humour tends to become boisterous, one is content to gloss over the fault in enjoyment of the whole. Joe Boganny himself is a humourist of ability, and excels in the "Schoolroom" scene, where the ridiculous antics of Little Monty gives rise to shouts of laughter. Val Gordon sustains the role of leading lady, and is heard to advantage in numerous vocal items. The dancing, graceful and artistic, of G. Revel and Ulah Deane is one of the most enjoyable features, whilst the chorus and orchestra deserve praise. ref; Western Daily News, BNA. 


1923 Aug 2 ~ The Stage, Engagements, Concert Party Artistes - WANTED, Known, "BOOT VILLA" (6 Performers) introducing Widow Foot, and her 5 Toes, the Smartest and Funniest Tumbling Act in Vaudeville. Wanted, Aug 13. to procede Argyle, Birkenhead, also Sept. 3,10,17. North Preferred. Who wants this Novelty Act ?  All comes., SAM LINFIELD (late Sam Boganny), this, Own Company, Alex. Theatre, Chesterton, Staffs: next, Tivoli, Dublin. ref; BNA. 


1923 Aug 23 - Palace Theatre, Newcastle-on-Tyne - Managing Director; T. W. Rowe, Music Director; Alex Ure -  'Hot Lips' presented is presented here by Cyril Boganny, The cast includes Joe Boganny, Val Gordon, George Revel, Ulah Deane, Little Monty, and Cyril Boganny. ref; The Stage, BNA. 


1924 Feb 4 - Opera House, Derry, Ireland, Resident Manager, Mr. L. M. Ewing; This week., 6.45 Twice nighly 8.45., Cyril Boganny submits a somewhat 'Different and Entirely New Revusical Production', HOT LIPS, a riotous feast of merriment in 11 scenes with Joe Boganny's Comedians. ref; Derry Journal, BNA. 


1924 Apr 19 - The New Alhambra People Theatre, Tavistock Street, Devonport, under the direction of G. E. Prance, The Screaming Comedy Review, 'On the Go' in eleven scenes starring Joe Boganny himself, supported by a huge No.1 Cast. ref; Western Morning Post, BNA. 


1924 Sep 19 ~ The New Alhambra, The People's Theatre, Tavistock Street, Devonport - Engaged at enormous expense. A gigantic opening attraction, The Screaming Comedy Review 'On the Go' starring Joe Boganny (himself) supported by a huge No.1 Cast !. ref: BNA.


1925 Dec 5 - Passenger Record - Joe Clifton Boganny, Artiste, of 102, Tulse Hill, London, embarked Liverpool, England bound for New York, USA aboard the White Star Line vessel, SS 'Baltic'. ref; UK & Ireland, Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960. 


1926 Feb 19 ~ B. F. Keith's Temple Theatre, Detroit - Temple Has Varied Bill - Joseph E. Howard and his 'Broadacasting Revue' with Pauline Zenowa; Marjorie Lincoln and Jason; Robson and Blue; Billie Senns and Company; the Jimtown Rhythm Kings and a snappy singing and dancing chorus features the bill starting Sunday afternoon. Others billed: Joe Boganny and his eight comedians in 'Fun in a Bakeshop', Weir's baby elephants presented by Don Darragh; Bill Robinson, 'The Dark Cloud of Joy', America's foremost tap dancer; Jed Dooley, the 'Cameo Comic', in a routine of rare travesty; Courtney and keyes, musical comedy favourites, in a song and dance interlude. ref; Detroit Jewish Chronicle, DJNDA.


1926 May 28 - Passenger Record - Joseph Boganny, Actor, of 102, Tulse Hill, London, arrived Southampton, England from New York, USA aboard the United States Lines vessel SS 'Leviathan'. ref; UK & Ireland, Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960. 


1926 Oct 15 ~ Joe Boganny, the Irish - American Britisher, with his acrobatic comedians, a hit at the Pavillion, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. ref: Vauderville News, CDNC.


1927 Jun 25 - JOE BOGANNY, recently celebrated his fiftieth year on stage. The occasion was celebrated in London. He started his footlight career at the age of three. When he was old enougth he organised a troupe of his own, with the result that before long his offering became known all over the world. Today there are two such organisations - one controlled in America by his son, Cyril, and the other by the man himself, who by the way is to open shortly in Berlin, at the Winter Garden. Incidentally, it might be announced the Bogannys are related to Sam Bernard. The deceased comedian was Cyril's uncle. ref; Vaudeville News, BNA. 


1927 Jul 7 - Charles Vandyke has become the manager of the Victoria Street Picture House, Wolverhampton, under the supervision of Jack Barrasford, of the West End Cinema. Mr. Vandyke was for ten years on the halls with the Joe Boganny Acrobats, a troupe very well known and highly popular in the Midlands, and he has frequently appeared in pantomime, his last engagement being at Manchester last Christmas. He is the son of an equally well-known artist. ref; Bioscope, BNA. 


1927 Jul 20 ~ Joe Boganny in Berlin, Germany. At the Winter Palace, Berlin, this month, Joe Boganny and his clever associates are again topping an excellent programme, Joe is presenting the Bakers' scena with new features, and is rewarded with wonderful receptions nightly. He returns here next month and goes back to the Continent later to play a season at the Hansa Theatre, Hamburg, and then follows with a pantomimeseason in Edinburgh at the King's Theatre. ref; The Era, BNA. 


1927 Jul 30 ~ Publicity Announcement - Joe and Cyril BOGANNY, Comedians, extend greetings to their pals and friends all over the world. Permanent Address: 9, Ashworth Road, Maida Vale, London, England. Phone: Maida Vale 3456. American Friends, While in London Give Us a Ring. ref; Vauderville News. 


1928 Sep 19 ~ Miss Gracie Fields is appearing at the Victoria Palace, London this week, supported by J. H. Squire and his Celeste Octet, Joe Boganny and his College Boys, Carr Lynn, the Victoria Girls, and Miss Nora Delaney. ref; The Tatler, BNA. 


1929 Apr 22 ~ King's, Sunderland - Twice Nightly, To-Night, Brian Aherne, Elissa Landi, Cyril McLaglan in A Story of Everyday People:- *UNDERGROUND by Anthony Asquith, On Stage:- Joe Boganny and His College Boys, in 'SOME SCHOOL'. Florence Oldham, The Radio Girl, Book Your Seat for 'The Spy'. ref; Sunderland Daily Echo, BNA. 


1929 Jul 12 ~ Radio Times - Manchester - Tuesdays Programmes - 8pm, Special Excerpts from Julian Wylie's 1929 Production 'The Show of Shows' Relayed from Winter Gardens Pavillion, Produced by Julian Wylie. Books & Lyrics by Dan Leno (Junr). Music composed, selected and arranged by E. R. Eyre and Dan Leno (Junr). Danaces, Ballets and Ensembles arranged by Edward Dolly. Mona Vivian, Billy Danvers, Max Miller, Dorothy Langley, Edward Barrie, Sheila Dexter, Larry O'Brien, Joe Boganny and his College Boys, The Julian Wylie Chorus, The Sixteen Fuller Dancers, Bertini and his Orchestra and A Recital on the New Wurlitzer Organ (Organist, Max Bruce) Relayed from Tower Ballroom. ref; BBC Archives. 


1939 Sep 29 - Joe Boganny, born 7 Feb 1876*, Music Hall Artiste & Etty Boganny, b. 29 Jun 1888 a Music Hall Artiste were located staying at 6, St. James Place, Ilfracombe, Devon, England.  ref; 1939 England & Wales Register. 


1941 Dec 10 ~ Aberdeen Evening Express Classified Ads - Wanted for revue, Midgets & Dwarfs; also small Boys (over 14) Apply, Trivolli Theatre for audition, 11 to 12.30 daily. Joe Boganny. ref; BNA. 


1943 Feb 19 ~ Empire ( Licensee A. Simmons) Variety, Camp Street, Motherwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Monday, February 22 AND ALL WEEK. Outstanding Attraction. L. C. PRODUCTIONS present The Royal Command Show featuring The Australian D'ALBA, The Television Girl (Twice by Royal Command) JOE BOGANNY AND HIS CRAZY COLLEGE BOYS (Three times by Royal Command). Supported by the cream of Scottish Variety. First time here. Don't miss this great show. Book. Now. Monday to Friday at 7 o'clock. Saturdays at 2.15, 6 and 8. Booking Office open fron 2 o'clock daily. Prices 2/-, 1/6, and 1/-. To-night and tomorrow---Last two nights of this week of "THE SEVEN O'CLOCK SHOW. ref; The Era, BNA


1943 Jul 29 ~ Death of Joe Boganny of The Redcliffe Hotel, Fulham Road, Kensington, SW10, a Comedian, from Cardiac failure & Hypertension. Informant Etty Boganny, widow of deceased of the same address. ref; Death Certificate.


1943 Aug 1 ~ Burial of Joe Boganny at East Ham Jewish Cemetery, Marlow Road, East Ham, London.  Joe's grave lies without a memorial, the plot being unmarked today.  ref; The United Synagogue Burial Society Correspondance.


1943 Aug 5 ~ Announcements - Joe Boganny. We regret to report the death on July 29 of a well known Music Hall figure, Joe Boganny, at the age of 70. The funeral took place on Sunday. He will be well remembered for his acrobatic scenas, "The Lunatic Bakers," and "College Boys," in which a plentiful knockabout fun was always the feature. ref: The Stage Newspaper, BNA. 


1956 Jul 13 - An article, published in the West London News, 'The Cavalcade of Variety' by Monte Carew reported - Joe Boganny, the acrobat was born at Liverpool on 7 Feb 1874. He was a son of Raslus, the slack-rope artiste, who was a member of Sanger's Circus. Joe made his stage debut at the age of three, and subsequently appeared with his brothers as the Three Brothers Clifton. Next he formed his own troupe who toured as the Risley's. He first produced his afterwards famous "Lunatic Bakers" in 1900. He died on July 29, 1943. ref; BNA.